(Book 2) Akuma & Tenshi (BoyxBoy)

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With Kuro disappearing, Shiroi went into a deep depression. He rarely eats, he rarely moves. But now Satan has a special plan for him. What's the plan? Will Kuro ever come back?

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



Akuma and Tenshi (book 2)

Chapter 1

And here is book 2

I hope it turns out good. 

Gonna be different without Kuro though. 

--- Kara - Jumpin' ---


-3 months later-

Shiroi's POV

My house is finally fixed up after what went on earlier. 

Every last trace of Kuro's existence is gone. 

Except in my mind and my heart. 

I truly loved him and after he disappeared I went into a deep depression. 

Father didn't make me his slave in hell. 

That's the only good thing that came out of this. 

But sometimes I'd rather be down there than be up here thinking Kuro is just gonna walk in the room saying 'Ha! Fooled you!'

But that's not gonna happen. 

He was my second love. 

But I felt it was deeper with Kuro than with Kurochi. 

We were soul mates. 

I'm not complete without him. 

I felt like my soul was torn apart when he left. 

--- Versailles - Zombie ---

I didn't want to fix my house but Chigokoro insisted. He thought it would be better. It might help with moving on. 

But here I am, laying on the couch staring at the ceiling. My hands laying on my stomach. One leg out and one leg bent. Thinking what now?

I watched Kuro ever since he was born. So I cant remember what life was like before him. 

--- Rose Noire - Dawn ---

I continue to look at the ceiling when Chi jumps on top of my chest. 

'Shiroi? When is Kuro coming back?' he asks. 

\"Sorry Chi, I don't think he is.\"

'Oh, ok. I won't bother you then.' he jumps off of me and walks away with his tails and head down. 

I sigh. 

The doorbell rings and I yell, \"Come in!\"

The door opens and I see Kurochi walk up to me. 

\"You know there's no sense in being depressed right?\" he says. 

\"Oh shut up!\" I groaned. \"Why are you here?\"

\"I'm just wondering, want to get back together?\"

\"What? Why would I want to do that?\"

\"Well I figured since the bitch was gone you would want to be with me again.\"

I quickly sit up and stared at him with anger. \"Don't ever call Kuro a bitch again!\"

He put his hands up in surrender. \"Ok, ok, fine. But what are you gonna do? You can't just lay on the couch for the rest of your life. Which won't be very much longer if you don't eat something. You're getting skinnier by the day.\"

He's right, I haven't eaten much in the past 3 months, only about a small snack about twice a week. Or whenever I feel like moving. When they were fixing my house I literally just laid here the whole time. Thinking that some of our last moments were spent here. 

--- Kerli - Scar Tissue ---

I lay back down. \"Not like there's anything to live for anymore.\" I say quietly. 

\"Thats not true, you just gotta move on and maybe you'll find someone else.\" Ever since Kuro disappeared, Kurochi became a friend again. He was only the enemy before because father told him to be. But now he just doesn't care. 

\"How can I move on when Kuro is on my mind every second of everyday?\"

\"You just need to get out and do something. Get your mind off of him.\"

\"Sorry but I don't think that's possible.\"

He smirks. \"You never know till you try.\" he sang. 

\"Ugh, go away you're giving me a headache.

\"Ugh fine, be that way, see if I care.\" he turns and walks out the door and closes it. 

I sigh. Does he honestly think I even feel anything for him anymore? Those feelings disappeared when Kuro was born. I was so happy as I watched him grow up with his adoptive parents. I saw it all. His first steps, first word, birthdays, holidays, all of it. I know that sounds kind of stalkerish but I was actually a good friend of that family. I looked different whenever I was with them so Kuro wouldn't know.  I can make people see me look different than I really look but it's a lot of work so I only ever used it on Kuro as he was growing up. But when he got kicked out I just started watching from the shadows. 

--- Namie Amuro - Luvotomy ---

When we saw his mother in Japan I had to quickly change how I looked so she wouldn't recognize me. That wouldn't have been good. 

Kuro could have used these powers too, but he needed training to be able to. I didn't bother to try. Teaching someone something like that is difficult. 

--- Noir du'Soleil - C[to]D ---

I remember it took my father about a hundred years to teach me. I don't have that kind of patience. 

You know what? I'm gonna go out and do something. I can't just live the rest of my life on a couch. 

--- Cinema Bizarre - Toyz ---

I get up and put a shirt on then went to the kitchen to get an actual meal for the first time in 3 months. 

I slide my shirt up and inspect myself. Ugh I'm skin and bones. The muscles are still there since those are there permanently no matter what but there isn't any fat on my body whatsoever by now. My stomach growls. It's possible that if I don't eat soon the muscles will disappear probably. 

I sigh. 

--- Bespa Kumamero - Snipe_001 ---

My knees give out and I fall to the floor when I get there. Not eating takes all your energy doesn't it? I'm a bit lightheaded when I get up but other than that I think I'm good. 

I walk to the fridge and I first get put some fish for Chi and set it down in a dish on the floor. Chi quickly runs over and eats it. 

I look back in the fridge to see if there's anything I feel like eating. 

--- Abingdon Boys School - Jap ---

Just the usual. Milk, eggs, bread, and a bunch of other crap. I sigh. I'm hungry but I still don't feel like eating anything. Maybe I'll go stop by the gay bar that Chigokoro owns. It's 7 in the evening so it should be open. Maybe I can pick up some random guy and get laid. Ugh what happened to me? I never used to have these kind of thoughts. 

I close the fridge and walk out the door to my car. After I drive out of the driveway I plug my iPod in and \"Walking on Air\" by Kerli turns on. 

My heart ache as I remember the time when Kuro turned it up louder and rocked out to it. I remember that he loved this song. 

--- GPKISM - Corpus ---

I quickly change it to a random song. I need to get him out of my head. Maybe getting laid will help. 

I pull up at the bar and walk in after getting out of my car. 

\"Shiroi, haven't seen you in a while.\" Chigokoro says when he notices me. 

\"Oh, hi Chigokoro.\" I say quietly. 

\"How are you coping?\"

\"Not very well.\" I admitted. 

\"Shiroi you're skin and bones. This is the first time you left your house in 3 months. You need to move on. There is a time for mourning and a time to move on and have a life. Do you really think Kuro is gonna want to see you like this?\"

I stare at him. 

\"I know you're depressed. I know you miss him terribly. I miss him too Shiroi, he was my son.\"

\"I know.\" I sigh. 

\"The time for mourning is over Shiroi, it's time to move on. So what are you gonna do?\"

\"I-\" I stop. 

He stares at me. 

\"I think I'm just gonna go get laid by some random guy.\"

\"Shiroi,\" he sighs. \"That's not the right way to move on.\"

\"I think it's probably the only way to forget about him.\"

\"No it isn't Shiroi!\" he yells. 

He startled me. I just stare at him again. 

\"Maybe you can get a job or something? Not here of course but somewhere else. It might take your mind off him.\"

I nod. 

\"Good. Now you need to eat something. You haven't had a proper meal in 3 months.\"


\"Ok, I'll take you out somewhere. Come on.\"

\"But you got work.\"

\"They can live an hour without me.\"

I smile slightly. \"Alright.\"

We walk out of the bar. 


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