AK: Life

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Before going directly with the main protagonist for the original story, we go to a certain time where the real protagonist is. Narrating the story of a woman who lives and lived to give way to the heroine of the original work.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - AK: Life

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



She was wondering around the mall all alone for the fifth time. Naturally a rebel but also a conscious person. Kudrayvka Merini is a little different when compared to other teenagers her age. ¨Kud¨ is bit relax and energetic. Very stubborn too. She compensates her failures when she knows its time to be serious. A true genius who didn't know her learning capacities were so great.  Kud is a serbian top scorer in her school until the day she transfers to Japan. She is influenced by many people's attempts to make the most human-like robots. Also, a group of historians had gathered for a purpose they share in common: to succesfully create a time machine. Historians got desperate after years of waiting to find the answers to their long asked questions. While this was happening, Kud was getting to know her new neighborhood. - Hey Kud, try not to get lost ok?! And don't run away!- said Kud's father Osmond, while carrying some furniture with Kud's mother Ninomiya Nanami. Kud is a beautiful girl with a long brown hair that reached her legs. Her eyes were golden and her lips so elegant. She is used to quote her own written stories. ¨No one pays attention, no one in this nation.¨¨Many people around her call her a deep writer. Many called her dreamer. That she should be more realistic is not omitted. But Kudrayvka is hipnotized with her own imagination. She values every bit of anything she imagines. Kud considers imagination a gift you can only have for free when you are an unharmed kid.¨With it, and a good use, everything is possible. You can be anything with it. Just use it wisely or you'll never have it again.- Kud.

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