The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Permanent

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 3: Permanent


Surprisingly, Venus opened his eyes again, everything was a little blurry but from what he make out he was in a spaceship with grey walls and lots of people sitting down, he started to hear lots of different voices.

All of sudden something grabbed his neck and turned his head, he looked at what looked like some ones face, but he couldn’t see whose.
-Dimm! A familiar voice said; ‘’It’s me, Arale!’’
It appeared to be the face right in front of him talking, so he guessed it was Arale.

-How? Venus tried to say and he thought it was understandable that you would have some questions about this.
‘’Our escape shuttle was captured, I don’t know what they did to Alice but I think she is alive.’’

‘’What is this?’’
‘’You probably haven’t noticed yet but your hands are chained to the seat, I think this is some kind of prison transport, but I haven’t seen any guards, only this empty room with locked doors and a few windows.’’

Venus vision began to clear up, he also felt the chains on his hands, and there were also some on his legs.

-How many others are here? Venus asked.
‘’By my count 40, but I can’t see how many there are behind me.’’
‘’Any escape plans?’’
‘’No, we can’t do anything.’’

All of sudden a high pitched voice left of Venus yelled: ‘’Hey everyone! They’re closing in on a planet, I think we’re arriving!’’
Venus looked over against the voice and noticed it was a pretty small man sitting close by a window, he was bald and wearing a green shirt, Venus couldn’t make out his pants though as the person in front of him was blocking it.

Venus started hearing low chatter around him; it was probably about the planet.

After some time the starship shook a little and then stopped, they had arrived.

A purely robotic voice quickly said: ‘’This is where you will be living permanently.’’
All of sudden the chains opened and everyone stood up and started walking against the left wall, including Venus, as he was walking he felt something stinging in the neck, something that didn’t  sting while he stood still, he assumed it was some mechanism that controlled some of his brain functions, he couldn’t think of anything else and he definitely wasn’t walking by himself.

After some time the wall opened like a door and everyone started walking through into large hallway of glass, through the glass they could see the planets surface and surprisingly for a prison planet it had a lots of life, usually prison planets were deserted, with almost no life and no resources outside of the prison camps,  this one was like one of the rainforests from earth, just in a much larger scale, the trees were absolutely huge and he could see animals everywhere, here could mostly see insects but there were some other animals too, Venus couldn’t quite see how they looked because he was walking and most of them were behind branches, trees and such, he assumed there were some other, larger animals around because of the scale of the rest of the rainforest.

Shortly after they passed the hallway where all the walls were just grey with lots of doors in the sides, about 10 meters between each one, one person went through each door and after some time Venus wished he could go through a door because his legs were tired and wanted something to happen.

As people went through the doors Venus noticed how the numbers diminished and soon there were almost no one left, when Arale left there was only four people left, including Venus, it felt like the doors got further and further away, after some time it felt like there were no more doors, but there were.

Shortly after the others left too and Venus was the only one left, he finally saw a door and went through it, he came inside a little room with a small lit lamp on the roof, a very uncomfortable looking bed and a small chair next to a table standing next to the wall, there was a hole in the wall right above the table and a little dish standing in front of the hole.
On the dish there was what looked like some food, he didn’t recognize what it was though, to the left of the dish a glass of water, this is where he would be living for the rest of his life… apparently.

Venus also noticed how he could finally move by himself, it felt nice and refreshing.

Venus noticed how hungry he was and pulled out the chair a little bit and sat down, there was no knife or fork so he assumed he had to eat with his hands, he took the weird brown square food and bit of a little piece and started chewing, it was very dry and tasted horribly, he tried the water and hoped it wasn’t as bad as the food, at least it could hardly be as dry, fortunately it was just plain water.

After eating his neck started hurting a lot, he raised his hands and tried to cover the spot the pain came from but as soon as his hands got close to his neck he heard static and his hands were struck by what felt like lightning, the pain got worse and worse but in the process it felt like it moved away from his neck, after a short time that felt like an eternity he felt a very painful sting, after the sting the pain quickly disappeared and then, before he could think clearly, he heard something small and metallic land on the floor behind him, he quickly turned around, he was still shocked though so it was pretty difficult.

As he initially looked around nothing was there but when he looked down he saw some kind of small robot with six legs, it must have been the thing controlling him earlier, he tried to smash it with his left foot but it evaded the attack and ran in under the table, Venus jumped down on the floor and looked under the table as he saw nothing but a little hole, it must have been planned.

After that he decided he had nothing else to do but to go to sleep, he stood up from the floor and slowly got into the bed, it was very uncomfortable but it was better than the floor, only by a little though, he didn’t have anything else to do either.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the day’s events even though his neck hurt because of the horrible bed, but eventually he fell asleep.

Venus woke up, he didn’t know for how long he had been here but he estimated six days, some of the food came in through the hole every couple of hours and he noticed he could just get rid of the dishes by throwing them back into the hole, but it was too small for him to climb through though, so it wasn’t an option for escape, besides the dishes might as well fall straight down in hell for all he knew.

He sat down on the chair and put his hands on his face with his elbows on the table, he couldn’t believe his life had come to this, he had thought about trying to kill himself by throwing himself against the walls or starving himself but he didn’t want to give up hope yet, there were people waiting for him at home and he was planning to see them again.

Something was different today though, he couldn’t point his finger on what it was, what could be different anyways?
So far, nothing had changed, thinking about it… why are the Colleral even wasting resources on us?
Why didn’t they just kill us, it doesn’t seem like they have any other plans for us.

Then he heard it, the thing that was different today was that there was a small wooshing sound that he was completely sure he had not heard earlier, he didn’t know where it came from, he checked every inch of his room, he even checked if the odd robotic thing had placed itself on his neck again, but nothing, yet the sound kept getting louder.

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