Worlds Greatest Heroes

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This story takes place in gotham,metropolis,titans tower,and other significate locations from the dc universe. The main charcters include, but are not limited to Batman/Bruce Wayne Robin/Tim Drake Superman/Clark kent the new titans justice league and NightWing/ Richard Grayson
disclaimer: I don't own teen titans or dc universe I do however own this story so please enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Worlds Greatest Heroes

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



"Freeze bats" The joker said positioning himself so that the barrel of his gun was flush against Robins head. " Put the gun down joker!" Batman commanded in his deep growl of a voice. "hahaha, you wish!" joker yelled pushing Robin to the ground and the shooting at Batman. Batman flinched but Jokers gun just fired a prank flag with the word bang written across it. "haha! Gotcha' batsy" joker said busting into laughter. 'oh he's really gonna get it this time' Robin thought when he noticed Bruces expression,even though he was wearing a mask Tim could allways tell when Bruce was ticked off. The joker turned and ran off knocked down a stack of boxes as he made his way the exit of the Gotham Toys® Factory. Batman ran after him and used his grapple hook to get past the hundreds of marbles that joker had knocked out of their boxes. Robin jumped up and dashed after Batman and joker. The chase lasted over six minutes. Finally Joker made his way down all seven stories and out the door. "ooh goody goody",he said clapping his hands when he saw that Harley had brought the van around. "go,go,go!" he yelled jumping in the back."the Batman and Bird boy are after me again," he told her. Harley justed smiled and gunned the accelerator while The joker rumaged through a box of gadgits and gizmos. When he found what he was looking for he pulled the rocket launcher out and started blasting away at the now following Batmobile. "damn," said batman swerving to avoid hitting a missile. "Robin!hit that yellow button!" Batman yelled over the sounds of explosins sorounding them."Really" Robin asked excitedly hitting the button. Then the batmobile split in half and comprised into individual motor bikes."distract harley quinn, I got joker!" bruce/batman screamed to robin who had already started swerving through traffic getting closer and closer to the front of the van. Meanwhile batman was riding straight towards the source of the rockets that were being shot at him. Suddenly the missile fire ceased and no more sound was heard from the back of the van. Robin had gotten close enough now that he could see into the drivers side window but harvey wasn't the only person in the there, because sitting in the passenger seat was tess mercer, lex luthors unofficial side kick. "bye bye bird boy" cried out harley flipping a switch on the dash. Then there was a big flash slinging Robin off of his bike and into the air. 

Batman was closer now and saw a shadowy figure step out of the shade of the van. As he came to the end of the vehicle Batman recognized the bald man in the white suite as he threw a silver canister towards him. Miliseconds before it blew up he saw the all too familiar lexcorp® design. There was a flash of light and when he woke up Bruce was lying in a room made entirely of crystal, he looked around and saw that Robin was okay and asleep. "Hey bruce," Superman said. " We've got a bit of a problem buddy",he said.

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