Gretel,The Mercenary

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Take note; I only am trying out my first go at this! But uh! Enjoy!

Prolog (v.1) - Life is like hell

Submitted: February 13, 2016

Reads: 233

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Submitted: February 13, 2016



Eversince I've been taken into the hands of filthy pigs. It was horrible,the things I couldn't deeply explain. But I had to learn on my own,the will to survive. Keep head on strong,I had thoughts. My mind was cringing each time I thought about those times. I never did want to experience what hell I've been through again,I had to save myself. Unlike other heroes,who were saved by heroes . But me? I was never saved like those pitiful heroes,their fortune and allies. I never took in mind to think,the only misery which made this worse. It wasn't my thoughts,it was myself. I never stopped the addiction of killing and money. It drowned my brain,relentlessly. I thought I would have my life wasted. But it was. . After being banished from ever dying. I thought,this world needs a red paint all over it.

Gretel was down in the city,inside of her safe house. She had guns placed organized on racks,explosives been placed on the table and in a few boxes. It wasn't much of a place,it was a small place for the mercenary to keep herself company. These perfect skills,kept her life at a comfort zone. She could finally express what she had been through,the pain. It was to keep doing what she still does,her mercenary job. She cleaned up a few weapons,wiping blood stains off from the hands of hers. She never escaped words out,she was a little quiet. Very often she would talk when it came to speaking cruel towards the victims and those who are on her list. 

"I hate everything and everyone. The only thought that I'd ever imagine for a future,is to see the piles of meatsacks lying across the entire planet. I,will kill every one of them. " 

Gretel finished up cleaning up. She removed her tank top,revealing her breasts. She took her clothes off,unbuckling her pants. She tossed it aside,rubbig her breasts up for a moment. She smelled herself,shivering for a moment. Needing a bath,she entered her bathroom. She placed her foot on the private bathroom,she turned the knobs for it to release cold water. Wet body. She cleaned her bloody stains off of her body,cleansing around the waist line. She grabbed a soap,cleaning her breasts along beside her hips. Dammit. Forgot the towel didn't she? Once she was done,sliding it open. She exited it,walking over to grab a towel,covering her bottom area. She didn't care about covering her upper body. Drying herself up,she changed into her black tank top. And military pants,putting her socks on,she grabbed her military shoes. Once after she geared up,putting her dark skull head band over her hair. Her expression,was un amused. 

She reached for a cigar box,picking one out. She placed it between her lips,locking her teeth onto it. Bringing out a lighter from the left of her pocket,lighting her cigar up. She puts the lighter away after its light tuned down. She placed two fingers between the cigarette,exhaling in and out. Her temples moved slightly over to look at the television about the news,recent gang crimes were going on. It wasn't humans,it was super humans fighting to live. To breathe,she placed the cigar between her lips,pressing her teeth onto it again. She walked over towards where her door is,unlocking it. She closed the door after exiting her safe house. There was dual swords placed over her shoulder,dual handguns placed beside her hips. Her buckle carried her grenades there. 

"Looks like they're on the run now? For what? Those shit heads,are going to die anyways." 

She looked at her motorcycle,coming close towards it. She placed her rear onto the ride's seat,she twisted the grip for it to start. A light clicked up from the front of it,she started to motor her way down across through down. She used both hands to hold against the grips,stopping when it decided to come across a messed up structure. The glass had been broken down,graffiti symbolism was on the building itself. She kicked a boot for it to have a standing position,the light turned off. A smirk became visible across her facial expression,she noticed the dead body. The corpse's remainings were a exposed heart and lying testicles lying down across the ground. This was a messy job,wasn't it? Not like there was any of it. 

"Whoever did this. Is a shitty mess." 

She knelt over to the corpse,sniffing the scent for a spilt second. A scent of whom the killers were leading to somewhere,she had a unamused look. She followed where her senses of scent would lead her to,she soon found herself being surrounded by a gang of super humans. They were grinning when a beautiful lady came right by,licking their lips. She avoided the first up close coming one is. She grabbed him by the arm,kicking him across the jaw.It broke his jaw,pinning him down on the ground.Pressing her boot against the male's head. 

"You all,are just pathetic. " 

She closed her eyes,slowly unholstering her guns. She pointed it on opposite directions,her face returning the unamused expression. She blasted each one through heart and headshots. When they were carrying weapons,swiftly avoiding the attack at ease,not moving her boot off the groaning male. Bullets dropped down from her dual pistols,the last bullet was saved. Once the rest were killed and murdered,crouching down on the male there. She shoved the gun into his ear,whispering something into the male's ear. 

"Welcome to your death," 

Click,the male's head blown off. The last used up bullet,she unloads her gun. The used up ammo dropped down,she reloads it . She slowly holstered the guns,going over to the wall. She prints blood over her own fingers,writing something for a warning for the rest of this world. This is how her story will start. A dark twisted female,who wants to continue relentless killing. As if it was just fun out of it. 








She turned around,walking away from the scene after writing the conviction note. She walked over towards where the motorcycle is,she moved a foot for the stander to go back into its holder. She twisted the grips,then driving on out towards the city streets were. Her blonde beauty waving across the scene,blood was printed over her cheek. It was who she was,someone who threatens anyone and anything that stood in her dominance and seeking for destruction upon others. 

She decided her next thing in mind she would do for today,it was to start her mercenary Job for tomorrow . .


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