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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012




The saloon is empty except for four men who are sitting at a round table in the back.One of the men was James.As Carter comes closer he can tell James was badly beaten and had bruises all over his face.Victor and two of his hired guns were seated around James.

"Well look who it is.Hey Carter we was just talking about ya.Why don't you join us for a spell,"Victor mocks.

He was a well dressed man with a good build and dark tan.His black hair was kept short and the mans face was clean shavin.He wore a custom pair of snake skin boots and a chrome six shooter revolver sat on the table in front of him.Victors two thugs sit silent starring at Carter as he walks up to the table.

"No, thanks.C'mon James we're going home,"Carter instructs the fourteen year old youth.

A large fat burley man stands and puts himself between Carter and his brother.

"Now Carter no need to be rude.Have a seat,"Victor insists.

Carter sits down and the obese man lowers himself back into his chair.He never takes his eyes off of Carter.

"Barkeep bring us another glass,"Victor orders the old man behind the bar.

The old man scurries over with a small shot glass and sets it on the table.

"You look good Carter.How ya doin these days?"Victor quizzes pouring Carter a drink.

"Fine,and you?"Carter responds ignoring the alcohol.

"Can't complain.How's Mary?"Victor pries.

"What do you want Victor?"Carter questions.

Victor chuckles and looks around the table then back at Carter.His goons still sitting there silent their attention fixed on Carter.

"You are direct that's what I always liked about you Carter.You don't bullshit,"Victor laughs."Well the fact is we was having us a nice fair game of cards when your brother here thought he could cheat me out of my money."

"He's lying I didn't cheat Carter.I won fair and square!"James tries telling his brother.

"Shut up!"Victors other tall well built henchmen yells punching James in the jaw.

Carter had seen enough.He leaps from his chair and lunges for the gigantic man when the fatter goon whacks him across the back with both hands clinched together.The mans powerful blow forces Carter to fall to the floor.Both men then commence to join in kicking and stomping Carter preventing the man from getting back to his feet.

"Carter!"James yells jumping from his chair.

He is greeted with a shot to the gut from the overweight man which puts him right back in his seat.Victor steps over to Carter and hovers above him .Crouching down he rolls Carter on his back and gazes down at the man menacingly.

"You should watch that temper of yours.It might get you in trouble one of these days,"Victor taunts.

The two thugs snicker as James sits helpless watching his brother being ridiculed.

"I've never liked you Carter.When Mary chose you over me I hated you even more and swore to make you pay for that.I loved that woman and she would have been mine but then you had to go and get between us,"Victor declares.

"She didn't want you.You were fooling yourself to thank she did,"Carter affirms.

"No I guess in that aspect I was.Still when your piece of shit brother came into town,I just couldn't help myself.I knew that would bring you to me.That's always been your weakness Carter.You care to much,"Victor reveals."Still with you out of the way who knows.Mary might just need some one to comfort her in these troubled times."

"You got me so let my brother go.He has nothing to do with this,"Carter pleads.

Victor smiles and pulls a straight razor out from his boot then stands up.

"I plan on it but first I want to give him something to remember me by,"Victor sneers.

His two goons pin James to the chair as Victor steps up behind him and grabs the teens chin.With the other hand he slices a small V under James left eye with the razor.The young man screams out in pain.Blood trickles from the wound down his face.

"You son of a bitch!"Carter shouts trying to stand to his feet to confront Victor.

Before he can the vile mans boot slams into Carters face knocking him out cold.

Water pounds over Carters head waking the man.He was miles outside of Wahachi under a tree with Victor and his henchman standing above him.Carters hands were tied behind his back and he was unable to move.It was hard to think because of the splitting headache he had and his body felt like one big bruise.

"Wakey,Wakey,"Victor smiles.

"Where's my brother?"Carter inquires.

"I told you I would let him go and I'm a man of my word.Your brothers alive,beat to shit but alive none the less,"Victor chuckles.

"Come here I want to tell you something,"Carter request.

Leaning down Carter spits in Victors face infuriating the man.He wipes the saliva from his nose and mouth then kicks Carter sharply in the ribs.

"String em up!"Victor orders his two thugs.

The men set Carter on top of his horse under the tree.A noose was hanging from one of the branches.Taking the rope the taller man puts it around Carters neck and tightens it.Carter then realizes what they had planned for him and begins to think of Mary.He wishes to god he could see her just one last time but knows it is a futile prayer.

"Well Carter I would love to hang around but I have things to do and people to screw.See ya in hell!"Victor satirizes.

Slapping the horse on the rump the animal sprints off leaving Carter hanging from the tree gagging for air.Victor watches the man dangle for a moment a look of satisfaction on his face.Finally he and his cronies mount their steeds and ride off leaving Carter in the blistering sun to die.

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