The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Edge of the Cloud Part 2

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013



Time came fast. We found out we were late and ran to the airport. Cloud blamed the delicious food she was eating. We knew that Syan’s flight would have to wait after the other airplanes left, or at least just one. It remained motionless. There was no other way out, but I wasn’t that surprised. We waited for Syan at the airport’s parking lot, near some taxi cabs looking for costumers. Syan appeared at last and Cloud used her magical powers to get into a cab driver’s mind and made him take Syan somewhere else. We followed, while Cloud made the driver enter a street that was very lonely. I expected some delinquents to appear, but amazingly none showed up. The cab driver awoke and Cloud couldn’t control him anymore. He turned and yelled at us and shouted for help. He even attacked us. I got behind him and knock him out cold. With no more distractions, we began the interrogation.


¨I assume you know me Vokoi-san. My voice is familiar to you now that it refreshes your memories. The path of time and memories has thought me many things. But this is what I want to know. Why and how did you know what you know? ¨ -I began. Syan seemed to know quite well what was happening.

¨Anyone else than myself would know the answer to that. Why would I know that Cloud was Miho in disguise, that I would travel to the past to find her. That in the middle of getting to know her, an organization would come and ruin everything. That I met a weird man and found out Cloud was a mage. And finally, the moment I realized Cloud was my very own daughter. Yes, I know how you feel. You swear your love to her no matter what. That is your answer, or at least half of it.¨-Syan said.

He said it. What I needed to know. I understood every word, his feelings, his frustration, the sad melody playing in his life. Syan and I were the same flesh and bones. It was impossible not to understand. For Cloud, it was like she was the main character in our lives. The reason to exist we had. She was indeed. My love, my inspiration.

¨Is that it? He answered pretty fast.¨ asked Cloud.

¨It is. It ended fast as lightning. I can deduce the rest myself, after all, we are the same person.¨

We headed back and slept just after throwing ourselves to the bed. Cloud kissed me and I did kiss her too. The night was cold and we slept like babies. But, what will happen now?

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