The Beginning Of The End, And Back Again (in progress)

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Just a little love story about a teen who cheats on his girlfriend,and decides to tell her. Girl dumps boy; boy feels awful. The boy ends up becoming part of something out of this world, and is murdered years later. He comes back, and ends up killing off certain people. In the end, the girl still hates him,but he's then given a remarkable choice. In the end he has to decide whether or not to try again with the girl.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning Of The End, And Back Again(Part 1) in progress

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012



Part I





Life is 10% what happens to us,

And 90% how we react to it

-Dennis P.  Kimbro


No love, no friendship can cross the path

Of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever

-Francois Mauriac


It takes a great deal of courage to stand

Up to your enemies, but even more to

Stand up to your friends

-J. K.  Rowling 





He said his life was pretty uneventful, until he first set eye on that girl.  Not only was she beautiful, she was surely a fallen angel.  And in a way, he was right; everyone loved her, not solely for her terrific looks, but also for her bright, radiant, and uplifting personality.  She might say that she just happened to have many friends, but in his eyes, she was the most popular girl on campus.  She was stunningly attractive, with those freckles (But not too many, he thought, in actuality, a rather perfect spattering of them) and wonderful blonde hair.  He loved all that about her, but it was her eyes that were positively what he loved the most about her.  It was always those amazing eyes that always appeared to look past him and into his heart, only peering at him with kindness and compassion.  She looked past the bad, and only looked at the goodness concealed within.  She was everything Kevin Kane could only dream of being. 

When he first heard her name, he wanted to ask her out so badly, but was afraid to ask, after all, she was a bit younger than he was.  Anyway, even if that did not matter to her, he was already in a relationship with Ida Hoehn, even if that was already well on its way down the tubes.  Come on, it had already been nearly a month, and they had never kissed, and it was highly unlikely that they would anytime soon.  It was that evening that Kevin told himself that someday he would get the guts to ask Lucida out on a date.  He hoped that Lucida Steelcold would agree to be his girlfriend. 

At first, he was too shy to even just approach Lucida.  He often dropped tiny hints that he liked her, but either she did not understand, was toying with him, or worse, maybe she just was not interested in him at all.  He could scarcely blame her if she did not feel the same way he did about her.  Not many did.  He wasn’t too good-looking; people would call him ‘Zitface’ for a reason.  People would occasionally call him a ‘Redneck’ because he was sensitive to the sun and almost always had a very noticeable sunburn.  He never really knew what it was like to have a mother; his earliest memories were always of pain, fear, and the deep despair of loneliness.  He was not athletic at all, and did not make too many friends.  In fact, the only thing he ever claimed to be good at was writing poems, and playing songs on the piano, that’s all.  He thought one word embodied him completely: Loser.  And if those reasons weren’t bad enough for Lucida, surely his history of girlfriends would most certainly turn her away.  Of course, she did not know that they were mostly month-long flings. 

The first girl, Elyse, dumped him, but it wasn’t his fault.  In fact, she dumped him for the sole reason of going out with some other person, named Dudley.  She was a little too weird for him anyways, claiming she was a real-life vampire (she must have read Twilight once too many times).  In fact, the only thing that they really had in common was their birthday: March 7.

The next one wasn’t until the next school year.  She was a smart Oriental, but after a while, she began to get a little too lively for his tastes.  Also, she would accuse him of cheating on her just for talking with a few friends.  He liked to be social, and it was his nature to be very kind to everyone.  He never once kissed another girl, yet Jeannie Burks still thought he had.  It was useless to reason with her though, especially after the dare at a friend’s Halloween party.

The last girlfriend was Ida, but there was one other girl.  Not really a girlfriend per se; nothing more than just a friend.  It didn’t really bloom into a relationship, it was more just someone to go to the dance with (he had never been to one, wanted to experience one, but didn’t want to go by himself).  In the end though, he would turn to Jase Stevenson in a time of personal crisis.

It was during the last couple of weeks of Kevin and Ida’s doomed relationship that he really started noticing Lucida even more.  Didn’t he try to talk to her whenever he got the chance?  Wasn’t he a total kiss-ass to her parents?  Did he not help her with her homework for English?  He told himself that the next time he saw Ida, he would finally break up with her, and this time instead of the girl deserting him, he would be the one to terminate the relationship and not vice-versa, but he never did.  It just was not in his character to do something he thought so spiteful.  You might think it was because he was worried that if he broke up with her, that it would be the last nail in the coffin, but in reality, it was because he was unsure if Lucida even noticed him, and he didn’t want to hurt someone for no reason.

There was something different about the girl named Lucida that made him forget about everything other people said.  She didn’t make him feel alone, bad about himself; she made him feel like a person, that people did indeed care about him and she didn’t even tease him about his expressive feelings.

