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A disaster has destroyed a great city and only two people (a brother and a sister) of thousands survived. What will happen now to these two young brother and sister if they don't know what to do, when the disaster has caused them a severe trauma?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 10,000!

Submitted: February 23, 2013

Reads: 143

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



A cloudless night,the stars did not shine, the moon made the city of Carire look like a paradise. At their house, Fum and Akura Spirit both were finishing their homework. As always, the city was full of life and joy, as well as crime and mystery. Riku and Fya, father and mother of Fum and Akura, where at their jobs working extra time. -The recent earthquake that hit Carire didn't cause any casualties nor injured civilians. A group of scientists called ¨Earth Massive¨ spoke and calmed the citizens. There was really nothing to worry about.-said the journalist. - Do you believe them Fum?-said Akura. His sister was younger than him and very innocent, despite the fact that she is 17 years old and her brother 19 years old and enrolled in a good university. Fum's innocence comes from her father and brother's attempts to keep Fum away from everything that they considered not pure or something that would make her imagine, considered a danger since Fum´s imagination is very powerful. It was expected that she would find out sooner or later about the things her family hides. - I think, maybe. Have to say I never trusted the news and that man is not being serious. I can tell by his eyes.-she said. ¨So innocent yet so smart. Dreamer of the Night's missing stars¨¨. After finishing her homework, Fum goes to bed. Akura spends the next half an hour watching TV. *Earthquake begins*. - Akura! I am scared! What should we do?! - asked Fum.- Hide under the table! Fum!! *Complete silence after the shaking.* - I found you guys. I will bring you with me and my friends. Now lets go and leave the forgotten Carire.- said a woman dressed in blue. Akura and Fum were taken away and their injuries weretreated very well. Without family and friends alive, Akura and Fum pass most of their time talking. But deep inside, one of them is about to collapse, and the other will lose reason. The woman who talked to them was the leader of ¨Blue Beams¨¨, a group of more than 500 members. - We got the two siblings. Preparing transfer to Blue Beams HQ. Leader Yuasa Arisaga reporting. Copy.- said the woman. - You should know what will happen if you don't show them to the rest Yuasa. Having new members has to be reported also to the Asmetri.- said a man dressed in green. Asmetri is a type of alliance that will be mentioned many times. Meanwhile, Fum was awakened by a thunder and cried, because she fears them the most.. Akura was awakened by Yuasa. - Hey guys. Since you are the only two survivors I must say you are lucky. Now you will be part of something big. ¨The Super Earth¨ hit your city after being asleep for 500 years. We, Blue Beams, will be your new family. After you recover, I will explain more and later I will introduce you to the Blue Beams's members. Rest ok.-said Yuasa, kissing Fum in the forehead and holding Akura´s hand.

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