Shadows Glare

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life is not what you make of it, you either hide and be beaten to death or fight to become top.

The only thing stopping sandra from being wiped out by the others is her stubborness to never give in and and her responsibility to keep her alive.....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shadows Glare

Submitted: January 15, 2009

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Submitted: January 15, 2009



I woke up to my sister shaking me,her short brown hair matted with dirt and god knows what else, tears in her dark blue eye's.

wondering why she was so frightened i mumbles in a hoarse voice "whats wrong Jess".

"They're coming" she screamed in terror.

It only took me moments to realise what she ment.

I jumped to my feet grabbing my dirty old ragged jacket off the ground pulling it on, almost ripping another hole in it from my rush, shaking my head in worry.

I grabbed jess's tiny bruised arm and pulled her to the ladder that went onto the roof and we climbed me behind her trying to make her move fast enough.

We were half way up the ladder when they apeared, their uniform clothing of black shirts, pants and shoes blended into the dark ally way nicely.

There was two girls and four guys they're getting desperate i thought and grimaced,

Pushing jess faster up the ladder as they made their way towards us, jess finaly got onto the roof when the first boy started to climb the ladder after us.

Idragged myself onto the roof feeling the muscle in my legsseize upbecause of all the bruises, as soon as i was strong enough to ignore the pain in my legs i led jess over the rooves towards the north of thecity away from the slum and towards the richest part of the city i new it was dangerous if we were captured by the noble gaurds but that was safer than them and i had to escape.

they could'nt get there hands on me and jess i would use what ever means of power i had to protect her she was everything to me.

Jess tripped over and fell threw a roof taking me with her, i pulled her onto me so she would'nt get hurt.

Hitting the ground was painful but i could handle it, well thats what i told myself any way. pulling myself up and dragging my shocked sister was hard but i was getting used to it(wich wasnt a great thing).ithrew the closest door open intothe street,pullingjess behind me,we ran into the street.

Running threw the street was hardpulling jess along and i was becoming breathless, people took no notice of us like we were pebbles on the side of the rode and some how i liked it that way no one to put there nose into my businiss.

no one wanted any thing to do with eachother unless it invovled gaining money for the better life, like that'd happen, for them they were too bissy stealing or begging for money to notice it being stolen from their back pocket from another depsirit crook.

I was Basicaly dragging jess now and i was almost out of breath as well.

looking behind me i saw allsix of them catching up to us, even more desperit now i pulled jess into the closest ally way pushing her into the corner readying myself to fight.

Jess's POV

She pushed me into the corner of of the dark ally i stared at her mindlessly.

She was ready to fight i could see the light radiating from her, her power was powerful it always had been since we were kids and she only used it when we were in deadly situations.

That made me even more scared not for us though for them, those dark cloaked stalkers wernt going to survive unless they took her warning which she alway gave before she prepared to kill somone, i'd seen her kill before the most terrifying thing was that time when i was being beaten by our father and she tried to stop him and he smashed her against a wall and cracked her head open, after that she snaped without warning and started to giggle then said "run now and never come back or pay with your life".

a simple phrase but she said it in such a cold dead voice that i almost passed out from fright of it, he just stared at her for a minute then yelled some uninteligible words i do not want to repeat then lashed out at her punching her face almost braking her neck after that it was like a horible nightmare, first he screamed then fell to the ground and i saw both arms and legs were twisted into unatural positions and then blood blocked my vision. when i finaly got my sight back his decapitated body was lying on the ground headless.

i shivered at the memory hoping, they ran but some where deep down i new they would'nt................

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