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Visualize the Views






\"outdoors_beach_petoskeycredit.jpg\"The Beach

Turquoise waves and algae crash to the shore, unsettling the sand and making it fly in all directions.  Booming arcs of sea water thunder towards children, enveloping their tongues in bitter salt. The light from the endless sky casts crimson dancing shadows flowing along the infinite tide. The sun’s majestic rays shine upon the glossy ocean, blinding everything in a brilliant radiance. But as dawn passes by, the occasional screams and shouts of people decline into the mist. The gloomy waves cripple as they dance across the shore for their last time, slowly beginning to ease into a period of calmness. The faint odor of the sea disappears as fast as the tourists. The bright blue color of the sea fades into its inner murky depths. The sandy beach has lost its glowing yellow hue as an eerie silence spreads across the magical paradise. Ripples in the field of indigo cascade into stillness. As the dusk entered the coziness, the beach lulled itself to sleep. Snoring and drifting away, preparing for another tireless day greeting people.




C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CThe Forest

Slush! Slush! My dew- dropped feet inched through the sodden dirt, sinking deeper with every step. Trickles of water streamed down everything in sight, recognizing a stillness that the earth hasn’t known for years. Pockets of wildlife banded together, and huddled in the tips of willow to the rabbit holes of hares. Tiny water droplets dripped from the trees and disappeared into the trodden ground. Trees swayed in the distance, revealing the beauty of the majestic rainbow rising over the horizon. Streams of perspiration formed in rivulets down my pale face, as I stared in wonder at my glorious surroundings. The faded chirping of birds only adds to my thoughts, as a family of spotted deer emerged from beneath the protection of a shady tree branch. The sun began to give out its first rays of sunlight as it slowly and patiently vaporized the clouds concealing it. The fresh odor of the morning smell of morning dew emitted to my nose as I inhaled and exhaled, enjoying the fresh light smell rather than the smoky, polluted days of the city. My hands grow moister with every step I take, literally precipitating. I could feel my damp clothes glued onto my skin as if I were a nest for leeches. But, the protective canopy naturally formed by the trees loomed over me, cradling me from any harm. Emerging birds cawing and chirping fill the air with calmness and serenity. Miniscule insects march through the ground padding the disturbed bed of green with every light step of their tiny feet. Rivulets and ribbons of streams and rivers wave in and out behind the trees, cutting deep scars of memory into the ground. The occasional tree snake flirted between ferns, surveying the mist for life. This heaven is the place for me.

\"images.jpg\"The Mountains

The lush green of the mountain contrasting with the dirty brown topsoil is something to gaze at. The tip of the mountain was as white as vanilla ice cream, making the mountain seem alive. The fresh lustrous odor emitting from the midst lures you in a heartwarming trance. The feeling in your heart is at its peak as tall as the sky high mountain, the nose and stillness of natures one and only beauty. Let your feelings be replaced by the ocean of grass’s silky feel. Savor the one of a kind crisp air and let the breeze flow through your ear and out the other, carrying your thoughts with you. Trek up the ramp to the heaven’s, finding something exciting at every twist and turn. The different variety of exotic foods running down the interesting mountain makes your taste buds jump with delight. Close your eyes and imagine yourself away from the world and just standing on that beautiful mountain, imagining all the things you would gain by staying there, leaving all the city madness behind. Just imagine that. In the spring, hear the waterfalls trickling slowly down to the rivulets and rapids of the rivers. The birds welcome you into the majestic paradise with twittering and chirping in the distance. The gigantic trees are overlooking the creatures lurking in the bushes and towering over them all. Predatory animals prowl the terrain looking for a midnight snack. But as the night flies by, the mountain grows drowsier and that is exactly why we leave the mountain paradise.


I dive beneath the surface of the aqua-marine waters,

Scanning the seafloor for life,

The sea is a calm serene place,

Filled with many different beauties, each with special characteristics.


Assorted colors of coral lie in a meadow,

Like grass in a field,

All shapes and sizes,

They mesmerize you into a trance,

And ease you towards their beauty and uniqueness.


