Innocence Is Nonexistent

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - She's Perfect.

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



He hurriedly carried the limp girl across the street, he was hoping no one found this too suspicious, but he knew someone would. So he quickened his pace, one because he didn't want any cops or bystanders to notice him, and two, he realized her injury was worse than he at first anticipated. He felt her warm blood ooze through his white shirt, making contact with his chest. He almost tripped and dropped her, but caught himself at the last second. The sun was beating down on them hard, his hands were clammy under her tan, bare legs and her upper arm. He was convinced that this was the longest distance he had ever walked, even though it was only about 20 feet. The blue car seemed to be so far away, and he was suddenly so afraid of getting caught that he was almost running to the car, making it look even more suspicious. The girl wasn't heavy at all. But he could hardly breathe and he didn't understand why.

Finally, he made it to his destination. The back door to the car was thrown open from the inside and he dove through it, laying the girl across the seats awkwardly. "My god, Avery! She's bleeding!" Marie exclaimed, Immediately grabbing the first aid kit from underneath the seat and ripping it open. Avery sat staring out of the very tinted windows, trying to calm his breathing. He didn't want Marie to see how shaken up he had gotten.

He glanced at Marie several times, watching the way her hands melodically tended to the girls wound. Her blonde hair fell over the girls face multiple times, and Avery was temtped to reach over and move it out of the way, but he didn't. His own long hair was sticking to the back of his neck and face with sweat. Even though the air conditioner in the still car was blasting. He looked around the car floor until he came up with a hair tie. He pulled his long brown hair out of his face and put it up, wiping his face with his shirt. He caught Marie looking at him with an odd look. "Whats wrong with you?" she asked, wiping blood from the girls face. She was done. She had said she couldn't stitch it, so she just used medical tape to hold the wound together and put a few gaws over it.

"Shut up and get up there and drive. I think I saw people noticing us earlier." Avery snapped, sitting up straighter in the cramped seat.

"I need to wipe all of this blood off first-"

"I'll do it. Just drive." he said, as Marie got up from her awkward position in the car floor and climbed up front clumsly. She started the car, but not before wiping her bloody hands on a rag.

Avery grabbed the girl and laid her in a more comfortable position. She was still seemingly sound asleep, her face pale and grave looking. Marie kept looking back at him through the rear view mirror, a puzzled look on her face. Avery ignored her and grabbed the wet cloth from the floor. The girl had blood all over her soft face, down her neck, and on her arms and hands.

He gently started cleaning around her wound, lightly scrubbing blood from her neck and upper chest. He dragged the cloth down her tan arms, to her hands. He wiped each of her delicate fingers clean on her slender hands.

"We're here." Marie said indifferently. Avery opened the car door, and stepped out. When he reached in to grab the bloody cloth, he noticed that the girl was waking up. She looked at him with big, curious green eyes and started to sit up. Avery couldn't move. He watched her look around, and continued to watch the panic rise up inside her when she realized what had happened. When she realized she had been kidnapped. A crooked grin spread across Avery's face, She was perfect.

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