Drugs & Love (BoyxBoy)

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Pierce Harts is a 16-year-old in the year 2500. A time with no love, no religion, no relationships, just one-night stands, nobody cares what gender the person is that they are with for that night. Everybody's appearance is perfect, but everyone is ugly on the inside. Pierce's parents managed to find love with each other, will he manage to find love?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Drugs & Love (BoyxBoy)

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Drugs & Love (boyxboy)

Yep...another one...lol. 

This one does have drug use. I'm not promoting it or anything. I've never used drugs and never will. It ruins your life. This is also sci-fi. I figured I should try it out lol. I hope it turns out good. 


December 25, 2500...

I inject my daily drugs into my body and the blissful feeling overcomes my body. 

I love drugs. 

I'm addicted to them. 

I forget all my pain while I'm high. 

I'll take any type of drugs. 

As long as I love how it makes my body feel. 

Which is pretty much all of them. 

It's all I live for. 

What I look forward to everyday. 

Suppose I should introduce myself huh?

My name is Pierce Harts. 

I'm 16 years old. 

No family. 

They died about 5 years ago. 

I've just lived alone since then, finding any way I could to make money. 

Then I discovered drugs. 

I've managed to make a living off of selling them. 

But I always have a stash to use for myself. 

I discovered them about 2 years ago. 

Been using them everyday since then. 

I look back to the time when drugs would kill people if they used them like I did. 

But the world is a lot different. 

Every human is perfect. 

Every human is beautiful. 

Every human is perfect in physical appearance. 

The doctors always know how we are gonna look when we grow up. 

If there are any imperfections, they change up some DNA and physical appearance when we are born. 

And they keep changing our physical appearance till we are fully grown. So we are perfect. 

No human is fat anymore. 

They changed our bodies too. So it's at the perfect amount of fat and muscle. 

We still have steroids though. So you still have your overly buffed up guys. 

Me? I'm just average. What everybody else is. 

Everybody is beautiful on the outside. 

But, on the inside, we are ugly as fuck. 

As soon as you become a teenager your innocence is ripped away by someone.Some kids earlier than that. 

The average age to lose your virginity is age 13. 

There's no such thing as marriage anymore. 

No such thing as long term relationships. 

It doesn't seem like even God exist in anybody's heart or mind. 

Everybody is heartless. 

It's impossible to find someone who's nice. 

I don't care. 

This was the type of world I was born into. 

My parents were the rare stay together forever type people. 

They had me together. 

Raised me together. 

And died together. 

They tried to teach me that it's better to grow up that way. Did I listen? Nope. 

I'm bisexual. 

Course pretty much everybody is these days. 

But every once in a while you find the occasional gay and straight people. 

If we were about 400 years into the past we would have Christmas today. But with the disappearance of God, so did the disappearance of religious holidays. 

I'm bored. 

Drugs may take away my pain, but not my boredom. So, I decide to call up one of my fuck buddies. 


\"Hello?\" he says. 

\"Hey, I'm bored, wanna do it tonight?\"

\"Sure I'll be over in a sec.\"

\"K.\" click, the line goes dead. 

Hopefully he can take my boredom away. 


Well...anyways...do you guys like it?

Tell me by...


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