Saturn Complex

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At the beginning of the story, young Tom Ageroux is just a simple yet different high school student who just wants an opportunity to be better as a student. After a time, in his 3rd year in a new school, Tom begins to see the great division among his own classmates. As the story continues, more secrets and things regarding the division between them will be coming to light.

Tom owns a battle spear, which he inherited from his late grandfather. He receives it in order to participate in a old tournament where 77 great competitors will fight each other for legendary prize.

Now Tom must deal with school problems as well as the tournament.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The World we Live In

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



It was my third year in Yume High School and as I proposed to myself, I made friends and good connections with many other people. A new school is always interesting yet a little scary thought, at least in my case. But I decided to come to Yume High for a better education and make better connections. In the excitement of becoming a junior, I talked with my connections about the challenging life that awaited me. It is true that the last two years are the most difficult and that I had it hard, but my reward would come in the day I graduated and said good-bye to my high school life.

I met with Ralph and the others at some random place of the school grounds and talked about our new challenges and also about what we did during summer vacation. After that, I realized that I was in the same section as many of my best connections and also my best friend Ralph, who was in the same section as me in 9th grade. With great expectations the year began and Kuniki, the girl I met for the first time last school year with which I had the most interesting romance, but failed when I wanted to confess to her, was in section A, while I remained in section B.

Somehow I felt that my New Year’s predictions were going to happen and that it was going to be hard. But with some things that I predicted were good, it wasn’t such a bad thing. My mistake to believe everything was going to be alright took shape in December of 2012, when during a Christmas Party for us juniors, things went out of control and many were affected by what happened. I remained at home, so I ignore what happened that night. But, certainly, something changed that night, something that would change everyone. I’m not sure if forever, but it seems like it.

I only hope this madness stops and we all unite, but my preferred setting was turning everyone against each other, with groups forming and talking mean about the other. One day, I saw the division in front of me. It left me without words to describe it. Words of anger, but also of curiosity.

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