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Chapter 24 (v.1)

Submitted: February 12, 2008

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Submitted: February 12, 2008



Spider walked into The Bengali Star restaurant at 7:35. She had decided that Brian needn’t be kept waiting too long, tonight. She had been standing just a few doors away in the doorway of a nearby pub, nursing a glass of lemonade. Her aim had been to keep watch for a man with a black jacket and pink carnation, but had had to spend considerable effort fighting off the unwanted attention of two adolescent boys. They could have been no more than seventeen, though they looked older, old enough at least to have bought drinks. Eventually she had had enough and told them ‘Bugger off back to your mummy’s place. You can suck on her tits if you want to get a nipple in your gob!’ They seemed surprised, but more offended that she had considered them too young than anything else. Spider felt old as she thought about youthful attitudes. She felt sure that she would have been shocked by such words when she was of that age. And it would only have been fifteen years ago, not long ago really. In fact, she was surprised a great deal at herself too, that she had actually used the words herself, and on strangers too. She had changed a great deal in the last month.

She was dressed in a provocative manner, however, so maybe she had attracted and deserved the attentions herself. That’s why she put this outfit together, to attract attention, after all. The old woman, the pre-Spider woman would never have dressed this way. She had been getting more and more daring over the last few weeks. She had made a special shopping trip for this outfit, and was quite proud of both it and the effect she was having on the local men.

Her skirt was short, very short; there were thirteen inches of thigh on display. She knew that because she had measured it. The thighs displayed were encased in sheer black nylon, too, just as she had promised Brian, and the stocking tops flashed tantalisingly as she moved. She had chosen elastic tops over suspenders on the grounds of comfort, and hoped that Brian wouldn’t mind. She would convince him otherwise if he did, she thought with a smile.

Her top was white, tight and had a deep plunging neckline. She appreciated that she was not blessed with an abundance of natural cleavage, and had on a push up bra, making the most of her limited assets. Extremely high-heeled shoes, tart’s shoes, pushed her height to an inch over six feet, hopefully an intimidating sight. And a long black coat was over her shoulders. She was going to be in charge this evening, and Brian was going to act out as a sex slave for her tonight.

Her make up was severe. Black eye liner and mascara had been applied and patterned so as to draw her eyes out into wickedly feline shapes. Her nails were a shiny red, her lips glossy purple. Her hair was red, another of her wigs. Maybe it was a bit too gothic, she thought. But then again, it was all for effect, and she was making one hell of an effect. The boys in the bar were mesmerised by her. Not bad for a woman in her mid 30s, she thought with a grin.

She was beginning to enjoy herself. Her large bag containing her various toys was at her feet, promising even more fun later.

Brian had arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes early. He had parked his car jus up the road, at the closest corner of the car park. This late, the parking was free so he hadn’t bought a ticket and had headed straight for the restaurant. Spider caught sight of his pink carnation late on as he hurried towards his destination. He was right. It wasn’t original, but it was effective. There was no one else wearing one. Corny, it might be, but it certainly did the job.

When she considered he had been waiting long enough, she finished her lemonade and placed the glass on the floor at her feet. The simple act of bending to the floor to deposit the glass had had the boys craning to catch a glimpse of her stocking tops and panties. She smiled to herself, and walked into the restaurant. It was 7:35, and she spotted Brian in a corner, sitting at a table set for two. The two places where at right angles to each other rather than opposite one another. There were menu cards laid out, and Brian had a glass of red wine at his elbow. There was no bottle at hand, so she assumed he had bought just a single glass and they could order something together to go with their meal. She stood for a moment in the doorway and Brian spotted her. He ought to, for she was standing out like a beacon. She was a stranger to Brian, but was expected so he was just making a good guess that it was indeed her. He stood and beckoned her over to his table, and she moved towards him, indicating to the approaching waiter that she knew where she was going.

‘Hello, Spider’ said Brian, and kissed her on the cheek, placing his hands on her arms as he did so. ‘Hi there yourself, Brian’ responded Spider, returning the kiss. She shrugged off her coat and handed it to the hovering waiter, then sat down in the vacant place as Brian resumed his seat.

‘Been here long?’ she asked, knowing the answer full well.

‘No, no, not long at all.’ replied Brian. ‘God, you look fantastic. Really sexy! If I may say so, without being rude, you have the longest legs I have ever seen! They’re gorgeous!’

