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Chapter 23 (v.1)

Submitted: February 09, 2008

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Submitted: February 09, 2008



They tracked down Spider entering the superstore at Eight fifty that evening. Twenty one seconds of recording showing the dark haired woman entering from the left side of the door, going past the information desk and passing out of vision at the bottom of the screen as she entered the main shopping area. It had been recorded at nine forty six that morning, meaning she had been in the store no more than forty-seven minutes.

‘Right, that’s it, people!’ announced Julie when they had viewed the two scenes several times. ‘Anyone got an opinion on the lady?’ she asked.

‘Can I give some comments?’ said Gary Straub.
‘Go ahead, Gary’

‘Well, like Ginny Armitage said earlier, she seems happy. I mean, look at her. Can we take it frame by frame for a minute?’ he demanded, and the entry scene was replayed a single frame at a time. ‘There, stop it there!’ Gary shouted. He stood up and approached the screen. ‘Look at her. She’s got a smile on her, like the cat that got the canary! No one smiles like that all the time. Can we play it again at normal speed, please?’ The room waited while the scene was rewound and played again. ‘Look at how she’s walking. What do you call that skirt? A-line?’

‘Yes, flared out. Swingy. It’s designed to accentuate a silhouette by having a large volume and drawing attention to the waist.’ People stared at her. ‘Hey, what’s your problem? I know something about clothes design. Even DCIs have to have a hobby!’ Everyone laughed at this unexpected facet of their boss. ‘Anyway, you’ve got to have the right figure to carry it off well.’ Julie finished up.

‘Well, she’s carrying it off well. She’s swaggering, hips swinging, and that skirt is swishing from side to side. I was never sure, till now, what the word meant, but I think she is sassy!’

‘Yes, whatever it is’ said Halliwell , ‘she’s very pleased with herself, or she hasn’t a care in the world, or something. This is one happy bunny!’

They would have liked the happy bunny to appear on television that night, but it was past eleven when the meeting finally broke up. The television would not be able to run the extract till the following day at the earliest, Friday.

Julie arranged for an extract to be produced of the two scenes to be shown. It would be digitised and placed on CDs ready for dispatch to the networks as soon as they could get a broadcast lined up.

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