When it was finally ruined, he didn’t blame the two that did not know the full story; he blamed himself.  He also blamed the one girl who had deceived him, lied to him, and in the end, the one who had hurt him.  The problem was that he was afraid to tell Lucida, the one girl who had treated him better than the others, and how Kevin hated himself for repaying her in the way he did.  He made a confidential promise to himself that he would do anything Lucida asked of him, no matter what it was.  Even if it somehow hurt or disturbed him, as long as it made her happy, he would do it.  He would occasionally see her at school, but whenever he saw her, the haunting guilt would squeeze his intestines into coils, and he could feel his heart pounding as fast as a rabbit’s.  He would only be able to squeak out the simplest word: hi.  He would continue to beat himself over the way everything went to hell for him.  He knew the only way he could lessen the guilt, and possibly to banish it, would be to tell her the whole story, even if it made him feel worse about what he had done.  He knew exactly what he needed to say, but he didn’t want to say it.  He didn’t want to see her hurt.  He didn’t want to see her cry, and then stand there awkwardly while the tears fell, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop them from falling.  Most importantly, he didn’t want her friends to start bothering him about everything; he figured once was more than enough.  He swore that one day, hopefully sooner than later, he would tell her the entire truth, and not just tell her the story that barely scratched the surface of it all.


English.  The best class there is.  Not because of learning grammar or vocabulary, but because of being able to express yourself.  I got Miss Golden!  Even better!  This is going to be a really good year; I can feel it. 

So Kevin thought…  Everything was going fine, great in fact, until the new student.  She seemed okay, other than the fact she would occasionally flirt with him.  She was probably like the rest of the girls, she’d just try to get what she could from him, and when she wouldn’t get anything from him, she’d make him look like a fool to everyone.  At least that’s what all the other bitches did to him.

The first major project that Kevin, Vicky, and Marisol worked together on was The Shakespearian Era.  Kevin and Vicky had developed a strong friendship by that time.  He didn’t realize it, but when he helped Vicky and Marisol, it was almost as if Vicky was flirting with him, regardless that his girlfriend Jeanne would sit with them.

Jeanne started outright accusing him of cheating.  He would vehemently deny the claims, but alas, it wouldn’t quell her thoughts.  She would continually claim he didn’t like her anymore, and would continue threatening to break up with him.  Thus, it went for the following couple of months. 

Kevin walked up the brick pathway, and then stopped in front of the door.  He raised his hands to knock, and then changed his mind.


A scantily clad vampiress opened the door and greeted him.  He followed her inside the house, removed his shoes, and then walked into the living room. 

It was the October before he asked Lucida and she said yes.  It was at a friend’s Halloween party, the one that corroded Kevin and Jeanne’s relationship.  Vicky Minnot was there, and so was Damien Stet.  He couldn’t remember if those two were already going out or not, but it didn’t matter, they were to remain together, even after all that would occur.

Finally, everyone arrived.  Almost everyone was there that he hung out with at school.  The only person he could think of who was missing was Vicky and Amy. 

Ding-Dong.  The doorbell sounded.

In walked Vicky, wearing purple as usual.  She appeared to be dressed as a belly dancer, or a gypsy.  No, she would never dress like that, Kevin thought.  She’s probably just dressed like that genie from that old show “I Dream of Genie.” 

Everything was going smoothly with Jeanne.  Kevin smiled, and then grabbed another carrot (he liked carrots, and had heard that carrots were good for your eyes.  He was an avid reader, so he wanted his eyes to perform as well as possible).  He dipped it into the ranch, and then with a flourish he stuck it into his mouth.

“So…  Who’s up to a little game of ‘Truth or Dare’?” someone asked. 

“Huh?”  Damien called, barely nodding his head, his eyes riveted to the TV screen, intent on winning the game.

“I want to” Vicky declared with a twinkle in her eye.

“Does that asshole have to play?”  Laura scowled, pointing a threatening finger at Kevin.

“Geez thanks…”  Kevin muttered, pretending to be offended, though he didn’t care about what way she insulted him this time.

After hearing her tell him so often that ‘he had no balls’, ‘get a fucking life’, and other various insults, he let them just fly overhead, and didn’t even think about what she said. 

Kevin uncrossed his legs, stretched, then stood up.  He ambled over to the couch, and sat down on the end.  He looked up to find that even though Vicky was already laying on the couch adjacent to the one he sat on, she got up, walked over, and seemingly coincidentally sat next to him. 

“Are you going to dare me to kiss you today?”  Vicky murmured into his ear.

“Possibly.”  Kevin hissed back.  Did she really want to, or is she just trying to take advantage of me?

“Oh c’mon, don’t be such a pussy.”  She pleaded in a low voice.

“What’re you guys talking about?”  Marisol inquired when she noticed Kevin and Vicky whispering in each other’s ears.

Does she know?  She can’t, unless Vicky said something, and I doubt she told anyone.  Kevin pondered. 

“Oh, we’re talking about leaving the party and screwing each other.”  Vicky said nonchalantly, before breaking out into laughter a split second after.

“Haha as if anyone would want to fuck that piece of shit” Laura teased, sounding a little too serious to be funny.

“Come on guys, it wouldn’t hurt you to be nice to Kev just once in a while” Vicky snapped, while slipping her hand behind Kevin’s back in an awkward, unnoticeable hug.

“Oh, I’d rather go to hell than to be nice to that faggot.”  Laura retorted, sounding more than a little annoyed.


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