Collapse (A young adult novel)

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 24, 2011

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Submitted: June 24, 2011



Chapter 2

Charlotte's P.O.V - 364 and a half.

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like?

I was forced to, many times.

You see, my Mom has epilepsy. Ialways faced the reality that I could loose her, but I tried my best as a child to make her life worthwhile. She never had to face the reality that she could loose me too.

Until I was five years old. I was being a typical kid of that age, impatient and not really caring for my Mom's feelings at all. I had been invited to my best friend's birthday party, and was so desperate to arrive in time I had insisted on going an hour earlier than really needed. She was really stressed, but I made her drive me there early anyway.

About halfway there, she began to have a seizure. As you can probably imagine ,I was terrified, and there was absolutely nothing I could do. But she was driving, and, of course, she lost control.

Don't feel sorry for me. We both survived.

Well, for a while anyway.

See, when we crashed into the other car, my chest was crushed. My heart was crushed.

I was so lucky. I got a heart transplant, and it gave me ten more years of being with my amazing Mom.

I knew that, one day, I would have to face heaven, and that day would come sooner than it would for most people.

That day with the guest speaker was obviously the designated time for my one way ticket to heaven to be used. To be honest, I wasn't surprised. And, to be honest, I'm not that upset.

I had a great relationship with an awesome guy. I had an amazing gang of friends. I had the best mother in the world.

My only sadness at leaving the world you call home is knowning that all the people I leave behind will cry for me.

Before you get it into your head that I was happy because heaven would be a better place, I'm going to tell you right now that that's totally wrong. And to set the record straight, let me tell you a little bit about 'heaven'.

See, heaven isn't like all that crap they feed you. It fact, it isn't even called heaven!

The place up above that those on Earth called heaven is in fact, simply, called Sky.

And Sky is not some stupid holy place, where God is always with you.

Sky is particularliy for children who have passed too early. Most men and women, by the time they reach the age of death, have committed enough sin for them to go to Hell. Sky is vastly underpopulated, whether you believe it or not.

God, (or as well call him up here, Pergi), is always too busy making sinners pay down in Ozone, (Hell), that he is never here. So, we pretty much have the run of the place.

Sound cool? Think again.

Every night, we are all forced by one of Pergi's angels to look down upon the world we have left. We watch our families weep, murderers laugh, and men burn. It's only when you watch from afar do you realise how many people there are in the world, how many stories remain to most people untold.

Up here, however, everyone knows everyone's stories. Another stupid rule, we have to have what killed us tattooed on our arm. If dying too early isn't bad enough, we have to be reminded every waking hour about how we died.

Everyone has a story to tell. It's just up to the twisted author of the moment so as to how that story ends...

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