‘Why, thank you my little sweety.’ purred Spider, in the huskiest voice she could manage. She reached under the table and stroked the front of Brian’s trousers. He reacted instantly, his erection swelling. ‘And if I might say so, being rude or not, that that feels like the longest leg I have had in a long time, too!’ She laughed, and Brian joined in nervously.

‘I think you’d better keep your hands to yourself, for the time being’ he stammered ‘I do need to walk out of this restaurant, sometime, and a bulge like the one you’re giving me would get me arrested! It’s a good job this tablecloth is so large!’

‘Spoilsport!’ retorted Spider taking her hand away.

The waiter arrived, and Brian sent him away ‘just for a few minutes, please’ while they examined the menu and made a choice. Brian also needed to get his breathing back under control. They both picked up their menu booklets and began to read.

‘How about we get a selection of dishes and share them out?’ suggested Spider.

‘Good idea,’ agreed Brian, ‘though you are my idea of a select dish, and I’d be damned if I want to share you with anyone.’

Spider laughed, squeezed him under the table again, and commented ‘Tonight there’s no one but the two of us. Unless you have a hidden partner somewhere?’

‘No, it’s just us two. If you ever do fancy a threesome, though, I am sure I can arrange it for you. I know a lot of guys that would just die for the chance to get into you.’ Smiling, he signalled the temporary end of that line of conversation by summoning the waiter.

He came over to their table and took an order for half a dozen different dishes, rice, and vegetables, confirmed that the special offer Bordeaux red was a popular wine and noted they would take a bottle. He took the white wine glasses from the table and hurried off, to return a minute later with the larger red wine glasses.

After he had gone Spider and Brian resumed their conversation. His hand appeared, as if from nowhere, on her knee and started to inch upwards towards the hem of her skirt. Spider put her own hand on top of his, and pushed it downwards when it got too high. After every reverse that she imposed, he started again, and she allowed him to climb a little higher each time.

He stopped once the food arrived, and they ate the various curry dishes and drank the wine whilst chatting about nothing in particular. Brian worked in Doncaster and had a long commute daily; it left him tired in the evenings. Today, Spider had decided she was a secretary, currently between jobs as her last employer had gone out of business. Brian sympathised with her predicament; it was very hard to find work these days. Brian enjoyed walking his two dogs over the moors; Spider was a cyclist. Brian was no fan of televised sport, and Spider agreed that organised sport was not one of her favourite topics.

By ten they had finished an ice-cream desert, and Brian was inching his hand up over Spider’s stocking tops. She had let him get that far, and he had taken a deep intake of breath when he got there, transferring his touch from nylon to flesh. He was getting excited, and his little finger was trying to ease itself under the leg of her panties. She clamped one hand over his to stop it, and with the other groped into his lap, causing him to redden and groan. ‘There, how do you like it? Now behave!’ she hissed, so as not to alert the other diners to the goings-on at their table. She did not, however, remove his hand.

He was very erect and fidgeted around in his chair, arranging himself. ‘God, everyone will see!’ he whispered, trying to hide the front of his trousers with the tablecloth. He took his hand from under Spider’s skirt, sat back, and signalled for the bill, hoping his bulge would reduce by the time they came to leave. Spider just giggled. ‘There are some disadvantages to being a man, then?’ she asked.

He paid with a credit card, rounding the bill up to a neat round number by way of a tip. Whilst waiting for the card to be returned to him, they stood, and put on their coats as a prelude to leaving.

As they left the restaurant, Spider slipped her arm under his. They were a slightly odd couple. Her heels had added enough height to her to make her a good couple of inches taller than he was, but neither of them cared at that moment. They made their way the hundred yards or so to Brian’s car, and got in.

He started the engine and drove carefully to the Acorn Hotel. He was probably over the limit and the last thing he wanted tonight was to be arrested for a drink drive offence. He wasn’t in the mood to be taken to the police station and all that that entailed. It was only about half a mile to the hotel, but the night was bitter cold. The same chill that had settled on the area at the start of the month was still with them, and pavements had become icy and treacherous.

At the Acorn, they parked behind the building and entered; going immediately to the room Brian had booked earlier. No one was at the reception desk to see them pass. The room was smaller than the one she remembered in Whittington, but it had much the same facilities. A small bathroom was walled of from a small bedroom. The double bed took up most of the available space, and a tiny doorless wardrobe occupied a corner. To one side of it was a television on a wide shelf, and on the other side, a small writing shelf with a hard backed chair. A padded bench ran from the bed to the wall, allowing perhaps one person to sit in relative comfort. It was quite poky compared to some places, thought Spider, but sufficient for the clientele that would normally use it.