Glimmering groups of fish flick and waver in and out of sea grass,

While others lie cozy in their hiding spots for the night,

The sun shining down on the waters causes a turquoise glow,

On the various octopi in the region,

They stick to the floor with their billions of succulents,

And tour the beauty, as if wondering what to do next,


Clown fish show off their bright orange fins to attract mates,

While stealthy stingrays lie in wait to strike,

But above all, the kings of the sea, sharks, prowl their territory,

Gobbling up any stranger who dares pass their borders,

With a fin penetrating the waves,

Dolphins screech throughout the light,

But even deeper, under the darkness and bone-crushing pressure, rises,

Whales, large peaceful mammals, so big, yet so calm,

This is Mother Nature’s beauty, this is the ocean.

Taste the Treats






C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CThe Candy Cane


The elegantly green and red striped candy cane performed an illusion in front of my eyes, as I twirled it around, admiring it from every angle. The white in the midst of the colors sparkled as it caught the light, performing a laser light show on my hand. The sweet, slightly sharp mint fumes drifted to my nose, making me heave a heavenly sigh. I slowly unwrapped the cellophane to reveal the beauty inside the foil. The odor became even greater, as I suddenly had an urge to take a small lick of the hooked curve at the very top. My pink tongue slowly uncurled itself, revealing a series of dancing bumps, each almost crying to get the first taste. I lowered the stick of sweetness into my mouth, and it went crazy! My sweet tooth wiggled all around, trying to get that tastiness. Sugar enveloped my gums as my throat succumbed to the minty taste of the stick of joy. I let the dye ride the rapids of my watering mouth! And every one of these experiences unwillingly and eventually oozed and trickled down into my stomach, yearning for more.



C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CThe Pancake


The luscious, sweet, syrupy smell drifted to my eager nose as I saw everyone eating pancakes at the restaurant. I could see an elderly man sinking his teeth into the delicate, slightly leathery feel of the crust of the pancake. Another couple emptied a glass jug as the silky, oozing syrup flowed onto the field of golden – brown. My mouth gurgled and watered for a go at that sensational feeling. My eyes blurred, and before I knew it, I had a fork in one hand, a knife in the other, and I was preparing to attack with all my might. My mouth slowly opened, as a drop of my saliva vaporized the moment it grazed the steaming dough. I lowered my mouth, for a moment viewing nothing besides the pancake, and crunched into a crumb of the big picture. I swirled around the piece of bread, letting it ride the rapids of my taste buds, and letting the butter envelope my tongue as the syrup trickled down my throat. MMMMMMMMM! My fork went for another astonishing dive as it punctured the hot cake, ripping the beautiful core. Again and again I savored the bread with every lick of my tongue. My sweet tooth was going crazy. But I sadly laid down my fork as the final bit was vanquished like a fallen knight. On the bright side, I couldn’t wait till I ate it again.



My hands poised for strike,

I wet my lips, and lick my tongue,

With a mischievous glint in my eyes,

I crack my head jokingly,


The sweet pearly cream snuggling the crisp bread,

Laying upon a patterned towel,

Like a queen upon her throne,

Her special O in the middle of her body,

Fitting like a wedding ring,


I dive in for a bite,

Swooping in for the kill,

My teeth make contact with the sugar,

One bite to make me live a dream,

My brain whirling with perception on the taste.


I take a chunk out of the doughnut,

And let my senses go wild,

My taste buds literally dance in my mouth,

And refuse to stop. I nibble away at the remainder,

Trying to preserve the golden taste


But before long, the towel is empty,

With only a few miniscule crumbs,

Although, I know that I will come here again.


