The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - End and Beginning

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



We headed to one of the many parks of the city and left Syan unconscious on a bench. Cloud showed a sad expression. I wanted to go back and take nap. Cloud sat emotionless and remained like that for a while longer. Syan told us as well that to fix everything, Cloud should use her powers to go back in time and prevent me from starting my journey. I could not allow that. I lived one of the most emotional moments and WON’T LET ANYONE TAKE IT FROM ME. But God planned otherwise.

¨I think I’ll do it. After all, we are meant to be together, we will find each other very quickly. I know where Robert lives.¨ thought Cloud. She planned to take Robert’s memories and change everything.

¨I know this is short, but let me get it straight. I won’t go into details. Some things are best to be deduced rather than given. You should imagine and let yourself flow with the current.¨

¨I….. wish….for your complete ignorance…….¨  whispered Cloud to herself. I couldn’t move and Cloud knocked me out unconscious with a special power.

¨My desire to erase your memories is half nothing. I can’t take that from you. To think of your attempts to find me and how you suffered daily after every failure and me abandoning our life together as it is… I cry inside. Sorrow within my heart. I will only take some things. You will only remember fragments but none are from our adventure. Let this be, our finest hour. Live well Robert. I love you and hope you’ll never forget me. Bye…for now.¨ said Cloud.


I woke up and it was still 2:00 am. Even so, I was happy to think of two more hours to sleep. It was August 4th, and I whispered ¨Happy Birthday¨ to her. I knew that she would not listen. If I could find her now, even if she slaps me for being a stranger and kicks me you know where, it’ll be worth it. I discovered I loved Cloud some time ago and will never ever forget her. My childhood romance. My first love.


¨I guess everything is back to normal. Take care Rob. I’ll see you when the time comes.¨ said her.

The End? Or the Beginning of a New Life? Whichever it is, I will live.

So long life!


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