The Great War.

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Join Humanity in its fight for survival as the Earth is invaded by hostile Aliens. Mankind must now ban together if they wish to survive, but the question is, will it be enough to stop the invaders? The Great War has begun!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Best of Intentions

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013



Please note that The Great War is told by several people and is told in first and third person.

* Means first person narrative

*** Means third person narrative

Chapter I

The Best of Intentions

June 20th, 2009

Omega Corporation Site Sigma (Site B)

The Weather was clear that summer day. The blue waves of the Pacific Ocean crashed, the dark blue color almost fusing with the light blue of the sky. Miles away from mainland America was a massive construct built into the water, like a synthetic island, though one made of concrete and steel.

One of many sites around the world for the Omega Corporation, this was one of three main sites of the United States Chapter of the corporation. The ocean began to ripple as a helicopter was approaching the site.

A sleek black Huey Helicopter headed for the island. On the side of the chopper was Omega Corps. Logo. The Omega symbol itself.

The Helicopter began to descend as it neared the synthetic island. A landing pad had been placed to the side of the Massive Laboratory building that made up the synthetic island.

Site B was at least 6 football fields’ long, and 2 sports stadiums wide. To say nothing of the brilliant laboratory that rested beneath the waves. Scientists from all over the world, mainly the U.K, France and Germany, had come to Site B to work on the experiment.

Officially, Site B did not exist, when asked, officials from the United Nations told the public and other countries that it was a prototype oil drilling site, the first of its kind. This was however a ruse, to prevent both attention foreign and domestic from taking a closer look at the S


The Omega Corporation was a well know but secretive Company. To the public, it had been formed in the 1990’s. However the company’s history dated back to the late 1930’s.

The company undertook research in several fields such as scientific research, theoretical physics, lasers, experimental propulsion, hydraulics, robotics, genetics, and all other matters of physics research.

In addition to legitimate research, Omega Corp was also involved in classified top secret projects. A lot of this classified research included the development of high-tech weapons, experimental power armor, weapon defense systems, and currently… teleportation.

The Omega Corp’s first classified assignment was the Manhattan project started in 1939 which eventually led to the creation of the Atomic bomb. Since then, Omega has expanded its research capabilities.

The Helicopter touched down on the landing pad marked with a giant H. A single scientist exited the Chopper, his snow white lab coat almost glowing in the sunlight. A top scientist from Britain, Adrian Thomas was here to take notes and watch over the experiment that would proceed.

Nodding at the pilot, the Helicopter ascended from the landing pad and headed into the distance. Straightening his tie, and re-placing his glasses over his eyes, the scientist headed towards the 10 story high building in front of him.

Looking around, Doctor Thomas noticed the Titanium Steel gates separated the exterior from the interior of the building. Four Watch Towers surrounded the building; atop each were at least 2 armed guards, each carrying .50 caliber sniper rifles.

Inside and outside the building where guards patrolling the area with Assault rifles, and in the ocean, he noticed dark shapes moving about, these were as Thomas guessed, Submarines.

The place looked more like a military base then a scientific research facility, Thomas thought.

Though he had to give credit where it was due, the facility was indeed magnificent. Heading towards the gates, he was stopped by a guard with a sub-machine hanging from his chest. The guard wore a sleek blue leather jumpsuit with a black bullet vest strapped over it.

“I.D. please,” the Guard muttered.

Thomas reached into his wallet and pulled out an I.D card given to him by his superiors in London. He handed it to the guard who looked it over. Thomas was a middle aged man with graying brown hair. He had a short bearded and a buzzed hear. Tall and well built, the green eyed British scientists eyed the security guard impatiently.

“Very well, you must also pass the retinal scanner and finger print analysis before entering,” the Guard said, motioning over to the control panel that must have opened the doors to the facility.

Thomas nodded and walked to the retinal scanner which chirped positively as he placed his eyes in the scanner. One done, he then placed his finger on the scanner and it glowed green. The Guard nodded and typed an access code into the gate control pad.

“Welcome to Site B Doctor Thomas, check in with the receptionist, he’ll show you were you need to go,” said the guard.

The heavy steel-titanium door rose upwards and revealed the interior of the building which was the main area of site B. There were several sections of the site; there was the residential area which was where the scientists resided at.

