Unmasked (A Cinderella Story)

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Mary Anabel is treated like a slave to her Mother and Sisters.
Then one day, They get invited to a masquerade ball to finally meet the prince.
When Mary accidentlly gets the prince to fall in love with her.
But the thing is, Price Charming Doesn't know any bit of information about her.
Sounds like an easy out?
Not if she accidentlly fell in love with him too.
(A Classic Cinderella Story)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unmasked (A Cinderella Story)

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011




"Mary Anabel!" My Mother Yelled."If you come here right now!"

I ran.

The last thing I needed was my Mother Punishing me anymore.

I pushed up the lock from my door and swung it open. I held up part of my skirt and ran to her, Read to clean up any mess Elisabeth Made. Because I know she does it on purpose so I could clean it up, But there was nothing I could do about it. I mean, She is one of my sisters she's my mothers Favorite.

"Yes" I choked out the word, "Mother?"

Her face looked angry, Then again it always does. Without moving her face, She looked down at me. Her forehead, Forming Wrinkles.

"Where have you been?" She asked.

"In my room" I told her, looking up at her, at her eyes that looked like they kill me any second.

"Really, because I have been calling you for the past five minutes, and you know I hate using my voice!" As she said that, Her voice began rising at every word until she ended yelling.

She put both her hands on her hips, Waiting for me to reply.

"I was asleep"

"Really, And why is that?" She asked, Her brow rising.

I opened my mouth to speak, But she continued.

"Because I instructed everyone to now begin waking up at Eight forty-five A-M!" She squinted her eyes at me.

"Eight Forty-Five!?" My eyes widen.

"Eight Forty-Five!" She said again.

"Now clean this mess up" She waved her hand around a little puddle of purple liquid.

I groaned.

I began walking to the kitchen, Down the hallway, And to the right.

My Name is Mary Anabel, I was blamed for something I didn't do and for Punishment I'm Treated me like a slave to my Mother and Sisters.

This Is the story that changed my Life.

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