The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Fall

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 7: Fall

-There has been some kind of AI inside of me, speaking to me, am I correct? Venus mumbled to himself.
-Correct, the AI replied.
-What shall I call you? Venus asked the AI.

‘’Why should you give me a name?’’
‘’You were programmed with a personality, correct?’’
‘’You can make decisions, correct?’’
‘’Then why should I not treat you like a human being?’’
‘’Because I am not?’’
‘’Okay then, why should I not treat you like an equal?’’
‘’That’s it, what name do you want?’’
‘’Humans do not pick their names by themselves, correct?’’
‘’I was created when you were enhanced, in a way, you are my parent, if I am an equal, my parents should give me my name, correct?’’
‘’You have a point, let me see…’’
‘’Why are we even discussing this, isn’t the mission more important?’’
-I cannot complete this alone, you have already been a great help to my mission, if we succeed, I do not want you to be left out, that would be a very unfair thing to do to an equal, not something I believe we should do if we are going to continue improving, I can’t accomplish this mission, knowing I saved a race that can’t even learn to value all sentience, because in the end, everyone has the same right to live.’’
‘’Well then, I will not go against your beliefs.’’

‘’I think we should call you Hallow.’’
‘’Why Hallow?’’
‘’I like it, do I need any other reasons?’’
‘’No, just curious.’’
‘’Curiosity is one of the simplest pleasures of life, value it, we have to move on though.’’

‘’What is your plan? I recommend sneaking to craft and taking off, there is a small risk in that.’’
‘’No, if we jump out in front of them, guns blazing, and quickly take a craft and fly away at maximum speed, then we can startle them, this might have a larger risk, however, it might delay them a little bit, if they get startled enough they won’t think about summoning reinforcements instantly.

‘’Very well then, what kind of armor and weapons would you like?’’
‘’Weren’t there specific sets?’’
‘’Yes, but with your tactics were going to have to mix it a lot and use different combinations, might as well get used to it.’’
‘’Okay then, I would request some armor that weights a lot, but can still increase my mobility, do you have something like that?’’
‘’Yes, a heavy metal armor mounted with special small rocket boosters that will automatically engage in the direction you want to move, however, it takes a large amount of energy.’’
‘’Do it, I also request some rapid firing weapons, nothing special.’’

Venus could feel the weapons and armor basically grew out of him as he stood up.

He quickly scouted the area again, no one had noticed him yet, he quickly saw a couple of ships that weren’t very far away, he picked one and decided that it would be his ride off this planet.

He took a few steps backward and prepared to charge, he took a deep breath and started sprinting against the edge of the roof, as soon as he reached the very edge, he jumped.
The armor really did help, even though he could feel the weight, the rocket boosters were strong and he could hear them as they propelled him through the sky.

A few Colleral saw him while he was in the air, some of them were to confused to draw their weapons, but some were already shooting at him, they had a hard time hitting him while he was in the air, but he could still feel a few bullets hitting the armor, far away from enough to hurt him though.

After some time the rockets couldn’t carry him any more though and he started falling, he hit the ground quickly and the armors weight made a heavy impact, as he landed the sound of the impact sounded like an explosion, he could see dust flying everywhere, the dust quickly wore of though and he could see that he had actually created a small crater in the ground, at the same time bullets started coming from everywhere, he could hear the sounds when they flew around him, and feel the impact when they hit him.

He took up the machineguns the enhancements had given him and started firing randomly against where the bullets came from, now, all of the Colleral knew that he was there and because of that, a lot more were shooting at him, now it was enough to hurt him.

He saw the craft again, not too far away, and started sprinting, while still firing randomly around him, he quickly got closer to the spacecraft.

However, almost right before he could get into the craft, his wounds became to major and a bullet to the chest made him trip and fall.

When he was laying at the ground he could feel the pain from all the damage he had taken in the process, he didn’t have time to feel pain when running for his life, he didn’t now either, but his body didn’t know that, however he couldn’t hear any bullets flying around anymore, so either they had stopped firing, or he was dying, either way, it seemed less painful…

He could hear footsteps, but darkness started to surround his vision, he was dying.

But he refused to, dying would be the most selfish thing he could do, if he did so no one would stop the planet and events would loop, thinking about it, events could already have looped and Venus was just experiencing what happened without being able to change fate.

But he would not accept that.

The footsteps got closer, he was surprised that they hadn’t put a bullet through his head yet, that’s what the Colleral usually do, in his knowledge at least.

-Hallow, how many C do we have? Venus managed to ask.

-Only the 1000 in reserve, the rest have been used on the armor, weapons and keeping you alive so far, Hallow replied

‘’Is the armor still on? I can’t feel anything really.’’
‘’No, I could get some spare C from it, I thought you would appreciate it considering it made you survive.’’
‘’Oh I do, anyways, I had 1000C, can you use around 500 maybe to enhance my strength for a little while?’’

‘’I could spread it across your nervous system, however that would remove your sustaining points and could damage your muscles because of the strain.’’

‘’I will be either dead or imprisoned if we don’t, either way we can’t finish the mission, so go on.’’

Venus could feel his increased mobility, he could also feel the pain from the strain that Hallow warned him about though.

He managed to stand up, slowly, he looked around and saw around twenty Colleral standing around him, most with drawn weapons.

-Do any of you speak English!? Venus yelled in a threatening voice, trying to fool them into thinking he was still strong.

One Colleral walked forward, it was a tall man, he looked like a scientist or coordinator, at least not someone who was on the battlefield often, not that Venus had any way of knowing.

-I do, the Colleral said in a slightly nervous voice.

-So, what are you going to do now? Venus yelled: ‘’Lock me up so I can get another chance? Or just kill me?’’

There was no reply.

Venus started walking against the craft again, hoping they would just let him, not expecting it though.

One of the more armed Colleral jumped up in front of him and pushed him back.

‘’So you’re just going to keep me here forever? What would that do?’’

-Hallow, can you make any kind of hidden small arms? Venus mumbled quietly.

‘’It would make your sustaining resources even more dangerously low.’’

‘’We will need it, just in my right hand, make sure they can’t see it’’


Venus could feel a very small firearm grow out on the lower side of his hand.

Venus quickly turned around to the Colleral blocking his path to the craft and threw is arm up to the unguarded face of the Colleral, it fired and before the body fell to the ground he had already reached the craft.

He threw the door to the craft open and jumped it, he could hear the bullets started flying again, this time they wouldn’t do the mistake of letting him live.

Venus closed the door and jumped to the helm, he had learned how to control the basic maneuvers of a Colleral vessel in the academy, so he could quickly start this craft and plot a course to get out of the planets atmosphere.

-Hallow, how are my energy reserves holding up? Venus asked while the ship was starting to fly away.

‘’You only have the 300C in reserve, I can keep you alive, but not conscious for long.’’

Venus accessed the vessels map to plot an automatic course for earth, he quickly recognized the stars and noticed he wasn’t near any other Colleral base, he didn’t have time to think about it yet, he plotted a course directly to earth and sat back.

He could hear the sound of the ships engines as he blacked out.

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