One For The Price Of Two

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Restricted for explicit language and sexual nature ect ect blah blah blah: Ren is a bit of a female player, she picks boys up who deserve to be messed with and does exactly that! But theres always been her best friend/sex buddy Cory and Ren KNOWS she loves him, she's just not sure which way...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Love You, In A Way

Submitted: April 24, 2010

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Submitted: April 24, 2010




I smiled at myself in the mirror. I pulled the hair elastic out of my brunette curls and let them drop around my shoulders, a flash glinted in my green eyes in the reflection, my lips broke into a slow smile. I quickly observed my outfit; black sparkley tank top, white leather jacket, white skinnys and the classic black and white low top converse. All black and white, maybe not right for a frat party but hey, I wasn't for sale tonight.

I was bound to my best friend Cory, he said even if he has to pee I have to go with him and face the wall. Gross. He didn't want his high school sophomore barely girlfriend/definatley best friend with LOTS of benefits to accidentally get off with a senior boy/college freshman or newcomer. As if! I'm NOT stupid enough to let them slip me rape drugs or whatever! I just wanna have a good time and find a guy to mess with his head a little.
I quickly fluffed out my hair and ran downstairs.
"Hey honey, you look nice! Where are you going?" my mom called out from the kitchen.
"Oh I'm off for a little party with Cory and his friends, I'll be back in the morning. You'll be okay right?" I asked suddenly a little guilty for leaving my fresh out of rehab for cocaine mother.
"I looked after myself for 20 years before you, beautiful, popped outta me!" she laughed.
"Umm...okay mom, I gotta go, love you bye!" I shouted. She called my name and I spun round quickly.
"Yo Ren! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!...But don't do anything I would!" she chuckled. I nodded and hopped in the car and sped off.
* * * * *

I opened Cory's apartment door and let myself in. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the TV, finally settling on Two And A Half Men.
"Hey baby, I'll be out in a sec!" he called from his bedroom. I laid back and put my feet up on the coffee table, there was a box of takeout pizza so I helped myself to a slice. A few seconds later Cory flopped down next to me on the old battered couch and pecked me on the cheek. "The party doesn't start till 10 and it's only 9:30," he sighed. I looked over at him and with my mouth half full of pizza I gasped, then I chewed, then I swallowed. Cory looked so different! Rather than his usual scruffy kakhi shorts and rugby shirt, he was wearing a nice button down white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and he had a pair of black jeans on and some converse like mine. His usually neat brown hair was in it's natural, "I just woke up" kind of choppy, sticky up at the front look.

"Woah...Cory you look so..." I said dumbfounded.
"Stupid, dressed up, idiotic...go on..." he laughed.
"You look!" I said surprised at the words coming out of my mouth.
"Funny Ren, veeeery funny," he said sulkily.
"No! I mean it you douche!" he looked at me skeptically and confused, "Want me to prove it!?" I laughed, throwing my half eaten pizza back in the box and shrugging out of my jacket.
"How are you gonna..." I cut him off by giving him a kind of surprise attack.

I jumped forward putting my legs around his waist and kissing him not bothering with lips much and going straight for tongues, he moaned loudly as I pressed my weight against him, he put his hands on my butt but I moved them up onto my lower back, after a while they managed to get back there but I didn't care anymore. We then both started moaning and groaning in turn.

After a bit of a marijuana minute I sat up and looked at the clock, 9:45! Well this was going slow! We were gonna walk to the party and even that would take little more than 1 minute! It was only in the next apartment building. I pulled away, we were both panting heavily.
"We have like, 15 minutes to kill, now we can take this a little further and be late for the party, just kiss till party time or...I don't know, take a walk or something else to kill time. Which one?" I asked Cory.
"So you are seriously asking me if I want to do it now, kiss and do it later or play monopoly and do it later? Well my answer may shock you but number two," he laughed.
"Hey! Who said you were getting it later! Cheeky!" I scolded.
"Well I don't think you should sit like that much longer. You practically asking for it Ren," he smirked.
"Well I might just tease you and sit here anyway!"
"I'm much stronger than you ya know..."
"Oh you wouldn't!" I laughed.

I went in for another kiss and really got into it this time. Was it wrong to do this with your best friend, I mean it wasn't illegal! It would've been last year but not now, and this is the whole friends with benefits thing right? Anyway, it felt good, to always have a back up, a "sex buddy" you could call it...

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