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 Times are changing

It was evening when they arrived back at their small village, the three teens saw the caravan they had passed earlier had settled upon the dried grounds on the outskirt, near to the forest, tents and a fired had been built and their horses tied to a post. This of course lead to more villagers being outside as it was rare for unknown individuals to come by the village, either passing or visiting. Hal craned his head, looking for the young male he had saw earlier, however he could not see him, sighing Hal kicked at the dust covered ground and waved goodbye to his friends and started to head to his home.

Calling out to his father as he entered the small stone building, Hal looked around confused as to why there was no reply; he quickly searched the house and could not find the older man. Frowning, he left the house to look for him, he couldn’t have gone out hunting or he would have told Hal earlier when they were training.

A roar of laughter rang through the crisp evening air, drawing Hal towards the caravan of strangers, food cooking over a roaring fire, the smell making Hal’s mouth water and drawing him closer. The closer he came, the clearer view he got of the strangers, the majority of them were male, and the ones laughing were young and boisterous while the elders talked quietly to each other.

“An’ what do we ‘ave here?” a voice grunted, grabbing Hal by the scruff of his neck and dragging him into the light, Hal’s legs kicked out, hitting his attacker in the stomach causing him to let go with a groan and Hal fell onto his backside. Looking up he saw a middle aged man, his skin tanned, thick brown hair was half tied back and braids fell upon his shoulders, light brown eyes filled with amusement looked back at Hal. The commotion caused the laughing to die down and drew attention to him making the teen gulp as he looked around, few looked curious and others just looked amused with what was happening.

“Hal?” his father’s amused voice rang out as he looked up from his place on a log where the elder males were sitting; motioning for to Hal to come over to him as everyone’s attention started to be diverted back to what they were doing before. Standing, he looked up at the man who had grabbed him, seeing if he would do anything, but the older male just gave him a shove towards his father with an amused grin and followed.

“So, this is your son” a deep voice said behind him, turning around, Hal saw the male who was leading the group earlier, his hair was white and curtained his head in waves, two, small braids pulled his hair from the side of his temples, stopping the hair from falling into the wise blue eyes. He was well built, his sleeveless shirt showed his muscled arms.

“Aye, that’s Hal” Wyatt said, his voice proud and boastful causing Hal to grin at him, “Hal, this is Ragnar, an old friend of mine and the man who caught you is Perri.”

Ragnar held his hand out, offering Hal a kind smile as Hal shook it “Aye! Your father and I go way back lad” he laughed, “I could tell you a few stories, that’s for sure!” Hal took Ragnar’s hand and his knees buckled as the elder man squeezed his in a friendly handshake, “ah! Sorry lad, I’m used to shaking with seasoned warriors, like me” Ragnar said chuckling as Hal held his hand in the other, giving it a shake to get the feeling back into his fingers, looking at the old man in disbelief “something as a simple hand shake can show you what someone is like.”

Wyatt placed his hand on Hals shoulder in support, grin still present on his face at his friends antics, “Hal will get to your level Rag, he may even surpass you!” he boasted, lightly punching Ragnar’s shoulder.

As the evening carried on, Hal was introduced to the small group, getting to know the ever cheerful Perri, but he was looking for the boy he had seen earlier during the day, wanting to know why such a young person was with the group. Wyatt had disappeared into one of the many tents with the older members, including Ragnar, leaving Hal to look around the camp.

There was a small tent further away from the fire, lit up and a shadow moving behind the thick material, wondering closer, Hal stood outside the entrance, debating whether to go inside or not, it wasn’t like the other tents, it was smaller, made for one person and there wasn’t boisterous voices coming from it.

“'ello?” Ha called out, deciding it was safer to call out to who was inside than rudely barging in on the person.

“Who’s there?” a voice called out, slightly high for a male, Hal just thought the male came from a different area of the Queendom than he, so his accent was different.

“Er, me name’s Hal, I’m from the village. Me Pa, Wyatt, knows Ragnar an' said I could look round” he answered awkwardly, shifting his weight from one leg to another.

The entrance of the tent was pulled back and Hal’s eyes connected with haunted green that he saw earlier during the day, the boy had changed from his dirty traveling clothes to a baggy brown robe and his hair was loose, falling in waves around his face.

“You are that boy from earlier” the lad said, tilting his head to the side as he analysed Hal, taking in the brunette’s appearance as they both studied each other.

“Me name’s Hal” he repeated with a grin, holding out his hand to the other, growing awkward and lowered it when the other male ignored it and sent Hal a dirty look before turning and walking back into his tent. “Well nice ta meet you too” Hal called out angrily, kicking the dirt before he turned and made his way back to the campfire. His father was leaving one of the tents and talking quietly but urgently to Ragnar, their heads bent closely together.

Wyatt saw Hal from the corner of his eye and turned to him, “ready to go Hal?” he asked as he grinned, punching Ragnar’s arm, watching Hal walk over to them and ruffled his hair before giving his son a push, ushering him out of the camp.

“Wha’ are they here for Pa?” he asked curiously as they made their way back to the house, the dust on the ground become unsettled as they walked.

Wyatt was quiet for a moment before he answered Hal, “they’re traveling son, meeting new people and seeing new things” his hand reached up to scratch his neck, his face filled with concern and Hal didn’t understand why his father would be concerned about his friends traveling, they seems to be strong people other than the snotty nose lad he thought to himself with a scowl.

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Kenisha Liyanage

So why didn't that guy introduced himself to Hal? After all I expected him to at least tell his name like Hal.He's kind of weird, strange and mysterious kind of character. I'm so curious to find out what will happen next. Reading on...

Fri, April 18th, 2014 3:22pm


The guy will become known in a later chapter :D he's not what he appears to be anyway

Mon, April 21st, 2014 12:22pm

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