Master's new mate

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When Auni Jelt's gets way too drunk at her friends house where she throws a party while her parents are out of town, she feels someone starring at her the whole night. And when she goes up stairs to lay down a guy walks in and tries to assult her but then the guy that has been watching her steps out and saves her. This guy is very strange and Auni will soon find out why...

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



Chapter 1

"Go up stairs now!" my friend, Elena, yelled at me over the blasting music, and all the talking that came from all the bodies dancing and socializing with one another.

Her Dad was gone for three days on a buisness trip so Elena threw a party, and well... she thinks i drank too much. I dont think she's wrong because i was woblly and felt the room spinning around me, plus i had the feeling someone had been watching meall night but i couldnt figure out who.

I laughed an intoxicated, pitchy laugh and Elena covered her nose with her hand and said, "I knew i shouldnt have let you drink so much!!" then she turned me and pushed me up the stairs and down the hallway, into her room.

It was quieter in here but i could still feel the vibrations of the blasting music. She turned the lights on and led me over to her bed. "Now go to sleep and i'll come check on you after everyone goes home, okay Auni?" Elena asked as she pushed me down on the bed and covered me with a blanket and kissed my head.

"Eh Laney pweez dunt leave meh." i begged smiling as she walked over to her night stand and flicked the small reading lamp on.

"Night Auni." she said as she flicked the light off and closed the door as she exited the room.

For the next ten minutes i just giggled at my self and looked around the dimmly lit room.

It was some what big, with pictures of her and her family on her redwood dresser and her desk. On her shelves that were connected to the walls were cheerleading trophies, mainly first place. Then there was a picture of me, her, and four of our closest friends; Drina, Serenity, Jenna, and Fawn.

I smiled and got up to look at myself in the body mirror she had in the corner of her room. I was wearing a short tight red skirt and a matching button up blouse with the first three buttons undone, so it exposed my clevage. I had carmel colored wavy-ish hair, grey eyes, and a wicked curvy body that i liked because i was semi-tall with long legs, a medium torso and a face of a model with C cup boobies.

I turned and walked towards the bed but fell and started to laugh.

"Ah are you all right?" my head snapped up and my eyes landed on a guy in front of the door. He was tall, with dirty blond hair and dark green eyes. He was kinda cute but i was confused on who he was and what he was doing in here.

"M sry bot you kent be in here." i was proud of my self because i had only screwed up a couple of my words.

"Well i saw you down stairs and so i decided that we should get to know each other." then he gave me a wanting smile as i got up.

"Wl me not felling ss well ss plees leave." i said walking towards him.

He responded with, "That's alright i'll make you feel all better again.

Then before i could even say 'What?' he pushed me on the bed and was on top of me.

"Mmmp!" i struggled to get him off of meas he pressed his mouth to mine,but he had my forearms in ahard grip.

He sat on top of me as he let go of my arms and started to unbutton the rest of my shirt.

"Eyy dont! Get offf!!!" i slurred as i tried wiggling out of his trap.

"Sorry Honey but i cant do that." he said as he strippedmy shirt off of me, and exposed my lacey blackbra. "I want you and right now i AM going to have you."

I started struggling harder but he had complete control over me. I started to scream but he covered it with his mouth.

Oh dear god, please dont let this man touch me any more. I begged in my head and right then a man's voice boomed in the room, "If i were you i'd let her go before i kick your ass and kill you myself."

The guy on top of me jumped and was standing next to the bed in no time. I also jumped off the bed andsprinted so that i wasbehind the very hott guy with cholcolate brown shaggy hair, Dark, deep blue eyes, who was wearing a black short sleeve shirt that showed his amazing muscled torso, and black jeans with a pair of matching boots.

"Who the hell are you?!" my assulter asked with outrage streaking his words.

"Well i'll be your murderer in about ten seconds if you don't leave." my rescuer said with a sneer in his voice.

I hid my face in the back of his shirt as tears strreaked down my cheeks. I was so damn grateful to him. If he hadnt showed up than nobody would have came to save me from this rapist.

"What ever she wasnt even that hott any way." the guy said as he brushed past me and my new favorite person, and slammed the door.

I didnt want to move because i was too scared to so i just tightened my hands around this guys t-shirt.

"Thank you.." i whispered into his shirt, and i felt him shiver.

I laughed and he said, "Are you alright?" he asked as he reached arounf and grabbed my arm and jerked me forward.

For a split second i thought he was going to turn on me but then his eyes averted and he stripped off his shirt, exposing a very broad, tanned, muscled chest that was oh so stunning, and handed it to me.

I accepted and slipped it on. it was baggy on me but i just tied a knot in it and smiled at him as i felt like i was falling and blacked out.... perfect timing...

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