The Rise of The Warrior Within

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It's Just a story of how I became me, and then some future beliefs what might happen. This will be story that will take time to finish,so if you'll be patient then you're awesome! Oh and I am a rookie writer so, sorry that I am not great.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Rise of The Warrior Within

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



The Rise of the Warrior Within

By: Rising Saiyan 21

Introduction:I remember the start of my life was really when I was about four years old. My parents had gotten me a purebred puppy. The puppy had a nice shiny black coat, brown toast like eyes and the best smile a puppy could have. One look in the those puppy eyes and you knew everything would be alright. Of course that happiness wouldn’t last, because there was one night a distinct bark came from outside and as I woke up to see what was going on, it happened. My puppy, my only true friend at the time was gone. My parents had informed me that my puppy was stolen. That was the day I woke up and realized there were people who prefered bad over good and there was a certain degree of bad that broke me.

Chapter 1 (Early Years): A few years later I was sent to Ortega Elementary school to begin my education. Ortega was your average good grades kind of school where everything is usually calm and friendly, except on my very first day of school. I had witnessed my first fight, but when I think about it, it was more of a beating than a fight. It was between two boys named Jacob, and Juan, and Juan was being your average pre-k kid all he was doing was just playing around. Then came Jacob to startle up some trouble he told Juan “Hey give me your toy right now!”

Juan responded “Okay, I’ll let you have a turn after me.”

Jacob replied “No I said now!”

Jacob became furious and what I saw next was horrific. Jacob grabbed Juan’s head and slammed his head on the chalkboard and got a pencil and stabbed right in his right eye. Juan was crying a mixture and tears and blood, and the blood soon began to cover his face, and later his entire body was engulfed in red. After that incident I didn’t see Juan or Jacob ever again, but I will always remember that day. The feeling I had while watching an innocent being being harmed for no wrongdoing it felt like anger, but also with confusion and sadness it was such a new feeling to me I didn’t know how to control it or how to deal with it. Once I arrived back home the feeling was steaming through my entire young little body and my parents could tell there was an issue going with me. My dad approached me and asked my “My son why are you mad? What troubles you?”

All I could tell him was “An innocent kid got hurt badly and there wasn’t anything I could do, nothing at all, all I could do was watch him suffer in pain.”

My dad could only respond “My son I think you are ready to learn what helped get me through life in Mexico.. Karate.”

Later that same week my dad had signed me up for karate classes at the local community center. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but as I approached the room I saw people all taller than me, but in different sizes between themselves. The group of people all were training in someway. A few of them with punching bags and were kicking them and others with blocks breaking them with chops. The group of people all wore white robe like clothing and they all seemed they were working hard, at first I was intimidated, but as soon as I met the sensei he was a kind man who told me he would teach me discipline and how to calm myself when needed. Once I began my training I fell in love with karate, it was a way for me to take my mind off of things and just remain calm, and the classes were difficult, but to me the more difficult it was the more I loved it. I remember something very important my sensei told me while training “You should never provoke a fight, because if you do, you will cause your own defeat by becoming your own enemy, you will become the one thing you don’t want to be: a bully.”

I took those words and still live by them, it’s a rule in my code for living life. I loved karate so much that even after classes I would come home with my dad and begin training once again. I would get with my punching bag and constantly practice my moves for hours and hours. My dad later asked “aren’t you getting tired from all that training?”

I looked and my dad and said “Dad I am just getting started, I am finally becoming calm in a long time, I feel like I can make all the pain I feel go away.”

My dad smiled at me and then replied “Alright son, just come in when you are ready.”

I was really happy I felt that things were finally going my way and it was going up hill from there, but of course I was wrong. The classes at the community center had gotten canceled, and then my real calm happy place was gone. I didn’t know what to do at that point. I felt like I lost again, I had felt like life was giving me it’s own beating, but I remembered that I should just continue training and take what I learn from my sensei into life. I just now needed to wait what the rest of my life was going to give to me to try and take me down.

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