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Its a story about and common man who is working in delhi and all about his journey to the another parrallel world through a cracked glass.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - GLASS SPIDER

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013





Nothing. More of It...

Metro train gone slide at high speed before he step out from escalator. There is no other way, just only waiting for another. Another appearance and he board into it. He is trying to take a seat when heard a creepy crack sound at the front window glass. He moves his head toward it and he start to stare that tiny round shot crack with spreading arms like lines. Spread is stopped now, and he amazed its moving toward right to left without harm rest of glass. And its time to stunned, the round crack disappear into the wall and leave the glass all clear not even a scar.
Suddenly he move back forcefully, because of the sound at his back glass... crack is moving left to right and again it sucked by steel wall of metro train and appear on next window glass. Heartbeats are going high and punching his ribs and force to feel him scared... Now he start to look around there is no other passenger on the train shadowed by extreme silence except the moving sound of train. Vhoook! the train stopped and doors are opened now without any announcements or his brain was rejecting to hear other sounds. He step out fast and it is his station but now one there on platform.

Its eight'o' clock of evening and he has sweat on face at this mid November.  He head to the way of his house at the last of this street...

to be continue...

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