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A boy and his friends

The forest was filled with the birds singing songs to one another, the leaves rustling in the wind and the footfalls of three late teenagers as they hastily walked down a dried, dirt path heading towards their town, the sun was just starting to set, causing the forest to get darker.

A large rounded male teen easily carried a dead boar which was wrapped in leather upon his shoulder. He had short brown hair which brushed along the nape of his neck, dark brown eyes and an lazy smile upon his lips. He had a gash on his arm, seen through the rip in his dirty leather jacket and was messily wrapped in a stained bandage. He wore brown baggy pants and strong and well-worn leather boots, a large iron hammer held tightly in his free hand which had small ball like carving engraved into handle.

Amongst the three was a small but energetic girl, her fiery red hair was cut short bar a long rat tail that was twisted into a lose braid, her eyes were green and held a cheeky light. She wore a brown leather and fur sleeveless jacket, a short sleeved cheap cloth shirt and baggy trousers tucked into her well-worn leather boots. On her back was a bow and a quiver, like the hammer, the handle of the bow had a small round pattern carved out of the wood.

The third teen was another male who was leading the group, on his hip was a short sword and on his arm was a battered wooden shield. He too had a brown leather jacket which was sleeveless, under which he had a dirty long sleeved white shirt that was tied with string, the sleeves were tied by belts just under his elbows leaving his forearms exposed. He donned black baggy trousers that were held up by a red belt and had leather leg guards tied to his thighs and leather knee length boots. He had thick, long aurburn hair braided around his face and reached the middle of his back in messy waves; his eyes were of an unusual steel-like grey and a young boyish face.

Edgar, the larger boy yawned loudly as he swung the hammer, “There’s more an' more boars causin' trouble now” he stated tiredly, as he looked around the forest.

“Tell me abou' it!” Anice complained as she stretched her arms, her face crumpled in displeasure, “an' we 'ave ta go 'unt 'em down 'coz we’re friends with the beast 'unters son” she roughly poking Hal in the shoulder.

 “Hey now” Hal said teasingly over his should, sent them a tired but cheeky grin, “I didn’ ask fer ya guys ta come”.

“Oh yeah?” Anice questioned with a roll of her eyes as she stopped walking, “who’s th' one who said it would be borin’ if he went alone?” sticking her tongue out as Edgar gently shoved her forward with his hammer to get her moving again.

Hal snorted as he carried on walking but backwards so to face facing his friends. The trees were starting to thin out now as they reached the edge of the forest so he didn’t fear walking into one, “I also said that I won’ get a headache if I did go alone didn’ I?” he tossed a wink at Edgar who merely grinned at him as Anice fumed.

“Why ya-!”

“He’s only teasing with you An” Edgar said gently to her as he once again lightly shoved her, which made her frown up at him. She turned back when Hal laughed as he started to rn back towards the town.

“Oh no ya don’t!” she called out, running after him, waving her arms about frantically making both boys laugh and Edgar soon started to run too. Their laughter echoing across the forest.


The door burst open as Hal and Anice both tried to get through it at the same time, and were now wedged into the small doorframe. Wyatt, a well-built man, whose brown hair was now greying from age and crowfeet around his old, wise brown eyes, looked up from sharpening a long sword and watched the two in amusement.

Edgar came up behind his two struggling friends and with a hard shove, pushed them through the door, startling them as they collided with the floor.

“Welcome back” Wyatt laughed much to Hal and Anice’s displeasure as Edgar dropped the boar into the table with a grin.

“Don’t laugh Pa” Hal complained as he rolled onto his front and jumped up and walking over to Wyatt and shoved him, which made him laugh more.

“I see you got it” Wyatt smiled at them, “It’s been eating the berries and even took a bloody sheep” he rubbed a hand over his face as he stood up “We can’t afford to lose food in these current times”.

“Th' heat wave is gettin' worse isn’t it?” Anice sighed, looking down at the floor on which she sat.

“…don’t ya worry! The Queen will 'elp us out” Hal exclaimed as he folded his arms and leaned against the wall.

Anice scoffed, rolling her eyes at Hal’s remark as Edgar smiled and nodded in agreement, “sure she will, she is fair an' treats us all well” he patted Anice on the head, “come on, I’ll walk ya home so ya Ma doesn’t throw a fit wonderin’ where ya are” he said as he helped her off the ground.

“Well, we shall see ya tomorrow then” she grunted as she dusted herself off and then headed for the door tiredly, Edgar following.

“Yeah! See ya tomorrow while I’m workin' an' you’re havin' fun” Hal called after them sarcastically as they started to laugh, Wyatt ruffling his hair, grinning.

“Now, now son, you still need to finish your trainin’” Wyatt chuckled as he sat back down and resumed sharpening the sword he had abandoned earlier.

Hal sighed dramatically as he fell onto a sturdy, wooden chair, “I know Pa” kicking a stone across the room in boredom.

Wyatt looked up from the sword to observe his son as he lounged on the chair, “Bernadette brought some stew earlier, needs heatin’ up though, if you want to eat.”

Beaming, Hal went to table and saw the cooking pot, grabbing the handle, he hung it from the metal bar above the fire, grabbing a bowl and a large ladle and he waited for it to boil.

"Hey Pa" Hal called out as Wyatt grabbed the Boars, "why isn't the forest dryin’ up like everythin’ else?" he asked, slurping the soup and chewing the meat.

Wyatt looked at his son, opening his mouth and pausing then he answered "the forest is...protected Hal. One of the great spirits is watching over it.”

"Ya mean the orb spirits?" Hal questioned as placed his spoon down and brought the bowl to his lips. Everyone knew about orb spirits, they enhanced or granted abilities to their users, however, it wasn’t known where they were from or why they were created.

"No, these spirits are more powerful than them except for the original orbs, which no power but one of their own can go against when their true owner weilds them. These spirits came before us humans, before life itself came to this land; some even say they created us".

Hal looked at his empty bowl, his face blank, nodding at the explanation. "If they had created us, then why isn't this spirit protectin’ us from the heat wave?" looking up at his father, eyes shone with irritation.

"That’s a question I can't answer".

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Kenisha Liyanage

Wow! A spirit protecting the forest? I so badly want to know more about the spirit. Reading on to find out more...

Fri, April 18th, 2014 3:06pm


There are going to be many spirits within the story :) and their reason for existing will hopefully become apparent within later chapters/novels

Mon, April 21st, 2014 12:24pm


Loving it so far honestly can't wait to read on. The friendship dynamic between hal, Anice and Edgar's really well done.

Fri, April 18th, 2014 4:58pm


Thank you :D I was having difficulty writing the friendship between them before I just let myself focus on their personalities and they just wrote themselves.

Mon, April 21st, 2014 12:16pm


To be completely honest, I do like it but it isn't the type of book I would keep reading. I like the details you placed in describing each of the characters. The spirits I believe you didn't add too much of mystery to them but it was still a bit interesting to find out more about these. I'm sorry I took a while to read on this.

Thu, May 8th, 2014 10:24pm

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