Hear the Cheer







I slowly hand over the ticket to the man at the counter, and quickly join my older cousin at the bench. She sparks a mischievous grin and takes me by the hand over to the ride of my life. My palms grow sweaty and start to turn pale as an attendant quickly fastens my crimson seatbelt and swiftly relays messages on her microphone. Apparently, that was the signal, and I was thrust forward into the blinding sunlight. The slowly rolling wheels crept up a steep ramp, and for a brief moment, I was on top of the world. Then the excitement started. With extreme acceleration, the whole rollercoaster corkscrewed into darkness.  With a sudden jerk, I was lifted forward, and experienced weightlessness. My stomach literally floated to my mouth, but I managed to restrain myself. We were gaining speed, and came to a loop. My hair drooped down, and I got a peek and what would happen if I fell off. Adrenaline coursed through my entire body, and suddenly, I wanted more. With my hands held in the air, I screamed out with excitement, and experienced a feeling I had never felt before. This was amazing. This was . . . . . . Mind– Blowing!! But, slowly, the vehicle lost speed, and halted to a stop. Let’s try it again!


C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CMy quavering feet trod on the lush and elegant carpet of the very Casino in which so many spend their lives gambling. With the first step I take, a cloud of smoky cigar fumes buffet my face. I raise my hand to my nose, protecting it from that black killer. Policeman patrol the corridors, making sure any underage juveniles do not cross the marked borders. From my vantage point, I view many young adults, and the elderly scream “BIG MONEY!! BIG MONEY!!” as they blow all their cash on the money eaters. Numbered wheels slowly roll to a stop, and the amounts of winnings are displayed on the flashing screen. With a slight shake of my head, I tightly grasp my mother’s hand and proceed out to the poker tables. Slightly less crowded, this is a place more to my liking and judging by her face, my mom’s as well. Various signs proclaiming “No Smoking Allowed” let me inhale reassuringly. Well dressed men and women swiftly deal out cards, eyeing all the now intimidated players, as if warning them not to cheat. The slight tinkle of dice hitting the velvet table receives mixed emotions as some contestants burst into tears, while others scream with joy. Waiters parade the narrow passageways as they take orders for beer and wine. I turn my thoughts to the door at the other end of the corridor and exit with a deep sigh of relief to escape from those brain-washed people. Now I know that I’ll never be visiting one of these places anytime soon.


Boom! Clash! Bang!

The hockey puck soared above my head,

One player from the opposing team streaked by at light speed,

Another player from my team did too, only faster,

A burst of adrenaline surged through me,

The battle was coming towards me,

A burst of speed made others scream as I raced ahead,

Letting my mind take care of my senses Left! Right! 360!

I got the puck and racing towards the goal . . . . Score!


Racing with my team,

To the whizzing puck bouncing off the rim,

Off the crystal-clear glass window,

Players knocking me down,

On the floor in agony,

The whistle blows Beep!


Passing the puck,

To each other,

Heading towards the goal,

Goalie saves it,

Hitting the puck to his team

Smell the Shops



Coffee Shop


As soon as I open the door, the strong smell of coffee envelopes my  face. The faint tinkle of the bell welcomes me in. The jolly, hearty voices of the small groups sitting at every marble table was like music to my ears. I walked along a roped area, and stood behind the snaking line of people who, like me, recognized this place as an escape from home. With such a wide assortment of options, I find myself thrust between very difficult choices. I decide to try one of the mochas, and the heavenly smell was the first thing that told me that this drink was going to taste amazing. I slowly took a cautious sip, and the sugar seduced my tongue into absolute delight. It was a dream, so magical, and it was real! I looked at the vast array of pastries and delicacies, and saw many cakes of all sizes and flavors. They all looked so good, but my thoughts eventually settled on a lusciously creamy glazed doughnut. I quickly gobbled it up, and licked all my fingers, not caring about my manners. This place was practically heaven. I knew I was going to come back here again. .. . . . Soon…….


C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CThe Dump

With the first step I take,

A cloud of fumes buffets my face,

I inch forward on the balls of my feet,

My hand creeps over my stained t – shirt,

And grazes my pale face,

As I attempt to shield my sensitive nose,

From the upcoming horrors


My eyes stinging from the odor,

I resume my trek,

To find trash within every centimeter of my peripheral range,

I trip over the rugged rock of destiny,

Only to find myself face forward buried in my grave of trash,

Cringing from the experience,

I rise from the dead,

And with a moaning stagger,

I literally fall over to my point of destination


My finger edges over to a glistening shard of glass,

I ignore the constant pricking of the jagged edges on my nimble fingers,

And the drops of shimmering blood drip to the ground,

I peer at myself in the reflective edge,

And realized the haggard mess I had become


My hair was tangled in clumps,

My shirt was splashed with a spray of green and yellow,

And the shoes I was wearing were slimy with mud,

. . . . . . . . . . And all of this so I could throw away a piece of trash.

