Adventures Through Life

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this chapter is the girls life from age 1 to age 15

Chapter 1 (v.1) - years 1 to 15

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



I am fifteen years old and have never lived in the same country for more than five years. I was born in Iraq on July 28, 2000. I have a twin named Lubna and Abdullah my younger brother. In Iraq, my parents lived in a house with my grandparents from my mom’s side for a while and with my dad’s side for a while. I don’t remember much because we left Iraq when the war started. My twin and me were five years, and my little brother was three. Until now I have only seen my dad’s family in pictures. My mom was an only child, and my grandpa died when I was four, and I don’t remember him. But I heard cool stories about him. Most of his stories were about traveling and seeing different places. He came to the U.S. to go to college and stayed before going back to Iraq. He married a woman here, and they had six kids, but later there were problems between them, and he divorced and went back to Iraq. A few years later he married my grandmother, and they had my mom. He didn’t stay in Iraq. He was rich, so my grandfather traveled all around the U.S. He also visited France and the United Kingdom and other places. But sadly he died when I was four. After the war in 2005  started in Iraq, my parents decided to move to a different middle eastern country. My dad went to Dubai and Syria, but they were too expensive, so then he went to Egypt. He found it perfect. He rented us an apartment there and applied for a visa for us to go to Egypt. By the time we saw my father again it has been seven or eight months. I remember thinking the plane was going to take us to a different world and we might be lost on the way.  My five-year-old self-was very curious about things, and I guess until now I still am curious about things that no one would care about or think about. My family and I arrived to Egypt safely, and the airports looked so different one from the other. We picked up our suitcases and looked for my dad. We found him after looking for what seemed too my hours because of the crowd but it was only fifteen minutes. My sister and I were smart enough to skip kindergarten and we were in first grade in Iraq in 2004, but when we went to Egypt, we started  first grade again in 2006 instead of third grade. I was fine with the idea because I liked school but Lubna hated it. We earned good grades, and it was easy because we already knew those subjects. We moved apartments in the area, but we only changed schools twice in Egypt. In second grade, we started to learn two languages, British English, and French. My parents focused on us learning English more than French because they knew it would become more useful for us. They payde private tutors to help us with English. Both my parents didn’t finish college, but my mom knew English. First through third grades were super fun. My twin and I got to make friends and join karate classes. My parents made us feel like we have everything even though they were struggling with money and some days we wouldn't have enough money to buy us bread for breakfast, but our family friends helped until my dad found a job at an amusement park that had the sets of houses and props that they used to make movies. My dad used to take us there every weekend because he got discounts and it was an entertaining place for kids and adults. We also used to go to a different amusement park that was full of fun rides and had a dolphin show. But before Lubna and I attended fourth grade our parents told us that we would be coming to America, and they were not sure when because we would be coming as refugees but they knew it would be not that long so we would not be attending school that year and they would take us on a trip around Egypt before we left. I was happy that we would be travelling; I love travelling. In 2010 there was a big adventure for my family and me. We went to the Red Sea and to a desert where there was a drive in a zoo where you were able to pet the animals. I was able to hold a baby lion, monkey, parrot, pet a llama and see all different animals. We also visited the pyramids; They were so far apart we rode horses to go from one to the other. We also were able to go under the small pyramid and see the tomb of the king that was there. On those adventures, I was able to meet some famous people. And eventually I knew we had and said goodbye to the adventures and start a new one. We finally received a called to prepare for the plane. We arrived to Oregon on June 17, 2010. We lived in Tigard in a small apartment. Coming to a country with a new language wasn't hard for my siblings and me since we took English in Egypt. But it was confusing the difference between the British and US English. Fifth grade was interesting and hard I was bullied because I spoke different English and had an accent. But I liked my teachers. They were so nice and helped me with English. My parents still took us to different places around Oregon.  Sixth grade was amusing, during winter break we went on a trip to Las Vegas driving it was fun and adventures. On the way to Vegas my mom got sick, so when we arrived at the hotel my dad took her to a hospital, and they found out that she was pregnant. I didn’t want another sibling because I knew that I would have to help take care of it and that my twin would not help with the responsibility. I knew that because even though my younger brother was younger than us in three years I took responsibility in teaching him how to read, write and count. I also took care of both Lubna and Abdullah when our parents weren't home, and I didn’t want another one, but later I realized that it wasn’t my choice, and I will deal with my younger sibling. Winter break was busy, and school went by fast that year. In the summer of 2012 on July first my little sister was born. I hated that her birthday was in the same month as my twin and me because we had no birthday celebration of any kind. In August we moved to Beaverton, where we live now. Seventh grade was pleasant, new school, new friends, and a fresh adventure again. Middle school was entertaining, and we had the same friends until we went to high school. My close friends now were ones I didn’t talk to much in middle school. And the ones I used to hangout with I barely talked to now. My six people group of close friends, my sister and I have adventures planned for us in the future but for now, we will take it one step at a time starting with robotics club and its competitions and challenges.

On my adventures, I realized that family does not end in blood. I met people that I know more than my real family. Which I am thankful that God sent me kind people to replace the ones I never met. And have people to call family. I also was able to live a life that most people wouldn’t be able to live in the first fifteen years of their life.

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