The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Return and Miracle

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



-Robert, I must say it is a miracle that I´ve manage to create a Time Traveling machine. I wanted to use it myself but you´ll get the first chance. If it works then I also can travel and do some research.-Syan said. He was exited and ready to send me back in time. I had a week off from school, so it was the best chance to do some time traveling. I was getting ready, my family thought I was in Japan with Miho and her family. She was cooking me something good and enough for two days (exaggeration), if I couldn´t manage to find where to stay, but that was solved Syan. He told me to visit him and tell him that I came from the future. I was in a mission. Midnight. Ready, mentally prepared, physically prepared, we only needed to set my destination. Fortunately, because I didn´t remember exacly when I saw Cloud, Syan had invented another machine that helped people remember past events. Immediately the exact date and hour when everything happened came up and now I was able to return. After I could even notice, a younger Syan was infront of me. He asked who I was, for which I must say that I didn´t know him as well as Miho. -Hi Mr. Vokoi. I am Robert Makise and I came from the future with a mission. To correct something that should have happened. The other you from the future did not permit this, but afterwards helped me. I told him, hoping he would believe me. -I know that. I know because of some weird reason *closes eyes* which I cannot explain myself.- he said. I was shocked but I got an idea why he knew, but it has to be impossible. If the future knew, the past will know. When it was time to go to church, I put some excellent outfit that would make it impossible for my younger version and my parents and even Cloud to recognize me. I looked cool and spreaded confidence and and aura of trust. I mean, I was the priest. With lots of time observing how priests did their thing, I managed to get to the end. I caught a glimpse of Cloud watching my kid version. Immediately, I approached her with another outfit. I was now her father. - Hey Claudia, why don´t you go and say hi to that kid you´ve been watching? I bet h likes you.-I said.-What? Well, I guess I can. I will attract his attention then.-she said, I was totally amazed! She liked me! Oh I missed my chance once but knowing this, I had to help my kid version. - Your mom and I will be at the church entrance.-I told her, and changed outfit. I was now an old man. When I got to aperfect spot where all the place could be seen, I was looking atmy young version speaking with Cloud. I could not hear, but certainly that was what I was aiming for. They talked and finished talking outside. When I saw myself giving her a good-bye kiss, Everything was worth it. The only thing that had to be fixed later was me going to a different church. My parents insisted on this because another church was closer to our house. That night I rested peacefully. *One week later*. This was the moment when my parents were telling to changed church and attend a different group. I was with Cloud! To change their mind, I first made suremy kid version wouldn´t wake up. Then I changed outfit. I was now me but younger. When dad and mom were about to tell me about their idea, I said - I don´t want to. I think I´m better where I am. Also, I want to stay with Cloud. Mom understood and told me it was ok. Dad agreed. It was a miracle. I changed the past. Now, I have to make sure that I won´t screw out everything. I have to keep my kid version together with Cloud. And maybe I could fix other things I did and didn´t do on the way.

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