The Path of Time and Memories

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Time has passed. Memories are still floating in the air. A permanent image will remain in young Robert Makise, a highschool junior who six years before now, fell in love for the first time. After making the worst decisión of his life (he thinks it is), Robert is determined to either build a time machine himself or find someone who might be already doing it. His hopes for going back in time and fixing what he did will determine the world´s future, as he also decides to fix any other mistakes he remembers along the way.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Path of Time and Memories

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



I have a hard time trying to remember why I was such a dumn kid that day. Why that was such an important decision? Why did I had to let it go? I was so confident that she´ll be outside the church so we could talk. Cloud was looking at me. Her green eyes, brown-like hair (don´t know the color but this is close), her lips, unforgettable. In the end, I could only recall that specific moment where time stopped and I could feel only her eyes looking at me. Cloud was there. She noticed me first and the whole time we where there we never looked away. Whenever I looked, she was already there, looking.In April this year, it´ll be six years since that day. For some time I´ve been searching the place where I knew she lived in, unluckym I haven´t given up yet. *school bell rings and students head to the next period. Enter Robert Makise (protaginist) with best friend Lukai Gismo* -Hey man I had a dream yesterday. It was about a girl.- I began the conversation, but Lukai seemed frustrated enough to listen. -Oh sorry I didn´t listen. This dream, has it been bothering you lately?- he indeed didn´t listen to the first part. -I dreamed man. I feel sad and pissed because of it. There is something about it that had troubled me since I last saw her.- I said, but Lukai again seemed lost in his thoughs. We entered our next class, which was Chemistry. There, I had a lot of time to think. Time for that one girl who could catch my heart and make me dream. Forget about life, every problem I had. I indeed love her. Cloud my dearest dream. I shall look for you without rest, or is tme so evil it won´t let me kiss you and not let you fly? My humming bird flew and I had to walk.

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