Feel the Fear


The Storm

C:%5CUsers%5CSARITH%7E1.YED%5CAppData%5CDrip! Drip! The unnerving sounds of clouds precipitating were a sign of an approaching storm. The squawks and chirps of several nocturnal birds died down as they descended towards the floor of the earth from the heavens. The streaming, streaking flashes of lightning and booms of thunderheads sent down by the gods rattled the blue planet. The burnt smell of pines and evergreens wafted towards the sky, turning it from baby blue to a blustery black. Tiny droplets turned into devastating floods as they rampaged nearby towns and cities. Funnels of ghastly wind spiraled down as if by magic in the midst of destruction as these massive tornadoes destroyed everything in their path, steadily advancing. The moist and humid conditions created the hurricane, king of the super storms. Nothing escaped the vacuuming force of this storm. But in the eye of the hurricane, a spot of zero turbulence took place. The rays of beautiful sunlight shone through the still blue sky down to the peaceful ground. But every one of these storms wreaked havoc every second of the day all around the world. But the aftermaths of these tragedies appear calm, almost happy as colorful hues form an arch to nowhere. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been discovered like the serenity at the end of God’s anger


On the boat, I see two attendants coming towards me, trying to coax me onto the rope. My father was already there, waiting for me to walk over. My legs were frozen with nervousness, and my eyes were contorted with fear. I had already seen the previous group soar up 800ft into the air, and I wasn’t planning to do the same. My dad’s hand was trying to ease me over, but behind that mask of happiness, I knew he was feeling the same way. Finally, I inched forward, into the stranger’s unknown hands. They fastened a rope to my grapple, and as I looked up, all I could see was a canopy of red and green. I started to shut my eyes, but my hands could not cover up the creaking of the rope being unwound. For a slight moment, my feet slowly grazed the turquoise waters, and I felt myself suddenly jerking up into the air, as if god’s hand had grabbed me from above. I experienced what parachuting must feel like, except “falling” upwards instead of down. Soaring above the clouds, I now know how it feels to be looking over heaven. Without a second thought, I scream out into the never ending sky, and swiftly but gently, land back onto the earth.




The ground is eerily calm, as if just waiting patiently for something to happen. Under the crust, however, is a whole different story. Massive plates are still, until all of a sudden they rub against each other. Breaking the silence, the ground rumbles, tumbles, shivers and shakes. Trees fall over, and the ground opens up into an endless abyss. The wailing of sirens and the screaming of people only add to the chaos, while everyone is trying to pack up their fragile belongings. Tables overturning, glass windows shattering into a million pieces, it is unimaginable what power Mother Nature can release. Dust flies in the air as it blinds everyone in its radar. Destruction follows as the foundations of various buildings crack and the roof comes toppling down. But as all of the people run out into the starry night, they take their own lives with them. Slight rumbles follow the tragic incident, and only add to the lives lost. In the darkness of night, families stare at the ruins of a house that no longer exists. This is the power of an earthquake. This is the power of Mother Nature.



Parked on the ground,

Ready to take off,

Swirling top kicking up dust,

Loud, obnoxious roaring, rearing noises heard,

Pounding and as angry as a lion caught in a net,

Each tiny step I take,

Battling against the ferocious winds


Up high in the air,

Soaring like a free eagle released from captivity,

With no limits to my freedom,

On top of the world,

Mountains, waterfalls below my feet,


Our Captain steers the craft of beauty,

Towards our spot of destination,

He takes us over the sparkling waters of the ocean,

And lets us see the beautiful view.


Over the prize of our ride,

Red hot liquids spewing from the top of a mountain,

Trickling down searing hot rivers,

Cutting a deep scar in the ground.


This is my dream


Soaring above the clouds.

Submitted: May 11, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Rishab. All rights reserved.


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