Saturn Complex

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Ageroux Family

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



I was 12 years old when my grandfather Liam gave me his spear, which I used as a horse. He didn’t like it, but I ignored its real purpose. My father taught me about my family’s past and emphasized the day he met my mother. According to what he said, that same day a new tournament began. The two families, mom’s and dad’s met that day but as rivals. They fought a very long battle, ending in both losing one arm. Today, because of how it ended back then, the two families decided to solve their differences by uniting. Perhaps a surprising outcome, but because of it I was born, as well as my little sister Yuki Ageroux.

I had the spear with me. Dad entrusted it to me because I always keep things in place and never move them. I am good at keeping something from damage. Once or twice a week, Dad trained me in physical combat, as well as using the spear. Throughout the years things got more interesting and I grew eager to use the spear in real combat. One day, Dad came and spoke about the tournament I mentioned before.

¨Tom, this tournament decides on who will be your life rival. In some cases these rivals ended up together and formed families. In order to continue dominating the tournament with the highest quality of competitors, you must find your life rival there. Make sure that person fights you with all her might. Yuki will be there as well, but since we strongly encourage our male descendants to go, she would be with you as a Support. These kind of people are competitors, but they cannot win the tournament. They are strictly forbidden to do so. Only the Mains should.¨ said Dad.

¨I see then how things are. And there are no risks. Death here means death for the killer. Because families want strong descendants, they won’t allow the best of them go away.¨ I said.

¨What about the spear? Any problem with it?¨ asked Dad.

None-¨ I answered.

¨Then you can leave.¨ he said.

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