The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - DABC, the organization

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



I spend my time in the past at Syan´s house. Little Miho ran all around and played with her dog Irito. It was a surprise that nothing is affected here by my stay. One day curiosity hit me hard and so I headed for my house, A great sight made me feel relieved and happy. It was Cloud and my kid version playing together. She was very happy and so I was. That moment ended with Cloud and me leaving to watch a movie, holding hands they were. My kid version did excelent progress. The rest of the day was calm and sunny. The city was as always and a good hamburger was my prize for success. -Thisplace is so interesting. Remember when we were working there before DABC? Long time.-said a stranger behind me. Their conversation was rather odd, so I kept on listening. I discovered them. They were time travellers like me. How? Without been noticed, every detail about their conversation was recorded with my phone. -Syan! I must tell you something where are you?!- I shouted. Miho appeared and told me her father left with some men. Fearing for the worst, I travelled back in time to make it home before Syan left. As Miho said, two men came. They were those two men! -Syan! Run!-I shouted but when he tried to run the two men grabbed him and shot him in the back.-Syan! Damn Miho is still inside, I must save her.- We managed to get to safety. Miho was silent. No noice nor sound came from her. I knew something was happening that made feel strange. If SYan died here, wouldn't I be back in the present? This world would be different. Everything logically would be out of control.-I see you see we see, daddy sleep.-Miho was singing. A terrifying song that made the hotel room darken. The sky turned gray. Blue lightnings were striking. Everything went dark and then I saw nothing..................................... -After the worldwide blackout, electricity came back but the sky was now black. Streets known to be dangerous were feared so much everyone tried not to be close. Miho slept. I was completely different. Dressed in a white and red outfit. Seemed weird. Miho was dressed in dark green outfit. She had the outfit's hoodie on. What happened? -Makise, meet me near McCamel Restaurant now. Leave her there. She won't leave.- said a stranger at the other side of the door. I saw his eyes. Looked golden. We met at the place where he said.-You created a new world. Makise you....changed this world.-he said. -What?. I asked. The man didn't answer. I want answers! Tell me what did I do?! What do you know?!.......

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