The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Hopeless

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 8: Hopeless

Venus opened his eyes again and looked out of the craft, he could see stars, but nothing else.

-Where are we? He asked Hallow.

-In the middle of nowhere, Hallow replied: ‘’I have regained enough C to keep you conscious, but we have another problem.’’


‘’This vessel is only able to travel at sub-light speeds, it will take several years to reach earth.’’

-The damn Colleral! Venus yelled: ‘’their technology is several years after ours, I should have known that they couldn’t incorporate any faster than light engines in a craft of this size!’’

‘’It isn’t time to blame anyone now.’’

‘’Can’t you hack into the ship and build a faster than light engine with your fifth-dimension technology or something!?’’


‘’Can we do anything?’’

‘’Not to my knowledge.’’

-Damn! Venus yelled as he mashed his hands on the helm in front of him.

‘’That won’t help.’’

‘’Nothing will!’’

Venus stood up, he could still feel strain on his muscles, he turned around and looked at the vessel, it was just a basic grey inside, a few consoles for the different parts of the ship.

-Maybe we can go back and find another vessel? Venus asked.

-They will be ready, no one intercepted us when we flew away, so they must have known it would turn out like this, Hallow replied.

‘’So what do we do?’’

‘’I know just as much as you do.’’

Venus walked around the small craft, looking for something anything, but there was nothing, just like he expected, he went back and sat down at the helm again.

He sat there, for several hours, doing everything he could, which was nothing, hoping for something to happen.

Then he saw a light out in space, it wasn’t a star, it looked like a ship with a faster than light engine in fact, they usually let out bright lights,, it didn’t matter if it was Human or Colleral, it could help him either way.

It looked like the vessel would pass him, but he didn’t allow it, he hurried over to the weapons console and looked at what weapons the ship had, it had a few missiles, which he could use as flares.

He fired a missile into the middle of space and hoped the vessel would notice, while waiting, he fired another missile every fifth minute, until they ran out.

The light came closer, so it had probably seen his craft, he ran over to the helm and shut down engines, the other vessel quickly came closer and stopped close to his own, it was a Human ship, a very large ship too, must be a heavy battle cruiser, Venus had never been on one of those.

He used the helm to fly against the Human ship in a curving pattern, it was a signal for asking to dock, the other vessel opened its docking ports, it accepted, Venus used the helm again to slowly fly into the port, he had to be very careful because Colleral vessels weren’t exactly designed for human docks and ports.

Venus did manage to fly through the oxygen force-field and land the craft inside of the human one, the ports shut behind his craft.

He went over to the same door that he came in through and opened it, when looking out he saw a large grey dock, most of it was empty, but one part was filled with a pretty new type of fighter ships.

He walked out of the craft and noticed a person standing to the left of him, he quickly turned around and saw it was a man with a strong build in a suit similar to the average ship security officer suit, he was also bald and held a large gun Venus didn’t recognize pointed straight at Venus.

The suit was completely black and covered everything except for his head, it was sitting pretty loose, he also had military gloves and boots, he even had had an ammo belt with a couple of grenades.

-Who are you? He said loudly in a dark voice that suited him.

‘’Venus Dimm, or I was at least.’’

‘’And what’s that supposed to mean?’’

‘’That’s a long story.’’

‘’You’re going to have to tell me all of it, we won’t be letting anyone from a Colleral ship walk in among other crewmen in a valuable warship.’’

Venus told him everything that happened since he came to the Outer Nebula Station and he listened without saying a word, or taking his finger of the guns trigger.

‘’That is probably one of the stupidest stories I have heard, I would shoot you, but I know that even the Colleral know we are smart enough to understand it’s a lie, so we will look into this, we are cross-checking your name to see if it matches anyone in The Nebula, if it does we will at least keep you out of prison until we know if you’re a traitor or something like that, in the meantime you will be at the ships holding cell.’’


 The man escorted him through some corridors of the ship, most were just grey with some doors leading to other parts of the ship.

-What is your name? Venus asked while they were walking.

‘’I can’t tell you my name, that could do an identity break.’’

‘’And what’s that?’’

‘’When a high ranking special ops soldiers name is revealed, it can be used against them in several ways.’’

‘’Then what do people call you.’’


‘’Why is that?’’

‘’It’s a nickname, it doesn’t need a reason.’’

‘’Not necessarily.’’

They kept walking and didn’t talk for the rest of the trip, after some minutes they arrived at the holding cells, it was a large room with lots of doors in the sides and a few consoles, Reticle stepped over to one of the consoles and tapped a few buttons, shortly after one of the doors opened.

-Step in, Reticle said.

-I’d be happy to, Venus replied sarcastically as he walked into the cell.

As he got in the door closed behind him, he was in a small room that was mostly grey with some black patterns, a little part of the room the room was lifted up a bit so prisoners who should stay for a longer while could sleep, it was still metal though, so it was very cold and uncomfortable.

Venus walked over to the ‘’bed’’ anyways, and laid down, he was surprisingly not very tired, it was probably yet another genetic enhancement, the hard bed didn’t make it any easier to sleep, he did fall asleep after a short while anyways.

After some time he woke up again for no apparent reason, the door didn’t open, there was no sound and no change of scenery.

-Sorry for waking you, he heard Hallows voice say.

‘’It’s cool, I wasn’t very tired anyways, why did you wake me?’’

‘’We have been in here for three hours.’’


‘’Shouldn’t they be able to cross check your name in this time?’’

‘’I don’t know actually, I never studied those parts of The Nebula, but they have to cross check several million people so probably some time.’’

‘’I guess you’re right, might I ask you a question? Just to waste time?’’

‘’Go ahead.’’

‘’What did you study in The Nebula?’’

‘’Well, we can choose eight different classes, we can also pick more of the same if we want to be more of a specialist, I choose Vessel mechanics 1 and 2, Weapon mechanics 1 and 2, Tactical 1 and 2 and combat 1 and 2, so I was pretty specialized in mechanics and combat.’’

‘’Then why did you become a mechanic?’’

‘’I wasn’t completely done with the academy, and they didn’t want to send someone as young as me with almost no experience on combat assignments, when I finished I would be classed as a specialist in ‘’Combat mechanics’’ and ‘’Commandeering’’.’’

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