Given The Chance, Would You Take It?

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Austin and CJ have been best friends since as long as they can remember, and this is their last year in school together. Connor is the new kid who quickly gets sucked into their social group, but with some complications.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Given The Chance, Would You Take It?

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012



"Give me a good reason not to break your face."

Three boys were fighting in the halls of the local high school. One of the boys was pushed up against a locker. The scruff of his shirt was in the fist of another boy who was clearly an upperclassman. This upperclassman was Austin Alvarez. He was a senior, and a well known one at that. The third boy, who was obviously beaten up a bit, stood beind Austin and watched with wide eyes.

"Well? I expect an answer." Austin said, shoving the kid into the lockers. The boy in his grasp was known as Jay, a sophmore with a really sour attitude that no one liked.

"I...I wasn't hurting the kid or anything.. Honest!!" Jay was practically shaking trying to get the words out.

Austin raised his eyebrow. "Ooh? Hey Collin, come here for a sec please." The third boy walked a little closer to them. His eye had now began to swell and turn a dull purple color, and the small cut on his lip has swelled too. He was constantly picked on because he was a freshman, and labeled as a 'nerd'. "Yes...what is it Austin..?" Collin said quietly as Austin's head turned to look at him.

"Was Jay the one who did that to your face?" Austin asked as he turned back to look at Jay with piercing cold eyes.

Collin sighed and looked at the ground. "Yes...."

"Well Jay, it seems you lied to me. Tsk tsk. I don't understand why you keep picking on Collin, anyway. He's a nice kid, and will probably go a lot further in life than your sorry ass." Austin looked down at his shoes with a smirk, tightening the grip on Jay's shirt. "If I hear you keep picking on him, you will regret every single thing you have ever done to him. I hope you understand I'm being very serious about this."

His grip losened and he lowered his arm. Just as he was about to turn away and Jay was about to turn back to his little group of friends, Austin turned quickly to give him a right hook to the jaw. In that moment, Jay was not only punched but his head slammed back into the lockers. He cried out loudly as Austin turned and walked away with Collin following right beind him.

This was the kind of person Austin Alvarez was. He looked out for everyone smaller than him. Even if he was a hero to the younger classmates, he didn't have many friends. The ones he had managed to make were CJ, Gloria, Riley, Luke and Connor, but very soon Austin and Connor would become closer than they ever thought.

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