Misguided Ghosts

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Well this is Misguided Ghosts but edited so it makes a little more sense (I hope!)

All Skye's life, she's kept a secret. A secret so potent that she even hid the truth from herself. She refuses to acknowledge it or even try to make sense of things that has happened. Spy by day, spy by night she doesn't pause for effect, so to speak, so what happens when one mission goes slightly wrong and she's forced to face facts or let them win. It's deadly but nothing a girl can't handle.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Misguided Ghosts

Submitted: September 13, 2011

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Submitted: September 13, 2011






Most people kid themselves into thinking that the world is perfect, that by bumbling through life you can overlook all the imperfections. But deep down, in some vacant corner of their mind, they know that's a lie. Yet they continue to convince themselves the everything’s ok, just as long as it never involves them, then they can overlook the truth. The world is more fragile than they could ever believe. It hangs on the fringe of corruption. But once in a while a person is born with the necessary spirit to overcome this lie. They see past all the inadequate Illusions of this world. One person really can make a difference, if only they believe. 

- The lost scrolls of Raven




~24th June 2004~

I peered through the crack in the door, listening intently to what was going on. I knew for definite that I shouldn’t eavesdropping but I was too curious not to. Why were my parents talking to a boy I’d never seen before? It made no sense- that was why I was investigating.

I saw my dad hand a legal sized envelope to the shadowed boy. Quite literally he was in the shadows. I couldn’t make out his features but, from what I could tell, he was a boy roughly my age and size.

“I trust you will look after her- whatever it takes” I heard my dad speak in a grave voice. What was going on?

“Please promise that I can trust you when the time is right” My mum pleaded in a hushed voice as she placed her hand on the boy’s hunched shoulder. I knew that they thought I was still in bed but they were wrong.

“I promise ma’am. Whatever it takes.” He started “But may I ask,” He continued as he put the envelope in his pocket. “Why can’t you protect her?” That’s what I was thinking!

“We can’t really tell you” My dad replied with regret in his voice.

“Fair enough” He replied with a shrug. No it wasn’t; I knew they were speaking about me. I turned back around to see the boy leave out of the side door of the study, and that’s when I saw it. In the dimly lit room, I could just make out two identical black butterfly’s. They floated onto my parents’ shoulders as my parents embraced tightly. Then all I saw was black.



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