Chapter 1: The library of thought ch.9 (unfinished)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 9 the library of thought 

 As Karl and Nim walked closer to the library of thought the architecture began to change and alter, reworking itself into various patterns and fissures and fractures appearing and working into kalidoscopial imagery that seemed to have intelligent will of its own looking similar to ink dripping on paper or branches blowing in the wind, while crawling like insects.

It remained tall always though, like some altering monolith or some great gothic church, as they grew closer though all you could see were the doors , all else instantly turned black ,surrounded by forest like a tunnel that had been swept over them, the sky had became blotted out by darkness.

As Karl moved forward all he could see ahead of him now were the huge Black oaken doors. He looked up but he could see no top to the endless ink of the wooden apreture, only tree branches and blue fireflies weaving themselves between the tapestries of the nerve like dendrites made of wood looming above. Looking back from the doors Karl see’s a Monstrous Elk emerging from the tunnel of forest but instead of two soft antlers a toping his head there are dozens of sets and they are horned and spiked like that of a deer, like a crown of spiked antlers in various orders, and all directions. The Elk has a red dot in the middle of his forehead, like that of a Hindu woman, with blood dripping from his mouth, he continues chewing whatever he has eaten recently.

“Open the doors Shombra” Nim bellows, the elk languidly chewing glances a slow eye towards Karl, pupils huge, black, sockets sunken, it makes the shadows seem like they hang on specks of dust in the murky light.

 After a long uncomfortable moment of this the elk suddenly proffers two human like male arms hidden from beneath its fur, elongating his back and neck in the process. Then the now Elk-men Shombra proceeds to  bow’s his head to Nim still keeping perfect eye contact with Karl, all the while blood drips from his maw continuing to chew his recently killed meal and gives a courteous  gesture of invitation towards the black oaken doors to both in company with his newly acquired arms. The black oaken doors seem to swiftly crack open  and instantly there are sparks crackled into Karl’s hair and there is a sudden gust of hot dry wind that didn’t disturb the dust in the way that ordinary wind would but instead whipped it up momentarily into unpleasantly half-living shapes  before it settled again. In Karl’s ears things locked in the distant dimensions, out beyond the fragile lattice of time and space.  Shadows appeared where there was nothing to cause them. The air buzzed like a hive, the sky, if it could of been seen would of crawled with stars like spiders weaving webs of strange energy‘s in rhythmic patterns. Then Karl began to see it, they were like wolves in his mind’s eye, rushing towards his face but with layer up on layers of teeth inside their mouths. They flew towards him with purple and green psychedelic snaps, their fur was like that of a snow cat or a leopard glowing in various colors changing rapidly, then suddenly  bright red blood began to rain from the sky and stain their glowing beautiful fur and pool over their faces, and then they were all gone, and the vision ended.

 Falling back into Nim the owl, Karl attempted to scream while simultaneously gasping for air and trying to grasp for words, only managed to feign one in the form of a kind of gasp- screech “ wolves… ”

“Wolves?!”  Bellowed Nim with half frightened surprise, crouching down and looking around behind them both, with complete and total cowardice eyeing the night forest; the elk man Shombra continuing his loud chewing. “There are no wolves, man, what are you jabbering about?” Bellowed Nim

But Karl had already began running the other direction, he ran and, and ran until he couldn’t breathe anymore and then soon he realized he was running the way he had just ran from, as if he was in a kind of loop. Slowly he re approached the black oaken doors but Nim and the other, the elk man Shombra were no longer there. Just the black oaken doors remained staring at him patiently in the blue firefly light of the forest .Karl looked back to the way he had run from but there was only forest, he peered through the doors and saw only the exact same thing. He pondered a moment and then finally decided to walk through the black oaken doors, as a test at first.  This time there were no sights of wolves with multilayered rows of teeth, or flashing cracks, glowing fur or blood that rained from the sky staining colorful fur around the eyes of beasts.

 Maybe… Karl thought Nim the Owl and Shombra the elk-man had waited and had decided to move forward without him thinking he would simply catch up. He continued his pace forward; he began to ponder time again because of the loop in his running. He began to think of the time circle, bending back on itself, the world repeating itself endlessly, the water of time and possibilities of the and ebb and flow of it. The flow time like water that was occasionally displaced by bits of debris a passing breeze perhaps now and then some cosmic disturbance that would cause a rivulet of time.

As Karl was thinking these things and he walked through the forest he slowly noticed dark shapes on either side of the path. Just strange shapes and shadows at first, then emerging, following him slowly were elk, dozens of them. He, he tried to pay it no heed and continued to walk for about another fifteen minutes, but they continued to follow him doubling in number ,by what seemed like the minute.

Still he continued his journey until he saw something stranger still forming out of the wilderness. It was like a man but with a goats head and legs, and a human mans pot bellied torso, they were jumping, or rather gliding in flight from tree to tree, all following him as the elk continued to multiply.

Karl looked back and around the surrounding area and realized he could see shapes, black moving shapes forming everywhere, there must have been hundreds of them now .

