Love to Hate Me

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Alex from Lovell, Wyoming is a dreamer, with wild expectations and a skill for barrel racing and bow hunting.
She's gets a twist when her mom, brother and her move halfway across the country to West Virginia. Being away from her best friend Jesse is the hardest thing since her parents divorce. But when she meets daring, arrogant, and charming Ash Asirpal, will it have all been worth it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love to Hate Me

Submitted: December 06, 2010

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Submitted: December 06, 2010



Chapter 1
I ran swiftly though the forest, my feet barley making a sound. My heart betting a thousand miles an hour, my bow slung on my back with my pack. My heart stops when I hear a sound, swinging around to search the forest for the maker while sling my bow out at the same time, long, dark brown hair swishing into my eyes.
‘”He...hello?” I stutter.
“Good morning, Alex.” Jesse jumps out from behind a tree, scaring me half to death.
“Hell Jesse! Trying to kill me much?” I moved the hair out from my face.
He just smirks and walks past me, bumping me in the shoulder.”Ha-ha, if I wanted to kill you, I’d just say boo! You’d probably pass out and put that thing away! Gee, talk about trying to kill somebody.” He said referring to my bow.
“Shut up dork!” I fake bunch him in the shoulder after putting ‘that thing’ away. Jesse was tall at least to me, about 5’7, muscular with golden, long hair and green eyes.
“Ha, you big wimp!”I grinned my happiest grin.
“Let’s go, your mom wants you.”
“What does she want now?” my smile faded.
He sighted “Hard to say. You know how she can be.”
“Yeah, I know”
“Hey, want to go riding later?”
“Okay, I’ve been wanting to ride that new horse of yours” My grim returning.
“uhuh,you wish.”Sadly we had reached my house and Jesse had to leave “See ya tonight”
“Bye, Alex!” he yelled, while walking backwards.
I turned away and began walking to the back door, opening it and searched the fridge for a pop. I heard my mom walk into the kichen
“Hey, mom. Sup?” and then I chuckled at my mom’s look of confusion. “I mean what is up?”
“Well, honey, I wanted to run something by you and before you totally freak out, I’m telling you beforehand instead of just dumping it on you. No matter what you say it’s doesn’t change the facts.” She was sitting at the kitchen table. She patted the seat next to her.
“Well” I refused the chair. Yeah I wasn’t freaking out at all, hum no way.
“We might be moving.”
“What?!Mom, are you crazy! Why?”
“ I’ve been offered a job in West Virginia and you know we need the money if you want to keep all these horses. We’ll still be near the forest, and the places I’ve been looking at have actually in the forest were we can keep the horses!”
“But what about Jesse?”
“He can visit.”
Mom, it’s hafe way across the country!” I yelled in her direction.
She sighted aggregately” Well there’s nothing I can’t do about that”
“Grrr!” I screamed and stomped up to my room.As I was leaving I hesitated, I almost swear I saw tears in mom’s eyes, no it had to be the lights. Slamming my door, I dove for my bed face first, the tears falling as soon as my face hit the pillow.How could she do this to me!
I jerked awake by my phone playing “Whispers in the Dark” by Skillet.
“Hello” It was Jesse.
“Hey, Alex, are you okay?”
“Umm, I guess,. Why?” confused.
“You never showed up. Remember we were supposed to go riding” He said sounding hurt.
“I fell asleep. Sorry.I’ll be over in a minute” shutting the phone. I changed into my jeans and boots, and then quickly pulled my hair in a ponytail.As I silently made my way to my door and down the stairs I grabbed my bag with all my stuff like my phone and iPod in it.Sliding up against the wall like a ninja spy, I peaked down the hall towards the back door. Clear! I rushed down the hallway slinging the door open as quietly as possible.I saddled up my horse, Nikki and started to head toward Jesse’s.

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