The recreational area which was indeed also a part of the indoor plaza sector where scientists walked about or conversed with one another. And in the middle of the plaza, glowing brilliantly was a blue crystal in a bullet-proof glass case.

The crystal was alien in origin, but it acted as a power source, as Thomas had been told. Thomas headed to the reception desk and showed his I.D to the guard stationed there.

A bit to the left of the reception desk was a large glass blast door held together by steel framing. There were guards with automatics and shotguns guarding this particular door.

The receptionist nodded. “Welcome Dr. Thomas, head on in, the others are awaiting your arrival,” said the Receptionist.

Dr. Thomas nodded and headed on in, the blast doors slid downwards and slid back up once he slipped through it. Thomas walked down the wide hallway, starting with a hint of intimidation at the armed guards guarding the elevator.

Their expressions were stern and they eyed him. Thomas did his best not to look them in the eye and stepped into the elevator. He took a deep breath and pressed the downward arrow.

Immediately, the elevator began to descend and it continued to descend for five minutes as it led. Contrary to what most believed, it was not true that the deeper you go the colder it got, instead it got warmer. Though the main ‘non- existent’ part of Site B had a great AC system that filtered throughout Site Sigma’s underground facilities.

The elevator finally touched down and Thomas stepped out. He felt a bit claustrophobic but he didn’t think about it, today would be a great day for mankind.

There was a large black steel blast door in front of Thomas. Omega sure liked its blast doors, thought Thomas. A lone guard with a machine gun stood guard. To his surprise, Thomas was not asked for I.D. nor a retinal scan.

As Thomas guessed, the fact that he had been allowed this far was enough confirmation. The guard nodded and his fingers danced onto the mounted keyboard on the wall.

Mechanical gears groaned as the door began to shift upwards. A golden aura began to leak beneath the blast door as it lifted, it luminous bright light soon began to grow and Thomas found himself covering his eyes.

Once the door was fully opened, Thomas allowed himself to look. Before him was the majestic and powerful fiery Orange oval form that was the portal. Thomas stepped through the blast door and took in his surroundings.

All around him, Scientists went about the portal room, examining glowing blue crystals or looking through paper. The Portal awed Thomas though it seemed like a normal addition to the room to the other scientists.

Thomas’ briefing had been short if not a bit vague. He had been told that the Omega Corporation had succeeded in perfecting its teleportation technology and that it had opened the doorway to another planet light-years away.

Science teams had led expeditions into the planet and had found the glowing crystals in caverns beneath the planet. But most of all, they had found life. Primitive, but it was still life.

Thomas walked to the commanding Scientist and bowed his head. “I’m here sir,” said Thomas.

The top scientist beamed at him. He wore a similar white lab coat, had short white hair, was in his mid 60s and had a moustache. He was rather short but was herald as an Einstein of teleportation technology.

Levi Ludlow had helped engineer the teleportation technology ever since it was recovered by the crashed space craft that was shot down by the Air Force over Roswell, New Mexico back in ’47.

“Welcome Adrian, it is so good to see you. How was your trip?” asked Levi, an excited edge to his tone.

“Long… but worth it,” said Thomas, again looking in awe at the glowing portal before him.

“You like it; it took sixty years of reverse engineering to bring this beauty to life. The U.S is calling this Project Doorway and the portal itself is dubbed ‘The Door way.’ An unimaginative lot, the Americans, but either way it’s a thing of majesty,” said Levi, pride taking over.

“That it is sir,” said Thomas.

“Well now that you’re here, it’s time for another expedition into Xen. That’s what their calling the planet by the way. Planet X doesn’t work apparently,” said Levi.

“Another expedition into the planet? What for this time?” asked Thomas.

“You and a few scientists are going to go in and recover more crystals for us,” said Levi.

“What about the Xenian creatures, the native life?” posed Thomas.

“Oh posh, we have generators near the site in Xen that have scared off all of the creatures inhabiting the caverns. Besides, you’ll have armed guards keeping you safe. Don’t worry… nothing will go wrong,” said Levi.

The Blast door reopened and in strode a young 25 year old scientist born in France but raised in America. He had a PHD in physics and was one of the main scientists working on Project Doorway alongside Thomas and Levi.