He could see their jaunting movements and activities in the dim light of the blue firefly’s glow. He began to move more slowly watching the outline of the forest, elk were rummaging and pooling everywhere, he could see their silhouettes perfectly fracturing the light as they passed through it. Shadows began to fly over him, one then two then and uncountable amount as he walked on the path. Strange shadows of large birds of prey shaped like men, he could see them in the trees; the goat heads, the strange torsos, the eyes around him. Karl tried to turn away from the Elk and goat headed men gathering in the forest, only to see something stranger emerge from the forest ahead of him on the path.  A man in complete form, solid, ink in color a crown of elk horns a toping his head, he walks directly into the very middle of the forest path and then just stands staring back at Karl, waiting.  Karl can hear the satyr like goat men in the trees around him, above him in the branches, he can see the shuffling of elk everywhere, gathering, massing, there number in the thousands, breathing heavily in the darkness, there hoofs make a ensemble like clatter that is so loud it begins to perforate Karl’s mind to its core, they very crux of his thought patters distorted and then a whistle a, hiss and a whisper, there is Nim, in full manifestation. “Karl we must leave this place” Begins Nim

 Karl looks to Nim now, sweating “what is it?” Karl asks

He can smell the Elk, he can smell and hear the murmur of the goat headed men in the trees, he can feel there whispers, most of all he can feel the eyes of the black man with the crown of Elkin horns eyes set upon him watching carefully , assiduously, meticulously

“It’s a place in your mind you shouldn’t see yet… that is all”. 

“What did you say?” asks Karl again

“This way “Nim replies

The trees curve and bend like rubber as a staircase leading downward appears in front of their eyes with silent and gentle grace, the great owl Nim goads Karl forward with a massive wing, the steps appear going downwards in to a strange curved path in to the forest floor, lighting up a dimed electric blue color in the darkness, the elk-man Shombra is close behind them and Karl cannot see the end of the path to the steps, but he walks forward down the steps in spite of that beneficial enhancement of knowledge . As Karl walks with the others down the mysterious steps they pass a cavernous entry way inside the cavern tunnel everything glows brightly red and there shadows leave behind strange images that look like demons on the walls dancing in fire light. Nim’s feathers look blacker here, more threatening and vivid.  As the three reach the end of the steps and corridor there are once again on the path they just left. The Cavern opening closes behind them with a loud air vacuuming sound that ends in a loud bang followed by a dotted streaming zipper of blue light that looks like blue falling fireworks but up close, dripping bright blue smoldering sparks to the soil below, leaving nothing behind but the sounds of sizzling pops and the smell of the forest. The black oaken doors are once again in there near distance but there are no Elk, excluding the elk man Shombra there are no satyr like goat headed men and no one the color of ink watching in the distance with the crown of elk horns, only black oaken doors still open, waiting.

 “What was that?” Karl inquires again now more anxiously

“I told you what it was” replies Nim

“Yes but I was there, that was no place in my mind, I was physically there” Karl snaps

“It was both a real place and a place within your mind, taken physical manifestation; do you want to find the true answers to your problem? Or do you want to question every little facet, every area and branch of every tree in this forest?” retorts Nim

“I thought I was already past the threshold of those doors ahead “Karl continues while pointing towards the black oaken entry, “none of this makes any sense at all, where did you two go?”

Nim looks to Karl “you lost us, along with yourself, you must stay close, or we will never sort this out, it seems you can pass barriers you should not be able to all on your own, it’s not normal for a mortal, even a dead one” Nim continues walking towards the doors,” but luckily you could not truly pass the threshold into the Library of thought without us.”  

Shombra the elk-man nods silently still chewing, blood dripping from mouth and maw.

There is a strange chime sound and Karl’s eyes crack back to the gaping open doors

Karl stops walking, looking up at the endless doorway, watching the blue fireflies again, smelling the forest, he can hear something strange in the distance.

“Let us keep walking” Nim begins in again “no need to stop now", eyes flashing orange against the dim light of the fireflies they pass the entry way, past the black oak and into the darkness of the doorway.


As they enter there is nothing but complete darkness, silence and the breath of Nim the great eight foot tall owl beside Karl, his eyes glow fluorescent orange in the darkness leaving tracers behind them as he stiffly hobbles in the darkness, the sound of the chewing of the elk-man Shombra continuing alongside him. As they continue Karl can hear strange sounds in the distance like people tuning orchestral instruments and then organic looking holes began to emerge in the ceiling of the black layers of blanketed darkness, small at first as they pass , then as they go farther down the peculiar passageway  there are more above of these strange holes and aperture in that crack through the darkness  opening wider and wider. Karl can continue to hear strange sounds in the distance like people tuning instruments gradually growing louder.  Karl takes a moment to look up through one of the holes and see’s clouds moving, at strange intervals as if there being watched through a video lens on fast forward, stopped, slowed down and then sped back up again, every entry to a vision outside is doing this at different intervals, none of it keeps pattern, its rhythm lost to some other place in some other layer of worlds Karl can never know. He listens to the tiny rips of sound they make as the organic like openings above rip open like flesh being torn or dry leaves being shredded. One, two, three they rip, slit and rupture  open in cross patterns above, they begin to form strange configurations and designs. The openings and apertures present themselves in the darkness with a leaf like quality of shaded black on black along with the sound; the rip is followed with a shimmer and shadow. This goes on for a long time the orchestra tuning continues,

“What is this place Nim?” Karl inquires

“Just keep walking Karl.” Nim says flatly, his eyes widen when he speaks and leave behind them glowing orange, red tracers in the blackness along with what looks like bits of glowing ash from a camp fire, the  burning ash flickers, glimmers and burn out soon after but the tracers remain hanging in the blackness. Karl looks back to the elk-man Shombra ever chewing, looking blankly ahead with his crown of antlers striking up towards the heavens above. Things begin to glow faintly in the darkness of greens, blues and reds, the colors pastel then become deep, vibrant, and warm. The strange unseen orchestra continues it’s far off tuning.

Submitted: November 25, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Robert Doskey. All rights reserved.


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