Dragosia-Book 1

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Qusumsix

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



"General!" King Samsoon bellowed


"Where are they?"


"You know who, General. Stop playing games with me,"

"If you mean the approaching training camp, then they've been delayed until further notice..." Samsoon looked up at his General from his papers.

"Do you know how long?" The General, a confused look on his face, returned Samsoon's look.

"No idea, Sire..."

"Very well... Dismissed..." The General stiffly bowed and made to move out of the room. "Wait, hang on..."


"Send me the best avaliable scouting group as soon as you can,"

"Yes Sire..."

"And General, I mean it. I want the best..." Once again, the General went to leave, and this time Samsoon let him...


"Amie! Get up, now!"

"What the hell Rhen?" murmered Amie as she rolled over.

"You said the terrain was clear!"

"It is, for God's sake. Let me sleep..."

"Amie, wake up!" Rhen shook Amie hard, and she eventually gave in. As Amie tried to clear her head, Rhen went to wake Avey.

"Avey?" she called out to an empty space. "Avey?" she called as loud as she dared; it was too dark not to be cautious.

Amie wandered over to Rhen, her bow in hand.

"Seriously, Rhen, what's up?"

"Where's Avey?" Rhen asked, but it was clear that it wasn't a response to Amie's question.

"Probably having a midnight stroll," the sarcasm in her voice annoyed Rhen more than she showed, "The real question is why you woke me up at this God awful hour for no reason!"Just then, Avey approached them from behind, making Rhen jump when she saw him.


"Stay in the camp Avey, you don't know what's out there..."

"Rhen, what is wrong?" Amie asked for the third time, "You look like you've seen a camp of ghosts or something..." Rhen pointed over the hill.

At least ten white tents were standing, the largest being at the centre. The formation was almost circular. Sentries had been posted at what appeared to be an entrance, and several robed beings were roaming the camp, occasionally exchanging stiff nods.

What was really intriguing was the variation of races. Humans and elves mixed with orcs and trolls. Although it was rare that the different races acknowledged eachother, there was no obvious hostility.

The one thing that caught Amie's attention, however, were the flying banners. A blue canvas was accompanied by what, from afar, looked like a swirling pattern. Amie knew that, when up close, it was a much different picture.

"Oh," Amie muttered. Nodding at her, Rhen turned to Avey, who was oblivious to what the symbol meant.

"Avey, meet the Qusumsix..." Avey stared at the camp, shocked...

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