Brian led the way into the room, and discarded his coat and jacket, draping them over the back of the chair. Spider placed her bag next to the television and shrugged out of her coat letting it fall where she stood.

As Brian turned to face her, she kissed him hard on the lips, and spun him round so that he had his back to the bed. She stepped back from him, and smiled. ‘Well now,’ she said, ‘Let’s see if you can live up to the hype’

She launched herself at him suddenly and Brian fell backwards onto the bed with Spider on top of him. She had a hand each side of his face, holding his head steady and was kissing him hard, her tongue pushing into his mouth, fencing with his.

Suddenly she stopped and sat up on her knees with one leg either side of his body. She started undoing his shirt, and he helped, in a hurry to get rid of his clothing. As soon as he was bare-chested she got to her feet and stood beside the bed. She looked down at him and smiled. She lifted on foot, and placed it squarely in the centre of his chest, arresting his movements.

‘Stroke my ankle, honey’ she purred.

From where he lay, he could see up her skirt to the stocking tops and panties. He revelled in the view, and held her ankle, stroking the calf. He was anxious to do what he was told, to continue with the sight. He was getting harder again. She stretched her arms outward, lazily. Then she took the hem of her top and lifted it over her head, letting it join her coat on the floor.

She brought her foot back to the floor, and looked back at Brian. ‘Undress’ she ordered curtly, and he hastened to comply. ‘Completely!’ she barked as he hesitated at his underwear.

When he was totally naked, she ordered him to stand in front of her, head bowed. Without his shoes, and with his head down, he was even shorter, and she appeared to tower over him. His erection stood out before him, and Spider gently flicked it with her fingers. ‘Well, it doesn’t look like you were telling porkies when you said how big you were, does it? Ten inches, I think you said. Well, well, well. I don’t think I have ever had one quite as big as that. I think you need to be kept down a bit, don’t you?’ she cooed.

‘Whatever you say’ he agreed.

‘Whatever you say, MISTRESS’, Spider snapped back, loudly, and slapped his erection hard. It swung back and forth, and it was all Spider could do to prevent herself from laughing. Men looked really stupid when aroused.

He winced, ‘Yes, yes, of course. Whatever you say, Mistress’
‘Good, good boy. I am glad you understand. Stand there!’

She stepped back as far as the size of the room and the heap of clothes would allow, and reached for the zip of her skirt. Slowly she slid it downwards, dropped the skirt and let it pool at her feet. She stood before the excited man in underwear, stockings and shoes. ‘Lie on the bed’ she ordered, ‘on your back!’

He hastened to do so, and Spider opened her bag. She fetched her manacles, and waved them over Brian’s face. ‘Remember what I said?’

‘Yes, I do’
‘Yes, I do, WHAT?’
‘Yes, I do, Mistress, I do remember.’

‘Good, then we’ll begin, I think.’ She straddled his chest, and attached a manacle to each wrist, ensuring it was firmly locked. Then she stood up and attached the other ends to the legs of the bed. ‘Can’t move too much now, can we, my little cucumber?’

‘No Mistress, I can’t’
‘Show me, then. Show me how far you can move, precious.’

Brian pulled on the chains and found that he could raise his hands a little, pulling his body up towards the head of the bed.

‘Oh, dear me, no. That won’t do! That won’t do at all!’ Spider went to the bed’s foot and grabbed Brian’s ankles. She pulled with all her strength, and Brian slid downwards as far as the chains allowed. He was now unable to move his hands, nor lower his arms, by the slightest degree. ‘Oh, that’s so much better.’ Spider climbed on the bed, and knelt with one knee at Brian’s side, the other between his legs. ‘Now, I think you can have a little peek at me. You have been so patient, though there is someone anxious round here’ She gripped his erect penis and shook it gently. ‘You behave!’ she said, addressing it.

She undid the clasp of her bra and let the garment drop to land on Brian’s groin. ‘Don’t get that messy, my darling, I shall be needing it later.’ Then she took the waistband of her panties and eased then down, slowly, little by little, until her pubic hair was fully exposed to Brian. His breath was coming in shallow pants now, and he desperately wanted to grasp her. The entire evening had been a major tease, and it was still going on.