He nodded at his colleagues and joined them.

“Welcome Edwards, now that you are here, we can begin,” said Levi.

“What for now?” Edward said, mirroring the words Thomas had said.

“Another crystal hunt into Xen, we’ve learned so much from these crystals in the last year alone. What we’ve learned is amazing. Can you believe it, these crystals seem to be a form of energy source. Completely sustainable and renewable, the crystals themselves contain a form of energy. One of these crystals alone could power all of New York for an entire year. All of the research that we have done have given us massive results. We’ve created experimental power armor, medical equipment, weapons, vehicles, and we are even on the verge of extracting the material from the crystals that could even cure diseases like Cancer and Aids!” said Levi, his glee exploding.

“All fine accomplishments sir, but aren’t we basically stealing the resources from the planet? Keep in mind the life forms that inhabit the planet. They could not take kindly to us stealing their resources. This could cause unforeseen consequences,” said Edwards.

“Don’t worry about it Edwards, all of the life on Xen is primitive and non-intelligent. Most are bug like creatures, large marine animals, and microscopic bacteria. But that’s just the tip, we are soon going to venture out of the caves<” said Levi.

“Yes, I’ve read the reports sir; all of these creatures are hostile to humans. We have suffered our share of casualties,” said Thomas.

“Hostile or not… we have the support of the U.S government, the Military, and the President. We have a strong security force that can deal with any problem the Xenians throw at us. And we need those resources,” said Levi.

Thomas nodded and walked over to one of the crystals held on a table under a microscope. Thomas began to feel it and as he did he felt a light vibration as he touched it. The crystals were as big as a football and were a light sapphire color.

Several feet entered the room as scientists and guards suited in biohazard suits entered.

“Several other sites will be attempting the same experiment, which is opening portals into the planet Xen. Sites A, B and C will be doing the experiment. Site A in Germany by a Doctor Williams, Site B by us here, and Site C in New Mexico by a Doctor Marshal,” said Levi.

Thomas headed to a table that held several other biohazard suits. Nodding at his colleagues, it was time to get to work.


I sat in my couch watching movies that June 20th summer day. I could have been out hanging with friends but I decided I didn’t really want to. I just wanted to have a chill day you know?

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards my room and I grimaced. It had to be Grandpa Steve.

And sure enough, my door creaked open and the balding, wrinkly head of my Grandfather peeked in.

“Hey Wesley! Can you take out the trash?” he asked, his voice gruff.

“Ugh, Grandpa I don’t want to take out the trash!” I groaned.

He squinted his eyes at me and frowned.


I squinted back at him, confused. “Grandpa, what does Vietnam have anything to do with the trash?” I asked him.

He then glared at me and I glared back. He always did this, every time I didn’t want to do something, he’d bring up his service in Vietnam as if it were a plausible excuse.

The staring contest went on for at least a minute and I groaned in defeat.


I got up and headed out, hearing my Grandpa chuckle.


Once he was all suited up, Thomas, Edwards and the Expedition teams were all ready. Thomas and Edwards were both given a .45 pistol just in case they needed to defend themselves.

An extendable bridge extended towards the portal, Thomas had butterflies dancing around his stomach. He had never set foot on another planet, let alone Xen. He was making history right here, hell he was living it.

The team of 16 scientists and guards moved towards the portal and entered. There was a flash and the metallic ceiling and walls were replaced by rocky caverns.

The hum of generators rang and echoed all over the caves, flood lights had been posted all around the cavern to illuminate. But the flood lights did little as the Caverns were glowing light blue due to the illuminating lights coming off of the Crystals buried into the Cavern walls.

To the left of the generators was a small clear blue pond. The cavern was littered with hundreds of crystals. There was a small cliff just in front of the science team, to say nothing of the dozens of rocky hills all around the caverns.

The place they were in truly felt Alien. Thomas gasped in awe as the science team walked forward.

Had they turned to the left and looked upwards, they would have seen the shadowy humanoid figure looking over them with envious eyes.


Chapterly Question: What are your thoughts on the Science experiment? Should Humans meddle into affairs of other planets, even go as far as to steal its resources?

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