Chapter 1: Rhodes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"will she remember me?" asked Rhodes with sheer desperation as the walls crumble beside him. "You know she won't." replied the man holding a gun to his head. Standing there as calm and as safe as can be. As though his skin and £2000 suit are immune to the dust and dubris that shatters around them. Rhodes drags himself closer to a silver metal suitcase using every ounce of strength he has, however little that remains.
"There's no point in dragging this out any longer. You lost. At least have the decency to not bring them down with you." the well dressed man kicks the case towards Rhodes as if he actually feels remorse for the agony he must be in. Rhodes, scraping his nails across the case, tensing every muscle he has left that still works as if he can force himself to think of way out of this mess. He can't think of anything.
More rooms start to crumble into dust, it's a miracle the building is even standing at all.
"Put yourself out of this misery already. Even I can't bare to see you like this." He grabs Rhodes' hand and presses his thumbprint against the case opening the lock. "Now then. I wonder which bullet has your name on it." He leans down to open the case. "It's beauty never ceases to amaze me. Such elegance and class. You know you should be honoured. Such craftsmanship should never be wasted on the likes of you."
The building makes a very loud, uneasy creaking sound. "But we're running out of time." As he loads the building shakes and tilts causing the case to slide down and smash into the wall. As it does the back of the case cracks open and a small torn piece of paper flies out from inside. Rhodes' eyes locks onto it as if it held the answers to all life's mysteries. It blows towards him but just as he pulls together the last of his strength to reach it, his last ray of hope gets snatched right before his eyes. "Well if this doesn't just add insult to injury." The well dressed man says with all the cockiness he can muster up. He un-crumples the small torn piece of paper and in an instant his cockiness rating was straight back down to zero. He pulls out a small radio device. "Evans!". No answer. "Evans, get your ass up here now I need confirmation on something!" No answer. "Godda..". Suddenly Evans' radio lands on the floor at his feet. Accompanied by the voice of a young girl. No older than 10. "Evans isn't available right now. Please leave a message and he'll get back to you as soon as they find a cure for headshot wounds."
The man turns to see a gun pointing right between his eyes. The very same gun he himself is holding. "I wonder which bullet has your name on it?" the girl says now owning all the cockiness.
The man smirks. "A born killer." She pulls the trigger just as the entire building jerks and rumbles. The bullet misses his head but flies straight through his chest. He falls and slides straight down through a hole in the wall the size of a car. The girl grabs onto the door frame. Rhodes grips onto loose cable wires. The building won't stop rumbling anymore, not until it's gone.
"Whoever you are. You should never have come here!" Rhodes shouts as he pulls himself along the floor which only a few seconds ago was considered a wall. "Don't worry!" She shouts. "I know we'll be okay!"
Rhodes laughs as he looks at crumbling walls around him. "I appreciate you saving me an all but you really need to start running back the way you came!" Rhodes shouts barely able to keep his head up. "Not without you!" she shouts back.
Just then Rhodes notices a small piece of paper stuck between a piece of broken floor board. Without any chance of it blowing away he grabs it tightly cutting his hand on the wood. He pulls it close to read. After a slight confused pause he looks at the strange girl that just saved his life, grabbing onto the door frame as if she's enjoying it.
"How did you get here?" "I thought you'd never ask!" she responds almost as if she's toying with him. She pulls out a small injection like needle with 4 needle heads on it. "I used the Gralve, it's our last one!". She passes it to Rhodes. "Are you crazy?! You're only what? 9? 10? This could've killed you! There's no way either of us will survive another hit!" Rhodes shouted. "It's a chance I was willing to take!" She replies. "Come on, let's go home!"
Rhodes dips his hand into his pocket and takes out another Gralve needle. It's all smashed and broken. He switches the fluid between the two. "What are you doing?" she asks worryingly. "You should never have come here!"
Rhodes jams the needle straight into his neck causing him to pass out. Just as he falls he utters to himself "Save her".
"No!" the girl cries out as jumps down to him. She grabs Rhodes and turns him to his back only to see that it is no longer him. But another man entirely. "No!" she screams. "Why did he bring you here!?" She starts punching the unconscious man in a fit of anger. "This wasn't supposed to happen! Why did he do this! Why?!!" she looks up as the building finally gives way as she cries "oh my god."
Rhodes suddenly awakens as if he'd been struck by lightning. The first thing he sees is a plane 10,000 feet in the air, getting smaller and smaller as he plummets to the ground. Trying to ignore the agony of the winds pressure pushing against all of his cuts and bruises as he falls into a cloud. Now even that is getting smaller and smaller. Rhodes strangely feels calm as the pavement is rapidly rising to meet him. He spreads out his arms and just allows himself to fall. He clenches his left hand, still holding the piece of paper, never to let the wind make him let go. He slowly closes his eyes and excepts his fate.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

© Copyright 2021 RickAlanBuddle. All rights reserved.


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