She stood up and pushed her panties to the ground. Stepping out of them she returned to straddle Brian’s abdomen. She ran her hands over his chest and arms, smiling all the time. She started to hum softly to herself, a tune Brian could not recognise. ‘Don’t go away, now!’ she suddenly said, and leapt to her feet. She went again to her bag, and returned with a black cloth. It was a sleep mask and she rapidly covered Brian’s eyes. He was blind and helpless now. He felt her hot breath on his penis and her hands cupping his testicles. Then it stopped. She pushed the mask up onto his forehead. ‘Just a taster for later, my chicken’

He could hear her humming and watched her dancing, naked except for stockings and high-heeled shoes, around the room. She was picking up all the clothes they had discarded earlier. They were all carried into the bathroom, and her bag followed. She danced back into the room, swaying sinuously, and climbed onto the bed, standing over him. She knelt down over him, placing a knee either side of his head, kneeling on his biceps on his stretched, immobile arms. ‘Do you like what you see? Do you like what you smell? Do you want a taste, then?’

He was about to say ‘Yes, yes’ when she slid the mask back over his eyes, and stood again. He could hear her moving around the room, and going back to the bathroom, then felt her returning to the bed, kneeling at his side. She hummed to herself, as she caressed his chest, his stomach, his legs. She used something with a very light touch on his testicles. Something so light and delicate, yet so good, that he instinctively raised his knees, spreading his legs, affording her greater access to his most sensitive areas. ‘Good, good’ she whispered, continuing to stroke him. He was blind, not knowing what she would do, and the anticipation was killing him. Then she slid over him, sitting on his chest. She was facing his feet, he could tell, and her hands ran rapidly over him. She gripped the base of his penis, and exclaimed ‘You have been telling me fibs, you naughty boy!’ She flicked his erect straining penis with something hard and stringing. He groaned half with pleasure and half with pain. ‘You said, I would need two hands to get round this, but I can manage with one!’ She gripped hard, squeezing hard, causing his rock hard erection to become like granite. ‘Mmmmm, but I like it just the same’

She slid herself backwards, and he caught the scent of her as she pushed herself over his mouth. ‘There, my boy, have a taste, have a smell. Enjoy me, now’

He couldn’t speak, but hastened to obey. He lifted his head, and fastened his mouth over her sex, pushing his tongue into her, probing for the sensitive spots within her. His arms were straining against the bonds.

She groaned softly. ‘That is good, my boy. Just keep on doing just that!’ she breathed, and lowered herself gently onto his stomach. She took his penis and opened her mouth, allowing a dribble of saliva to fall onto the head. As he groaned beneath her, she took his penis in her mouth and gently sucked, using her tongue around the sensitive glans. He hadn’t been kidding about his size, and she found it difficult to take all of it into he mouth. He bucked under her, and she ground herself down onto his face. Then she reached down between his knees for the knife she had fetched from the bathroom.

He was drinking her, licking her, and inhaling deeply the scent of an aroused woman. He was drowning in her body, and could feel her mouth take him in. God, this was so good, he thought, never had he thought a 69 could be this wonderful. In the past when he had tried it, it was always a disappointment, but not this time. This was intense and his senses were reeling with it.

Then the pain started. Somewhere in his leg there was a searing pain, a pain that mounted from his thigh to his groin and on to his stomach and across his chest. He felt her let his penis drop and his erection vanished instantly. He wanted to scream with the pain, but she had sat upright on his mouth and nose, suffocating him. He thrashed his legs about, and squirmed, trying to escape. There was a wetness on him, he could feel it. All over his body, but he didn’t know what it was. He wanted to scream, couldn’t, and started to feel so sleepy suddenly. He wanted to close his eyes. He movements slowed, and stopped completely after a few moments; then he lay still.

She got off his face, and turned round, straddling his stomach, looking down at him. He looked up at her as he fought to stay awake. She was covered in something dark. Something liquid. It looked like blood. She had her hands up on her own body, massaging her breasts and throat, rubbing the stuff in. He was so sleepy, though. He wanted to ask what it was, but couldn’t concentrate on what he was seeing. His vision seemed to be getting blurred. He just wanted to close his eyes and sleep.

She leant down and lay on his chest, nestling her head on his shoulder. ‘Sleep, baby, go to sleep’ she whispered. ‘Sleep’ He listened to her seductive voice, closed his eyes and went to sleep. It was a quarter to two Saturday.

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