(Book 1) The Strange True Love (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



Chapter 1


*Turns on webcam*

Konnichiwa people! My name is Kuro Tenshi. Yeah I know I don't what my parents were thinking when they named that. Kuro means black and Tenshi means angel. That's like a \"I know my sons gonna be a dark person\" or something I don't know.

Anyways, I'm 17, a senior in high school, I'm 5'10\", pretty skinny, muscular? Not so much haha.I'm Japanese as you can tell by the name. So I have black hair that always cover one eye and Ialways have some sort of crazy color on the tip of my bangs, currently it's purple. My eyes are purple (yeah I don't know how that happened, everybody else in my family have nearly black eyes). I'm always wearing dark make-up based off the the Japanese visual kei Japanese rock look. And I'm always wearing black or purple nail polish. (I guess my parents were right about the dark thing).

I am gay.

Figured I should put that out there ha ha.

My parents disowned me when they found out but I am currently living with my current boyfriend though I don't think it's working out right now.

I work at a gay bar wearing some sort of sexy clothing like short shorts, short shirt and boots. (usually, sometimes I cover up a bit more). Even though I usually wear the same thing outside of work, I am proud of my sexuality I'm not afraid to show it so I wear clothes only girls would usually wear.

I am usually the uke part of the relationship (the bottom).

\"And you're a really good one too,\" shouts a guy in the background.

\"Oh shut up Ao!\" I yelled at him.

That's was Ao, my boyfriend, why his parents named him blue, I don't know.

Well that's all for now, so bye.

*Turns off webcam*

I get out of my chair.

\"Ao I told you not to interrupt me during my webcam videos,\" I yell at him.

\"Sorry I couldn't help it,\" he replied, \"it was one those it has to be said moments.\"

\"Ugh, fine,\" I whine.

He walks up to me and grabs my ass.

\"Anyways,\" he said kissing me, \"it's getting late, wanna have sex?\"

\"Sure, why not?\" I reply.

He drags me into our room and shuts the door, already taking my clothes off and pushes me on the bed.

He continuously kisses me taking both of our clothes off. Once the clothes are off he starts going down my body kissing me. The neck. Nipples. Stomach. Then starts sucking on my dick. I start to moan and I get hard.

He moves back up and kisses me on the lips and ties me to the bed.

\"What the hell?\" I ask between kisses.

He stops for a second, \"I heard your comment about this relationship maybe not working out, I'm gonna tie you up so you can't get away.\"

Woah, I never realized he was so possessive. Feels like he didn't tie the ropes very well so as he moves down my body again I mange to wriggle out of the rope and I punch him in the face. He falls to the floor.

I quickly get my clothes back on.

\"So that's it?\" Ao asked.

\"Yes, I think so, do you really think getting all possessive is gonna make me stay!?\" I yelled at him, \"Well here's some news for you, it's not gonna work, maybe I thought you were perfect in the beginning but as I got to know you better I figured out you weren't the right person for me!

\"So you're just gonna walk out on me? Where are you gonna stay then?\"

\"I don't know, I'll figure something out.\"

I put my shoes on and grab my keys while running out of the house. I run to my car and start driving away. Once I get about a mile away I pull over to let myself think.

Maybe I was a bit too harsh? What? No? I couldn't have been, he's the one that got all possessive when we were about to have sex. He deserved it.

But he's right, where am I gonna live? None of my relatives or other friends live nearby.

Maybe I'll ask my boss if I can live with him for a while, I'm about due for work so I should get going.

I get to work and I go to my room to put the clouds on they picked out for today.

Today is the neon blue outfit. It has really short, short shorts, a sleeveless shirt that shows my midriff and knee high, high heeled boots. The boots are black and everything is skin tight. I fix my makeup since it got messed up after what happened today and spike my hair.

I walk out of the room and my boss is standing there waiting for me.

\"Looking sexy as ever Kuro,\" he told me.

\"Yeah um I need to talk to you,\" I said.


Figured this was a good stopping point for this chapter. Do you guys like it so far? Sorry if you were disappointed when I stopped the sex lol, don't worry there'll be plenty more chances.


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