Liar Liar Vampire

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"So you read it anyway!? What type of person are you too read a book that's not even in your native language? Without knowing a single hell of what you were saying you kept reading anyway, and anyway! Thanks to you, every time I try to feed on human blood I catch on FIRE!"
Feeling bad, I sheepishly smiled at him. "Just— don't drink blood, then?"

Yeah, I should start the story from the beginning.... My name is Liv, and I cursed a vampire, which surprisingly, cursed me too.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Liar Liar Vampire

Submitted: September 12, 2013

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Submitted: September 12, 2013



Do you know what the job of a writer is? Well, I don’t either. If I had to take a guess though, it would be to write a kick ass story that captures the minds and hearts of a lot of people, thus, making me lots and lots of money in return.

But here I am, sitting at my desktop, coffee hot and steamy, and a blank writing page on the screen of my monitor that has yet to be filled with words.

Shit. I’m at an utter complete loss at what to write a novel about, or even how to start the beginning of a novel.

Should I begin with: ‘And there she was, just an ordinary girl from Kentucky’?

Or: ‘Blue eyes; that was the color he so cursed upon my mind to think of constantly. I didn’t want to love him, but I oh, so did, and now I must die because of it.’

DAMN! Both of those were shitty as hell! Forget it; just frick’n forget it! I’m never going to grasp this writing thing. I’m never going to be able to come up with a kick ass novel and make thousands of dollars from it!

I grabbed my mug by the handle and took a sip of the coffee. Hmm… Cinnamon.

“Liv,” I sat the coffee back down on the desk while turning my head to the voice that called my name. Dawn, my brother, had his head poking through the small opening of the door. “Liv,” he repeated, this time with a sigh following behind it. “It’s almost time for school and I find you sitting at the computer desk in your pajamas.” He opened the door more wide, revealing at least half his body. He pointed at the coffee cup. “Is that my coffee?” I shook my head, and he raised a brow. “Ah huh, whatever. Just hurry up and get dressed. Remember, we have to help Sis move into her new house after you get out, so, don’t wear anything too fancy. Got that?” I nodded my head again and he left my room, closing the door behind him.

I turned my head back to the computer screen and looked at the blank page. Thanks to the reminder of having to go to school, I knew what to put for the start of the novel: ‘Today is going to be hell.’

I took another sip of coffee and saved it. Bro, you really know how to make a tasty coffee.


Later on that day, I was dressed and was being driven to the battle field of hell. As I sat in the passenger seat while my brother was driving, I could only count the minutes till I arrived at school. And the worst part is: I’m a transfer student.

I used to live with my Sister in another part of the state, but she found a guy and they fell in love, and I was the last road block in their way to complete fairy tale happiness. So I had to move into my brother’s apartment and live with him, while Sis and her boyfriend— no, fiancébought a house together; the house that I and Dawn have to help her move in. I don’t hate my sister for choosing a guy over my social life and comfort zone— scratch that. I do hate my sister for choosing a guy over my social life and comfort zone. I’m happy that she’s found the one, and that she’s super happy, but now that I’m not happy, it’s kind of hard to be.

“We’re here.” My brother announced.

My mind focused back to reality and I looked out the window. “Yup, we’re here, but I’m the only one going into that God forbidden place.”

“It’s not going to be that bad, Liv. You’re going to school to learn and get your high school diploma, not get a boyfriend or learn how to bitch slap someone.”

I groaned. “I told you, that was a misunderstanding.”

Dawn unlocked the door on my side and gave me a dull stare. He didn’t believe me. “Sure it was.”

I got out the car and didn’t bother to say goodbye to him. I can’t believe he thinks that I’d actually intently slap a girl just because she made outwith my now currently ex-boyfriend. If it had to be anyone I’d slap, it would’ve been my boyfriend, which I was aiming to do, but she jumped in the way. Darn her impulsive reflex. I got suspended because of her urgent need to protect a sleazy slim ball like him. Trust me. a slap to the face would have never harmed him. Guys like him only get the message of ‘you hurt me’ when you kick them in the balls!

Walking in the halls of the school, I came across my new found nightmare, the girl click. They huddled together surrounding one girl by her locker, she must be the leader, I figured. They gave me dirty looks as I passed them by, but I didn’t look their way, even though they kind of egged me on too, just so they could give me some sort of bitch comment either on the way I’m dressed or my appearance. Honestly, I just didn’t have time for their stupidity.

“Okay class. Today we have a transfer student. Her name is Liv. Please, do make friends with her, notassault.”

I stood next by the teacher, staring at all my new classmates. There were a few guys that stood out the most in the class, even though they seemed like the quiet and secluded type. They were wearing similar clothes too. Ripped jeans, black shirt, but only one wore a black hoodie. My mind was so focused on them that I only caught the last few words that the teacher had said. Assault?I gave the teacher a confused look, but the teacher wasn’t looking at me, instead her eyes were rock hard on the boys that I was staring at. The one wearing the hoodie only smirked, and covered his head with the hood. Only his mouth and nose could still be seen with the way he angled hishead at.

The teacher sighed and finally looked to me again, and I met her eyes. “Go ahead and take a seat, Liv.” She nodded her head for me to move my way to a seat and I obliged. Lucky for me, the only seat that was open for me to take was to the back of the class, far away from those creepy dark clothed guys. At least I have some bit of an up today.

Class went by quick, at least to me anyway, and now I stand at my locker, which is giving me a headache to open. I reached in my pocket and looked for a piece of paper that would have my combination on it, but sadly it seems like it isn’t on me.


