Renesmee's Turn

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Finally it's Renesmee's turn to tell you her thoughts. It's time for highschool and she needs Jacob more than ever. Will it finally be time for them to take there relashion ship to the next step or will another guy move in on her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Renesmee's Turn

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



Chapter 1

I was so scared. And it felt as if butterflies were taking over the inside of my stomach.

"Why do I have to change in the dark Alice!" i yelled as i slipped the, what felt like, a shirt over my head.

"Do as i say Nesmee!" she sang back.

i groaned as i finished dressing and stepped out of the dark closet she stuck me in. it was about 6:30 or so and i was still very tired. i couldnt help but feel scared and tired at the same time. it was my first day of high school. i knew i was relly only about 13 but i started aging slower a few years back so i was 15 oor 16 on the outside.

i saw Alice's smiling face. "Beautiful!!"

"whatever" i said going to go look in the bathroom at myself but was stopped by Alice as she pushed me towards the door.

"Go downstairs and i'll go get you a pair of amazing shoes." she had that smile on her face that said she had something up her sleeve.

i walked down the stairs and went to sit on the couch, right as Rose, Emmet, Jasper, Mom, Dad, Papa, and Esme, who i called Mama, came through the door and stopped as they saw me.

"Hey mom, hey Dad." i said feeling my cheeks get warn 'cause  they all had there eyes on me.

" Damn little girl! Dressin' kinda trampy there don't ya think!" Emmet said laughin then auntie Rose elbowed him as Daddy glared at him.

"um... What are you wearing, hun?" Rose said looking me over.

i stood up and acually looked down then i stiffened. From what i saw i was wearing the worlds shortest black skirt and an off both shoulders white  shirt that said 'LOVE'.

Had i really been that outta it?Jacob is going to be totally pissed when he sees me like this!!!

" here." Alice said, appearing rright beside me handing me a pair of black toe peek booties.

Right then Jacob burst through the door with a big grin on his face as he held his arms open for me to give him a hug. i hurled myself into his perfect, strong arms. "hey there little one!!" he said then stopped as i pulled back. he looked me over and hen slowly turned his head towards Alice. "why the hell is Renesmee wearing soething like this?" the was very pissed.

Alice shrugged  then said. " i think she looks amazing" then she turned and dissapered and Jasper followed.

i leaned into closeto Jacob and whispered, "do i really lookthat bad?"

he lifted my chin and looked at me as if i were crazy, "it's not that u ook bad it's just that what your wearing is going to get u=you a lot of attention that's not going to be givin by me."

WHAT? i thought.

Jacob always confused me when he talked like that . Mom told me that he had imprinted with me when i was borrn so now he would always be with me. It's not that i don't totally love him as my bestest friend in  the whole world. it's just that he is way too overly protective when im around people other than my family and every now and then i would get these weird thoughts of doing perverted stuff with him.

"Well we better hurry and go before we're latee.say bye." he said openinng the door for me.

"so your really not going to go with us?" i asked as mom and daddy shook ther heads no.

" we think that your first high school expeirience should be just you and jacob." they said.

"BUt we'll be joing you guys next year!" Auntie Rose said smiling.

" okay then bye!" i said as i  shoved my shoes on and walked out to the car with Jacob.

Even though i was scared i knew  Jacob would be there for me. And at the thought of that put a smile on my face. he was all i needed to get through this.

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