Dragosia-Book 1

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Dragon Sees

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



The arrow smacked into the soft fur and pierced the flesh of a young lion cub. He let out a small yelp before falling, dead, from the impact. Amie sighed and moved forward to collect her kill. She yanked the arrow from the corpse and examined the damage.

“Damn...” she muttered. That was the third arrow that she had lost in the space of two days.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Rhen and Avey crowding over a map.It just wasn’t the same without Samsoon.

Amie discarded the arrow and made her way over to her comrades. As she approached, they fell silent, letting her sit down before continuing. Rhen saw Amie glance nervously at Avey, but dismissed it quickly.
She needed to focus, and their hostility was not the top priority.

“Amie, did you get a look at the terrain?” After placing the dead lion beside her, Amie answered.

“Yes. Mostly rocky, nothing we can’t handle.”

“Hostile?” Avey put in. Amie shook her head and began to work on the corpse.

“Rhen, out of interest, how do you actually know where we are going?” Avey enquired.

“The King gave me this. It doesn’t tell me what to look for, but it does tell me where to look for it,” Rhen, of course, did know, her dream had given her a good idea of what it was, but she was reluctant to say
so.“Samsoon asked around for me, there’s nothing valuable in Vetsom apart from gold,”

“Where’s next on the list?”

“Pacis Quod Merisicordia...” Avey turned pale and nodded, before moving away from his companions. Rhen turned to Amie. “What the hell is up with you?” The hunter shrugged, and Rhen sighed.“Amie, he’s
helping us. If anything was going to happen, it would have happened already!”

“Fine, believe it if you want,”

“Look, I’m not replacing Samsoon with Avey, but we can’t afford to turn down any help,”

“How, in the name of Chiansha, is this task going to be possible with an army, let alone three of us, if we don’t know what we’re looking for?”

“I do-,” Rhen began. She had said enough to draw Amie’s attention away from her work,

“What? Wait, I know! It’s these dreams isn’t it?”

“What dreams?”

“Oh come on, Rhen. I’m not stupid. We all know they’ve been bothering you. My magic’s enough to tell me a little bit more, like how you’re a Se-,”

“I’m not a Seer!” Rhen hissed, “Don’t even say things like that...”

“Why? It’s true! But that isn’t the point!” Amie hushed her voice a little before continuing, “If you know what it is, then you have to tell us!” She nodded at Avey, “Both of us, despite whether we are to be trusted or
not, we are all on the same side at the moment!”

“I know! But the truth is I’m not even sure if I’m right anyway!”

“You’re a-,” Amie checked herself, “If you’re a Seer, then of course you’re right!”

“I’m not a Seer Amie! But in any case I can’t be right about this. The object that the King wants cannot be real...”

“Oh come on Rhen, as if that’s going to stop me asking. Just tell me!” Rhen shook her head. Fuming, Amie chucked the half skinned lion onto the floor and stormed off. This is going to take a hell of a lot of
organising, Rhen thought...

He laughed as he watched the dwarves squirm. The fire spreading at their feet began to lick their toes, providing a sadistic thrill for him. '
Magic is a truly wonderful tool,' he thought.

"High Sorcerer!" he spun around to see Yulia standing behind him.

"Yulia. How goes training?"

"Fine..."Yulia's nervousness about the now screaming dwarves was very apparent. "The recruits show promise,"

"What of her?"

"She is on the right path, High Sorcerer. In fact, it will be no more than a day before she reaches us," in a hushed tone, she added, "Do you think she can hear us now?"

"Oh, I'm counting on it.The more she fears, the easier she will fall!"

"What of her allies?"
the High Sorcerer chuckled,

"They won't be her allies for much longer. The one curse of someone with such talent is an amazing ability to alienate people. One which I myself work hard to avoid," Yulia prevented herself from voicing her
opinion about this, instead saying,

"But she is dangerous.You said so yourself..."

"Dangerous, but mortal. Thousands of the immortal against one mere mortal?A blood bath worth watching, I think..." The dwarves had by now ceased to scream.The High Sorcerer scowled; he had expected
them to last longer than that. "Dismissed, Yulia,"

"Yes, sir..." Yulia cautiously backed out. She breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the door behind her. '
The whole world's going to hell...' she thought as she moved away...

Rhen awoke with a start, much like the nights beforethey had arrived at Vetsom. Much to her relief, Amie and Avey were fast asleep. She rubbed her eyes and pondered the dream. Yulia...Why did she know that name?

She didn't have long to think about it, however, before she noticed what was ahead of them, far in the distance...

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