The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Magna Flow

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



I was taken blindfolded to an abandoned tower along with Miho. She was unconscious so I did not worry. The person who talked to me was lying dead on the floor, a pleasant disgust for my sight. A woman, known as Tempest Blow, talks to me while looking at Miho and playing with her hair. - You didn't kill the man nor did I. It causes me no pain. You are the time traveler I suppose. Your stay here at this destroyed paradise will be short.- she said.-I just have to fix the machine. I need no explanation about this place. All gray and pitiful. I know what happened but, I doubt my instinct.- I said to her. Miho was still unconscious and that was relaxing. The fact that I knew about this gray world is not impossible to understand. After watching many movies you can get an idea of why. Meanwhile I chatted with Tempest, back in the future where I belong, Syan was observing the great changes that were created after DABC found me. They knew about the project because they were trying to build a machine themselves. Miho woke up and stayed sitted for a long while. Tempest fed her. Syan knew DABC's leader Ridas Meki, whose gender is to remain unkown. - There is a safe way to go back to how things were after you helped your kid version. Do you know anything about Magna Flow? The process by which you change past events changing people's thoughts and desires. Just activate the machine afterwards.This Magna Flow is like a wave, like in the ocean, so I better move fast to do it good. I left Miho at her house, which was surprisingly in good conditions.Tempest left and with her some green figures that accompanied her. I crossed the time portal succesfully. My best option was to jump from a building and wait for the Magna Flow to be activated by moving like a real surfer does. That might resemble something wave-like if I give it a thought. That will help me go back to where I was. -Fly.- said I voice. -What???? *big explosion* I appear at last in my bed. The room was dark and it was 5:57pm. A weird figure lies by my side. I clap to turn on the lamp and............... What is Cloud doing here?

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