The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Venus last step

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 5: Venus last step


Venus was frightened by the voice, he didn’t expect anyone to be able to survive the impact, but he still looked inside and saw a very odd creature lying on the ground, he couldn’t quite make out what it was, or if it was even humanoid, something was just wrong.

He decided to step closer, the creature didn’t look like it could harm him even if it wanted to.

-I do not know who you are, the creature said: ‘’Neither do you know me.’’

‘’I am the last of my species in this time and dimension, this appears to be part of the third dimension, I am from the fifth, have you discovered the two planetary engines yet?’’

-No, Venus replied

‘’I cannot explain them to you, you wouldn’t be able to understand it but you must destroy the second.’’

‘’I don’t even know if you are telling the truth, neither do I know what you are, but now you want me to do something without telling me what it is or how to do it?’’

‘’We can’t exist in the third dimension, I am barely able to speak and I will probably die soon, but my life is irrelevant, the machines will explain it all.’’

‘’How do you even know I won’t use these facts to get an advantage over other species?’’

‘’You don’t know how to and even if you did our computers scanned your brainwaves and memory blocks, there is enough proof that you won’t do something like that, now enter!’’

‘’I can’t scan you brainwaves and memo- whatever so I have no reason to step into that room.’’

-You can’t trust everyone, the creature said.

‘’I know, that’s why I’m not stepping into that room.’’

‘’Then what are you going to do?’’

As the thing finished a light appeared in one of the walls, Venus decided that he had almost nothing to lose and it was worth the risk, he walked against the light.

When he first entered he was blinded but his eyes quickly got used to the light, the room was completely white, the room appeared to be pretty small, it was completely empty.

-Full body scan initiated, a completely cold and robotic voice said.

-Accessing database, the voice said: ‘’Impossible! It would appear that you are an early human? You genetics evolved away from these several thousand years ago.’’


‘’If you are human, the genetic enhancements should be compatible, even for early humans, please wait!’’

This was really starting to creep Venus out, he had no knowledge of anything like this, in any way.

All of sudden Venus was knocked out.

Venus slowly regained consciousness, the computer had given him some very special genetic enhancements and included some of the database from their ship so that he knew what was going on, humans had eventually evolved to be able to travel from the third dimension into the fourth and eventually fifth.

His enhancements were only experimental so the computer couldn’t give him instructions on exactly what they did but he was now more robot than human, the computer could tell him that.

Apparently there were two planets, they were ancient and very powerful engines, they were mostly unknown because no one dared to come anywhere near them, but the second one had apparently failed and caused space around it to collapse, it would probably destroy the whole world when it happens, but because of space bending this ship was accidentally sent 2 dimensions and several thousand years away, it was like a second chance.

As Venus walked out of the room he noticed the creature again, it was apparently an evolved human, it was dead now, there was nothing that could be done, having evolved to live in the fifth dimension, it couldn’t exist here without very special technology.

This ship could impossibly be used to fly, after getting the genetic enhancements he could understand how the ship worked, and it was in way too bad shape to even get out of the atmosphere, he would have to steal one from the Colleral, that shouldn’t be too hard, not now.

He had apparently been equipped with a type of scanners, he didn’t know how they worked so he decided to leave them for now, he knew there was never more than 10 miles between the major parts of the prison camp, from there he could probably find some ships, he would just try to backtrack.

He went out of the ship and started to backtrack, it was very easy as he somehow recognized almost everything, it was probably a part of his enhancements.

As he was walking he noticed that the rainforest didn’t seem as beautiful but it was just as he remembered it, maybe the genetic changes weren’t only enhancements, they might have sacrificed parts of his humanity.

If that was true, he could never get it back…

He started to get close to the prison camp, he wasn’t tired at all, which didn’t really confuse him, the enhancements could do so much else so this wasn’t a big surprise.
As he got closer he started to hear sounds, most where apparently people or humanoids at least, walking, Colleral who were searching for him, he assumed, but you should never jump to conclusions.

-He is probably d-, Venus heard a static voice said, maybe Venus could pick up communications channels too?

He tried to hear more and after a short time the voice came back.
-The creatures in this jungle have probably killed him and if they haven’t yet he won’t be able to  get of the planet, it’s not like he could just build a ship out of the wood, or a weapon for that matter, this time the voice had a lot less static.

A second voice appeared, it had a little more static but it was still easy to hear, it said: ‘’You’re right, but maybe we should check out whatever crashed?’’
The first voice came back, this time with almost no static.
‘’Out of all the ships in our database, not a single one would have survived that crash.’’
-That didn’t look like a ship in our database, the second voice responded.

-I highly doubt anything could survive the crash, an incredibly strong ship would be required and if someone actually had that kind of ship, what would they be doing here and why would they send someone who couldn’t even evade a planet? The second voice answered.

‘’But still…’’

‘’Not like that’s our problem anyways, right now they are probably making a team of scientists and people like that to study it in Gamma base, instead two patrolling soldiers.
Venus heard the footsteps again, this time they got lower and lower until they disappeared.

After that Venus decided to move closer, he was going to get off this planet, even without a weapon made off wood.

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