Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Saga

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Join Rex and his friends on their journey through the world of Pokemon as they try to figure out how they wound up as Pokemon, and how they can get back to where they belong.

This story follows the storyline of 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time/darkness' with a twist here and there.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Saga

Submitted: July 30, 2013

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Submitted: July 30, 2013



Chapter: 1

Where Am I?


He could feel anything, as if he had nothing to feel. His ears were ringing fairly loudly, which he thought was a bit annoying to have to rapidly hear, but he couldn't really do anything about that, could he? After he thought about it a bit, he tried to remember what happened before feeling completely limp. He tensed a bit, or, at least he thought he did, because he suddenly realized that he couldn't remember anything about the event. Now that he thought about it… He couldn't really remember anything! Well.. most of anything. He can, at least, remember his name.

His name, was Rex.


Rex started to panic. Mentally, of course. He could hardly remember ANYTHING except for a few names, which worried him a bit. He could also remember that he was a human prince from earth, but he couldn't really remember how that went. He also remembered a few names, mainly Axis, Serenity, and Lyra. He also remembered that they aren't all human. His train of thought was interrupted by the diminished ringing in his ears, enabling him to hear slightly more than a few minutes ago.


Rex could have sworn that he heard the faint sound of water against a shore. Perhaps, he was near an ocean. He then realized he never really took his location into consideration. For all he knew, he could be in danger! He couldn't do anything about it either. He tensed a bit more, except, he could actually feel himself tense. He's starting to be able to feel again, and the ringing in his ears subsided for the most part. He WAS able to know, for a fact, that he, indeed, heard waves. He also heard them retract back into the ocean, so he WAS on a shore of some sort.


He felt a bit more reassured about himself, nothing seemed to be wrong, besides, you know, him being rendered immobile next to some sort of beach with his memory completely wiped. He calmed down a bit and tried to think of anything that could help him understand what happened. He though about it, but the only visions he acquired were of Axis, the reincarnated dragon god, Lyra, the wolf from another planet who decided to come with him to earth, and Serenity, a creature who Rex doesn't really know that past of.


Rex couldn't hear anyone around, so he guess that he was alone, wherever it was he is. He felt his hands as he turned them into to fists, so now he knew he could control his body again. He still couldn't move in terms of walking, or getting off the ground. He then realized that he couldn't feel the terrain, so I guess he's not as ready as he thought he was. There wasn't really anything that he could do, so he thought the only real option was to nap or something. He can't really do anything else. So he stopped straining and tried to sleep. He passed out pretty quickly.

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