The 69th Annual Hunger Games

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Seeder

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My mother by my side, I confidently strode to the town square to await my fate. Everywhere I looked, I'd see people with dark russet skin. Unlike me, with my olive skin. \"Lee Anne!\" Someone called my mother's name. When I looked, I saw one of my mom's friends. I didn't know her name, nor her husband's name. But, they had a 7-year-old daughter, named Rue. Rue was holding her mother's hand while standing behind her legs. Up close, she looks five. \"Hi, Rue!\" I said crouching down. She smiled slowly, and in the softest voice, she whispered, \"Hello.\" I stood up, and split from my mother to gain entry. I gave the Peacekeeper my invitation and was immediately sent to a corral filled with other sixteen-year-olds. My face brightened up when my friend Tazzy joined me. \"All of these people are gross.\" Tazzy said loudly. \"When is this shit gonna' end?\" \"I don't know, wanna' stay over at my house tonight?\" I asked her. \"Sure, I hope I'm not reaped.\" The second she said that, I knew she wasn't worried at all \"I know, me too.\" I said to humor her. \"If I'm reaped, you have to volunteer!\" Tazzy laughed and said, \"Back at you!\" We both knew, of course, we weren't going to get reaped. Most of these people had no food, and were forced to take tesserae. Tesserae was a year's supply of oil and grain that someone aged from twelve to eighteen can exchange a extra entry in the reaping ball for. I didn't know much about tesserae, nor would I ever need to. Suddenly, the temporary stage that was set up became vacant with the mayor, my mother, and a few other officials. Then, sporting the Capital', a lady named Dori Jewel. She must love green, because that's all she wore. It was absolutely hideous, in District 11. In the Capital, this was the most beautiful thing you could ever wear. But, if I ever lived in the Capital, I'd still think dying your skin a light green would be a tad odd.

Dori started her speech, explaining the conception of the Hunger Games and what it serves. We all knew, thought she showed it every single year. The speech has ended with one of the most used statment in Panem, \"May the odds be ever in your favor.\" The way she talked was absolutely ridiculous, it sounded as if the last word of every sentence was interrupted by a hiccup.

The square was silent and Dori stalked to the glass ball on the left and said, \"Ladies first!\" She dipped her hand in the ball, shuffling through the thousands of names written on slips of paper. What ever name she drew, wouldn't be called, though. Whoever's name was drawnj the first time would be called. The Capital tries to hide this, though it's obvious. She drew a name, walked to the middle of the stage and quickly opened the paper for dramatic affect, as if she didn't have a name memorized already. She looked directly at us and said, \"The lady tribute for District Eleven will be-\" I yawned at the anti-climatic scenario \"-Willow Brown!\" Before I could react, I heard my mother's piercing scream.

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