“Locker problems?” The sudden guy voice came from over my shoulder. I turned my head a bit to see who it was, but all I could see was a chest, not even shoulders. I looked up and finally saw the rest of him. Man, this guy was tall with broad shoulders. He looked like he could take any amount of people down with the simplest touch,having that look of ‘get out my way and I won’t hurt you’ kind of vibe going on.

I turned away from him and focused my eyes back on my main problem at the moment. “Seems so. I can’t remember the com.” God he towered over me.



“Hm, I know what to do. Move aside for a sec.”

Did I really need to? He was tall enough to do whatever he wanted to my locker over me. Of course, I didn’t actually voice my thinking out loud and just moved aside as he asked. The guy twisted in a combination to my locker and— WALA— it opened. Shock was evident on my face; I couldn’t stop a smile from forming. Just how in the world did he do that, was he psychic? Please not a stalker, I just started this school. “How did you know my combination?”

He smiled widely, it was memorizing. When he smiled, I noticed that his green eyes squinted a little; it made them sparkle in the lighting. His hair was dark brown, thick and wavy. This guy spelled out the words, h-o-t: hot.

“It’s actually nothing special. Every locker in the school has the same combination. The principal says it’s for if we forget, then we could just ask someone to refresh our memory on the code,” he leaned down a bit to my height and lowly said, “but I personally believe it’s so the faculty and staff can rummage through our belonging as they please behind our backs.” He got a light chuckle out of me from saying that the way he did. He then rose back to his full height and extended out his hand to me. “I’m Dunkin, by the way; Dunkin Wildmire.”

I shook his hand and return the greeting, “Liv Corthy.” After I introduced myself, I didn’t really know what else to say, and since he wasn’t saying anything either, I figure he felt the same. This awkward silence was getting very uncomfortable, and so I broke it first. “Well, I need to get to my next class.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” He nodded, showing off that memorizing smile of his again.

I smiled back. “It was nice meeting you, Dunkin, I’ll see you around, I guess.” He nodded again and I walked away on to my next class. And for some reason, I just couldn’t wipe the goofy smile that was plastered on my face. . . God, I know my brother said that I’m not here for a boyfriend, but can’t I just make him an exception?

Wow. I only met the guy for a few minutes and I’m already thinking of him as boyfriend material. What his wrong with me?


And so, many classes and a few break periods later, school was finally over! Yes! I walked outside the building and saw my brother’s car parked, he was waiting for me. I went to his car and through the window I could see him sleeping. I knocked on the window lightly. He shook awake and looked at me. Rubbing his head, he unlocked the passenger door and I got in.

“How long were you here to have fallen asleep?”

“Seat belt,” he pointed out, ignoring the question for the moment. I breathed out agitatedly and put my seat belt on as he wished. He then started the car and we drove off, heading for sis’ new house, “an hour, or more.”

He couldn’t be serious. “Why were you here that early?”

He shrugged, not really wanting to answer. “Enough about me, tell me, how was your day?”

Seeing that I wasn’t going to get a clear answer out of him, or least a logical one, I let him slide, turning my head to look out the window. “Okay, boring, but okay.”

“What made it okay, what was the upside?”

My mind immediately thought about the guy that I had met earlier this morning. Dunkin Wildmire, I thought about his smile and couldn’t help but smile my own self.

Dawn looked at me with a brow slightly raised. He grunted. “Liv?”

I snapped back to reality and looked at him sheepishly. “No upside!”

“What, but you—”

“I said,” cutting him off, “no-up-side. School was hell.” I couldn’t let my brother get Dunkin out of me, or else I’d have to deal with his brotherly lectures, and he was good at getting information out me. I had to avoid the subject all together.

He gave me a stern look as if he was trying to read my mind. I hated that look of his; it was almost scary when he wanted it to be, which means, nearly every boy that tried to get close to me with ill intentions was scared off running when they’d meet my him. He was great for things like that, but not when it was used against me.

A loud car beep had broken his stare against me and I exhaled of relief. We were sitting in front a green light and didn’t even notice it. The person behind us must be pissed.

“Green light,” I told him.

He pressed the gas, “I can see that.”

Good. His eyes are back on the road and not on me. I sat backed and looked out the window again, feeling very gracious to the person we pissed off.

About forty minutes later, we made it Sis’ house and saw her carrying a rather big box in her arms outside. The moving truck was parked in the drive way, so Dawn had to park on the curve. Once parked, he blew the horn and we both got out the car.

Sis looked our way and smiled happily, hopping a bit. “Dawn, Liv! You guys made it! Look at the house, isn’t it wonderful!” Me and dawn gazed upon the house and nodded of agreement as we came closer to her. The house was vase and white. Green flourished trees were all around it, framing the picture of it perfectly, like something out of a home magazine.

“Yeah, Lace. It’s gorgeous; a total dream house.” I told her with a smile, trying my best not to sound bitter towards her.

“Aw, thanks Liv. You’re not still mad at me, are you?”

I closed my thumb and index finger together a bit, showing her, “maybe a little.”

Lace sighed while shrugging her shoulders a bit. “I guess I can take it or leave it, can I?” I nodded.

“Where’s Merth?” Dawn asked her. Lace gave him a sympathy look. “He’s in the upstairs part of the house, on his laptop talking to some lady. He said that it was important and couldn’t wait, so I had to understand. I don’t want to be too much of a nag.”

“You shouldn’t be moving the boxes on your own either.” There goes that stern look of his.

“I can handle it; I was only moving a few.”

Dawn shook his head. “No, give me the box, and let’s go inside.” Lace pouted a bit and let him take the box from her. “God knows how many you’ve tried to carry by now.”

I laughed and the three of us headed inside. Lace was definitely not happy with his comment, but even so, she knew Dawn was right.

It was time to kick back and relax— wait— no furniture. . .


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