The Path of Time and Memories

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Mage of Time

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



Today was raining and many people ran for cover. My room was cold and there, in infront of me, like a ghost, I saw Cloud. She looked the same way like she was supposed to look like at this time period, the same girl.The question was in the air. Was it her for real? If she is here, how did she manage to find me? - I can hear your thoughts. I won´t answer any of your questions if you don't tell me about your presense here.- It's inevitable, answer or I shall make you disappear.- she said. How was that possible? Is she a mage or what? Well, considering the fact that she found me wothout knowing me makes it seem legit. I stared at Cloud and so did she. I got caught in her green eyes like my kid version did. - I love you. You didn't talk to me. I felt sad, you made me cry.- she said *Emotional piano music plays (use your imagination)* *Cloud cries* - I am sorry. *¨Robert hugs Cloud, both cry.* It was a magical moment where we were connected. A kiss and some hugs afterwards. My body was doing everything by itself, adjusting to Cloud's every move. Althought by this moment she was still very young, she was a woman, the one I loved and still do. I lost great part of my hope to find her but, this, makes it worth being alive. - I couldn't be happier. You make me feel safe. I'm yours my dearest love.LIfe is too short for dreams. Let me live with you. Together we are like lightning and thunder, always together. One always looking after the other.- Cloud's words were magical. They got into my heart. This moment made me forget about my breathing problems and other problems as well as my secret loneliness. The day ended with us sleeping face to face, under a beautifull full moon. The next day I woke up and Cloud was taking a shower. I stil wondered if she was the most powerfull illusion. Everything seemed so perfect. God, perhaps, was giving me this chance for a very good reason. I thanked Him. - Hey Cloud, what are your plans for today?- I asked. - Nothing!- she shouted. The shower made it almost hard to listen. - Your parents know you are here?!- I asked but got no answer.- the Mage of Time. The one and only one capable of changing any event and play with time's structure. I can be here and there and I won´t necessarily age a bit. Past, Present and Future are just simple words.- Cloud's words were amazing, As I expected in my dreams of her. I loved her even more. *Noices* Cloud threw the TV to the door. It passed through without damaging the door. *Another noice* - I think he's dead. The man sent to destroy us.-she said.- Who is it and why?- I asked but got no response. - Apple of apples, Clock, father of time, accelerate us both hero and mage to the wonders of thy fantasy land.- Cloud shouted. The room turned white. When I woke up, We were in a very different place.

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