The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Weapon

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 6: Weapon

When Venus was basically at the prison camp he heard a lot of sounds of saws, fires and other sounds in that, he decided to proceed carefully, he noticed a bush like plant and decided to crawl under it, as he got in under it he noticed lots of small branches that were in the way, he could get past them but they were very annoying, he had to be careful not to make a sound though.

 As he got closer to the camp the sounds got louder, and when he got close enough he could see what was happening.
Around the wall that broke when the ship crashed, lots of Colleral were working, Venus guessed that they were repairing the prison cells.

‘’How can I get past these Colleral?’’ Venus mumbled to himself.

-Weapon systems are active, a robotic voice said, as if it was answering his questions.
-What weapon systems? Venus tried to ask… a part of himself? He guessed.

-Currently only class one hand and leg weapons, the genetic structure doesn’t accept the others yet and a better genetics chamber will be required to maximize weapons storage.
-Okay? Venus said, still puzzled by these enhancements, how did they even function? Could he make weapons out of thin air?

-Activate weapon systems class one? Venus whispered and hoped it would activate whatever weapons he had gotten.

‘’State the amount of energy reserves to use’’
‘’What energy reserve’’

‘’These enhancements can’t function without energy, they are however able create energy of oxygen slowly, but it will take some time, stronger energy sources are required to refill energy faster, your current energy levels are at 3210C of 10000C with 1000C in reserve, if the reserve is drained however, the systems keeping you alive will start to shut down, the voice replied.’’

-Okay, use 1000C? Venus said, still puzzled about lots of this, including what C stood for.

-As you appear to require assistance most of the time, I will give you a tutorial on this next part, you need different weapons for different situations, the classes are:
predator, light, average, heavy, brawl- the robotic voice was about to say as some of the people at the prison camp seemed to notice Venus.

-Predator, quickly, Venus replied.
Venus noticed how he got a HUD showing the Colleral glowing red and slightly removing color from other things, a kind of infared.
Venus also felt how something attaching to his arms, when he looked at them there was what looked like a sword with a barrel on the side, there was no trigger though.

The Colleral were starting to pull out weapons, they probably weren’t very highly armed because they would in most cases probably not need a weapon for this kind of mission, what would attack them? One wounded prisoner with a stick for a weapon?

Venus pointed the weapon at one of the Colleral, hoping he could fire in some way.
As soon as the weapon was pointed at Colleral in the lower left of his vision, the weapon fired, seemingly by itself, it could also mean that the enhancements were linked to his brain, which wouldn’t be such a big surprise, the enhancements seemed to be able to do practically everything by now.

Human neurology was still not perfected, even trying to do something to it would kill someone, however, people still continue to mess with the brain, the consciousness, the most major part of who we are, to Venus knowledge. 

But the planet could still destroy all of it, by itself, instantly, Venus would have to stop it.

But he had to take care of the rest of the Colleral now, there wasn’t time to get lost in thought.

He pointed the weapon against all the Colleral, with unnaturally good precision he noticed and soon they were all dead, or not a threat at least, and he saw no reason to end their lives, they might be at war with the humans, but that didn’t make every single one of them evil, their lives were just as important as other lives.

Not that Venus was on the humans side anymore, he was more of a machine, he just still had enough humanity to appreciate life.

Now that the Colleral were neutralized, Venus had time to look around.
He was at the same place where he had been held prisoner, they had almost fixed the wall completely, there was just a little part left around Venus cell and the cell below, there were to large machines that Venus didn’t know what did, but they were probably just something to help with the repairs.

Above Venus cell there was another cell, just like his but that was the tallest cell, if Venus could climb up above that he could just walk on the roof until he came to a place where it looked like the ships were stored.

But it would be hard to climb with the we- Venus thought when the internal computer interrupted his thoughts and said: ‘’Disable weapons?’’
-Yes. Venus mumbled.

Venus vision flashed and after the flash, his infared vision was gone and the feel of the weapons attached to him quickly disappeared, when he looked at his hands, they were gone.

Venus walked over to one of the machines, it looked like it would be the easiest way to get to the roof, it was pretty tall and went up to around the second cells top, Venus jumped up and grabbed a small metal pole, there were lots of them on the side of the machine, he kept reaching up and grabbing more while his feet pushed him up from the lower ones, he quickly reached the top of the machine.

When he stood up he turned around, he could see where the ship had been from here, but it was gone now, Venus didn’t know why, otherwise the rainforest area looked just like it did before.

He turned around and looked up against the roof of the cells, then he ran over to the edge of the machine and jumped as high as he could, he almost fell down but he managed to grab hold of the ledge, he could hear dust falling down around him.

He climbed up and looked around, the roof of the building was almost as boring as his cell, it was just a grey, square roof, it still looked pretty good because of the trees around the building rose up around it, Venus also noticed something odd about the trees, close to the top of the tree, small flowers grew over the trees in different colors, providing a nice look on the trees and also making it different from the trees on earth.

There was no way to see what direction was leading to any kind of ships so he would have to pick randomly, it looked like there were less branches on one side, so with nothing else to go on, that was the side he chose to follow.

The walk was boring, Venus would walk, hop over some small branches, eventually ducking under some larger ones and that was it, at least it was a pretty good pause after having battled several Colleral.

Venus walked for quite some time and then came to a place where the roof split in two and then went in a circle, it went around a huge field, they could keep small ships there, but there was no way to tell for sure, Venus laid down and crawled over to the edge to scout the area.

He could see the whole field, and it was definitely a small shipyard, there were lots of small ships scattered around on landing pads, there was also lots of empty pads, lots of Colleral were walking around the area, a large amount of them were carrying handguns, some were even carrying machineguns, some just walked around with wrenches or other mechanical equipment, a few places there were tables with what looked like maps and plans on, around some of these there were Colleral.

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