The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Impact

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 4: Impact


Soon after another sound appeared, it sounded like an engine, but not like one Venus had ever heard, the engine sound was also becoming louder quickly and he couldn’t guess what was going on, as the sounds become louder and louder he suspected it was because whatever was because they was getting closer, not the thing causing them was making it louder.

Then suddenly the sounds completely stopped but now Venus shortly heard another sound, he couldn’t guess what it was before a huge explosion tore the wall open and knocked him over, he managed to stay conscious and stood up again, when he looked against the explosion he saw the wall was torn open outside he saw a lot of the rainforest area he had seen before ,but a pretty far away he saw a large barren area, in the middle there was something odd, probably a meteorite, but then he heard a weird pulsing sound that definitely didn’t come from a meteorite and he was almost completely sure it came from that barren area.

With no other options, Venus decided to go check it out, it might be able to help him out somehow, there wasn’t very far down to the ground so Venus just jumped down, as he landed he could feel the dust fly around him, felt so nice to finally be on real earth again.
Looking up he saw the sun of this planet, he had really missed it, he also noticed that it was pretty hot, nothing to be worried about though, he also looked behind him where he saw a wall that looked like it should be completely grey, but the explosion had left lots of scratches and completely opened up two cells, including his own.
Inside the other cell he saw debris from the wall, but also lots of blood and a body, Venus wished he could have helped the other man, but there wasn’t.

He looked forward and the landscapes beauty caught him, it was like a large rainforest with lots of colors, the trees stood very tall in the air and there were lots of flowers and other plants on the ground, he also noticed lots of small insects, he also noticed an odd smell, he couldn’t make out what it was.

He had to continue, the landscape wasn’t very important, he started walking, he felt heavy, it was probably the planets gravity.

As he walked through the ‘’rainforest’’ he could sometimes see some smoke from the thing that landed between the leaves in the trees, but most of the time nothing, even the sun got blocked out by all the large trees, it was still easy to the find the way though, mostly because the pulsing sound from the thing that landed was very easy to hear.

As he continued to walk, he noticed just how hard it was, there was lots of branches, rocks and even roots from the trees in the way, making it very bulky but because he had been in the same room the last six days, he had lots of energy, even though the horrible bed in his cell wasn’t very good at keeping it.

After some time he arrived at the place where the thing had landed, in an opening in the forest, the ground was a combination of black and brown with lots of debris from what he now saw was a ship, it was obvious this used to be a part of the forest, but the impact from this vessel.

The ship itself was large, very large, not the size of a space station but definitely large.

It was all grey, completely grey even the shade didn’t differ except for a large blue orb in the upper part of the ship that glowed in a pulsing way, it was obvious that it was causing the odd sound but the weirdest thing was that the ship seemed incomplete, but he couldn’t understand why, there were also lots of holes, it could be from the impact.

But the only way to find out what was to go in, Venus definitely wouldn’t go back to the cell and he didn’t see any other options.

Venus started walking against the ship, the sound got louder, but it obviously wasn’t just because he got closer, the sound really was getting louder by itself.

As he got to the door the sound stopped, instantly and completely.

-Come closer, a weak and shaky voice said.

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